Trump’s final days in office were even worse than we thought

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    What other revelations do you expect to find out about Trump’s final days? -Chris

    • Brenda Ferrell
      Brenda Ferrell

      @SOUP 650 you're the sick one. Was you one of the rioters that killed people at the Capitol? I'm sure you had something to do with it

    • Brenda Ferrell
      Brenda Ferrell

      @Doug Dobbs maybe because he's not a criminal like trump and his family and friends???

    • Brenda Ferrell
      Brenda Ferrell

      @Aryan Jain I agree 💯

    • Brenda Ferrell
      Brenda Ferrell

      @Doug Dobbs he's never done anything wrong. Like tax fraud and the criminal activity that trump did. Prison or bike either one will be great. Or a toe tag 😁

    • Brenda Ferrell
      Brenda Ferrell

      @Doug Dobbs president Biden is great 💙 He saved us from Hitler trump! Hopefully he only has at the most 1 year on this earth that he destroyed.

  • Ginger Jones
    Ginger Jones

    It ain’t working CNN! You’re on the wrong side now and we know what you’re doing?

  • Adit Bhiday
    Adit Bhiday

    I see a bunch of newer harebrained articles from you on the website, Chris. In one of today's articles, the entire article is devoted to the fact that Sarah Sanders called the COVID vaccine, the "Trump vaccine". Give us all a break and resign or stop writing these banal articles on A high school student would write something which has more meat in it. Also, you seem to know about only topic and that you able to write about (and that too not all that well) - Trump. We need to move on from the past now.

  • Lazer Cobra
    Lazer Cobra

    Lol 😂🤣😂🤣 CNN is an opinion network, not a news network. I used to watch them everyday but kept getting disappointed when, instead of present actual news, they present the headline of the day then bring on “experts” to opine about it and presumably try to help formulate the viewers opinion. There’s nothing wrong with that formula, but just call it what it is, opinions and plenty of them. Not news.

  • Chris 3.1416
    Chris 3.1416

    Is that all CNN do is bring up Trump? Tell us about that blabbering idiot who got more votes than Obama to be elected instead. Now it is clear that Trump Did get more votes than dopey Biden. Even CNN doesn't bring him up because nobody cares about him. In a few months, old Joe (Come on Man) will beg us to let him resign.

    • Rufus Johnson
      Rufus Johnson

      Nonsense. Biden got 7 million+ more votes than Trump did.

  • thomas tomei
    thomas tomei

    trump caused the war of 1812

    • thomas tomei
      thomas tomei

      Democrats believe adding human lung cell spike proteins to a virus allowing it to gain functionality it previously didn't have is not gain of function research Because they #believescience

    • thomas tomei
      thomas tomei

      @Gerald WinstonYes that makes sense 30% says the Lincoln project

    • Gerald Winston
      Gerald Winston

      Considering the things that Trumpers have believed, it's possible that a good number of Republicans believe that... How about ~30% of them thinking that Trump's going to be reinstated? 😄 😁

  • Rachel Tensions
    Rachel Tensions

    Look, I know you guys are trying to copy young influencers with this whole schtick ya got going on here but please stop, it's not working

  • SyntaxError 999
    SyntaxError 999

    To be fair, how can we be sure the information in these books is accurate? It likely is, but I didn't spend four years telling people to "question what you hear" and not do it myself. Especially if it's something I like or agree with.

    • Rufus Johnson
      Rufus Johnson

      There are books about past U.S. Presidents, even through hundreds of years ago. People read them…

  • sjcboarder13

    As a former member of the Republican party, I am glad I saw this video. I have officially been converted to a supporter of Biden and I can't believe it took me so long. I'm glad I finally have a leader who can think for me and make decisions for me. Psych 😂 *Trump 2024*

    • sjcboarder13

      @Gerald Winston lol

    • Gerald Winston
      Gerald Winston

      You've been grasping at Trump's lies all along...

  • Liza Wake
    Liza Wake

    we know and we know why

  • Vt

    CNN click baiting? Nooooo

  • Thomas Hunter
    Thomas Hunter

    The content of this video was interesting, but overwhelmed by the memes. I’m all for being funny but 25% would have been less distracting.

  • datboi shagg
    datboi shagg

    is biden the president? 75% of cnn videos are about Trump.

  • JD

    “They want him to come back because they have nothing to talk about. They’re doing what they did the first time they did to get him elected by giving him all his free coverage while they act like they allegedly don’t like him. They’re f**ing treasonous un-American pieces of sh**!” -Bill Burr

    • Brenda Ferrell
      Brenda Ferrell


  • Lee Krimens
    Lee Krimens

    You know something’s terribly wrong with our government when they want you to think about Trump and not Biden who’s the actual president

  • dutchpy dutchpy
    dutchpy dutchpy

    Anybody who votes for this criminal IS A CRIMINAL to justice, democracy and liberty.

  • Rubber Chicken
    Rubber Chicken

    Is anyone worried about inflation.? everyone here seems to be looking at Trump instead of the present mess that we are experiencing. Its Nuts....

  • OM

    🔥CNN LOVES ❤️TRUMP for 2024

  • OM

    🔥CNN LOVES ❤️TRUMP for 2024

  • Brandon Fig
    Brandon Fig

    Trump isn’t the president anymore CNN can we just move on. CNN is worse than a jealous ex girlfriend.

  • Alejandra

    If the information comes from CNN, aka Crap News Network, it's total propaganda paid either by Soros or some other control freak billionaire that DO NOT HAVE the general public's interest as a priority. Don't believe anything these corrupt "journalists" from CNN spread as news.

  • Jacob McCoy
    Jacob McCoy

    When this wannabe finally eats his own words, and ALL of the people that eat all of this up and thinking you are "informed" of what is truly happening is in for a VERY FU**ING rude awakening! Why are you listening to this guy and not actually READING policies, laws, and executive orders put out for example? Every single one of you need to re evaluate and RESEARCH the amount of information (allowed) and information that GOVERNMENT OFFICIALLS are attempting to kept from you and yet you all still sit on freaking ISnets watching the most Corporate FUNDED and CORRUPT so called "news station." FOR FU** SAKE IF I TOLD YOU THE EXACT PERCENTAGE OF A CDC REPORT, YOU ALL WOULD LOSE YOUR SHIT AND SAY SOMETHING LIKE, "DR. FAUCI IS A GENIUS AND I WILL LISTEN TO EVERYTHING HE HAS TO SAY AND DO WHATEVER HE ASKS OF ME! BECAUSE THAT IS THE "RIGHT" THING TO DO!" AND ANYONE WHO DISAGREES IS A RACIST, SEXIST, BIGOT, and ANTI VAX, ANTI THIS, ANTI THAT, ANTI ANTI ANTI... AMERICAN PATRIOTS, the silent majority are truly a force to be reckon with! Once you are proven wrong will you every admit you were fooled? I could spew out fact this fact that, but for the ones who are still here thinking they are informed will NEVER believe ANYTHING positive that came from Trump's presidency(s) and you are a Brainwashed FOOL if you still think that way. SWALLOW YOUR DAMN PRIDE ALREADY AND ADMIT WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP LIBERAL SNOWFLAKES YOU ARE GETTING YOUR ASSES HANDED TO YOU WITH THIS INFORMATION WAR!

    • Jason weitzel
      Jason weitzel


  • naim momin
    naim momin

    Why we still talking about him

  • Ivn Pnz
    Ivn Pnz

    With thousands of things going on in the country this makes it to CNN why not talk about the mass shootings in Chicago??? Oh yeah orange man bad!! He gone gone but he was bad bad 🤣🤣🤣🤣 TDS

  • Mangheta Jahau
    Mangheta Jahau

    DONALD TRUMP is the most controversial President ever. If any man, let alone any President, faced this much criticism from BIG medias like Donald Trump Im sure their carreer would be over. But Mr.Trump still stands soooo Strong. I was not a big fan of His before, but all these stories I followed about him from CNN,BBC,MSNBC, FOX news etc etc since recently..... makes me wanna know more about him. In fact I started to admire him a lot. Everyone would call it a day, but this guy just keeps on going stronger... Maybe CNN doesnt have good enough news from BIDEN that they keep roasting the former President again and again.

    • Rufus Johnson
      Rufus Johnson

      Trump is the laughingstock of the world. So… Even the Republicans can’t make him go away. 😉

  • Prismatic Space
    Prismatic Space

    It's passed the middle of 2021 and we still are watching the two parties attacking each other and making their relationship ten times worse than the amicable one between us and canada. Amazing.

  • Rudy Nyhoff
    Rudy Nyhoff

    YES! ... superb summary of mindbending monstrosities of a mentally deranged individual who possessed, thankfully for our country, ephemeral powers that threatened all of us. May he never darken the hall of representative democracy again, ever. Thank you for this chilling, essential recitation of his crimes.

  • EA

    Every day cnn exists is the worst

  • Chris Webber
    Chris Webber

    That's just an opinion man.

  • DeafGhostbuster

    Real professional asshole! Get rid of the stupid memes and pop us! Take the news you are reporting seriously!

  • kankani simone
    kankani simone

    We re enacting this frfr💀👀 okay🥱

  • Mind U
    Mind U

    How about Bidens cognitive decline ??

  • Balin Mallavia
    Balin Mallavia


  • Tim Gates
    Tim Gates

    But he still lives in your head 24/7🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Frank Andrew I
    Frank Andrew I

    Wow 1700+ lost souls

    • SheepOfVengeance

      😸 Well, roughly 30% of Republicans actually believe Trump's lies that he's going to be reinstated as President (even though it's impossible). 😄 😁 These are the times we live in...

  • Collin Heble
    Collin Heble


  • Ja Rule
    Ja Rule

    CNN, officially calling their viewers too stupid to pay attention without cartoon noises.

  • Sandy Anoman
    Sandy Anoman

    Stop lying about trump. You cheated the american public about the election we dont believe you

  • cvffgt881

    The best weapon we have, right now, against the left are the videos coming out of Cuba. Spread them on social media. Join the Cuban Americans in their marches in support of freedom. Make the left look really bad in the eyes of the world.

  • TruthIZ

    Can ya'll stop with Trump. He is out and there's barely any new stuff. This isnt news. It's a pursuit for ratings.

    • Gerald Winston
      Gerald Winston

      @TruthIZ Actually, I'd say Trump gives the Democrats a sure win (the way things are now).

    • TruthIZ

      @SheepOfVengeance Oh yes. Hopefully he does not run in 2024. That would be a good thing for both dems AND republicans imo. Also good for america as a whole, especially socially.

    • SheepOfVengeance

      @TruthIZ I think also, that, right or wrong, we're stuck with Trump being in the news for quite a while yet. If he's going to be the Republican nominee for President in 2024, then...

    • SheepOfVengeance

      @TruthIZ That's not it. There are books coming out in the present time, talking about Trump's final days. He was acting nuttier than a fruitcake - we all saw that - but insiders will be giving more information as time goes along. Looking forward, as of now it looks like Trump is the most likely Republican contender in 2024 for President. After that (after an enormously probably loss) his hold on the Republican Party should decrease. For now, Republican leaders are scared of him, and don't have the courage or honesty to be truthful about Trump. But once he's no longer such a threat, they'll almost all be saying, "Yeah, I knew Trump was full of crap all along..."

    • TruthIZ

      @SheepOfVengeance My argument isnt wether trump is bad or good. My argument is that its not newsworhty. You like Trump that much that you need daily stuff about Trump golfing in Florida?

  • aza hills
    aza hills

    Who even watches this guy?

  • Von Zkünk
    Von Zkünk

    Burr is right, trump being gone is bad for cable news business. Cable news loses money when the country is seemingly well so both sides create this illusion of madness to get more ratings.

  • Kristin J
    Kristin J

    Mkay. Assessment: I like your t-shirt. It matches your glasses. But I am hung the eff over, and it's all over the place. I'm pretty sure I agree with you. I just can't follow. You're funny without the hijink. My head, omg.

  • Constantine Nikitin
    Constantine Nikitin

    still talking about trump, huh? slow news day?

  • Travis Gobble
    Travis Gobble


  • Rodney Clements
    Rodney Clements

    so fake the guy looks like a trans with a bad cold.

  • Dean Prine
    Dean Prine

    Lol, people on this thread are as smart as the current fake President!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ike Sours
    Ike Sours

    His first 1,400 were no picnic either.

  • DoucheCam

    Where are all the Trumpsters? 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Elated Atheist
    Elated Atheist

    Awesome Video...

  • Chris Martindale
    Chris Martindale

    I still can't figure out why some people think he was the best President ever. My suspicion is propaganda, as one Trumpet told me to say Trump great China Biden crooked 50 times so I would see that, which is exactly how propaganda works, saying something over and over until you believe it.

  • MnMsg2Wrld

    Trump headlines are the only way CNN gets hits. He's been out of office for 6 months, lets move on.

  • WhyJordie

    I’m terrified that Trump is going to win in 2024 , or one of his dipshit kids

  • classicalliberal70

    Trump Derangement Syndrome

  • ThisIsRaP44

    Chocolate Cookie Crumble Crème Frappuccino®

  • Howard Davidson
    Howard Davidson

    Another book review for three books...

  • Jorge P
    Jorge P

    3% unemployment best economy in 60 years before Covid 19 , hope Biden get clore to that .

  • Jorge P
    Jorge P

    You guys are pathetic, nothing to do , let’s talk about Biden please

  • TheFallingFlamingo

    It's kinda scary. You click on any other news source other than CNN and the comments are just engulfed with Trump supporters still refusing to accept that their all powerful leader told a single lie. It's crazy to think that the most dangerous force to our country now rises from within and it's fueled by a failed education system, social media, and greed.

  • Harold D Burke
    Harold D Burke

    How come they never point out how the photos of the kids in cages were taken in 2014 during the Obama /Biden term. But the media blamed it on Trump. How much money did you settle with those boys with the MAGA hats you accused of racism without bothering to look at the full video.I think the school was taking you to court as well. How many lies and theorys have you promoted as truth. You Woke Leftists. Don't worry any mistake are covered over and whitewashed. Unless you are a Republican. Then you must learn to fart just right or face the consequences.

  • X000S

    Terrible news reporting here.

  • Toby

    Talk about beating a dead horse

  • S Alty
    S Alty

    All your various photos etc are needlessly distracting from your narrative.

  • MP Constructs
    MP Constructs

    The point is cnn has less ratings then HGTV. Without Trump they are going down faster then bidens speech skills. Real truth for ya.

  • S W
    S W

    How many are aware that there is a law in place allowing schools in DC to administer vaccination without parental consent? You do not have to be notified before or after. Your medical insurance provider does not have to give statement of services rendered either. This is the Democratic way no one knows better than who's in charge of making laws no matter what the subject. If you think this is a lot feel free to look it up for yourself there are lawsuits going on for these reasons.

    • denverredhead

      Excellent, it should be the law everywhere in the country.

  • Shane Phillips
    Shane Phillips

    Ur a joke man.

  • Anthony Maddox
    Anthony Maddox

    Give it a rest! We have bigger problems in this country than what happened in the last few days of Trump's presidency.

  • Brian Spencer
    Brian Spencer

    Dudes been gone for like 4 months get over it

  • Cristian Reyes
    Cristian Reyes

    It’s always worse with him. It’s how narcissists operates.

  • Xdeser 2
    Xdeser 2

    biggest "no shit" in history

  • Grant B.
    Grant B.

    They could sit in a room and watch Trump saw their mother's heads off with a chainsaw and STILL blame it on the left and throw their votes at him.

  • Dan Blair
    Dan Blair

    CNN chokes up a story on Donald Trump everyday try to twist your minds but we know number 45 what's the best he had accomplishments he had America first fake news just keeps the fools in power

  • Autastic Autistic
    Autastic Autistic

    Cillizza rules

  • Konw The Trut!!!!!
    Konw The Trut!!!!!

    We didn’t need a headline title or a video to tell us what we already knew lol. Imagine it worse and then multiply it.

  • M L
    M L

    Can you make a grown up version of this, please.

  • jsaoud

    Why is CNN still talking about Trump? The inept Biden administration provides lots of things CNN could cover. Rampant inflation, racial tensions, border crisis, on-again-off-again C19 policies, Russia and China on the march, a President who can't put a sentence together, you name it.

    • Jesus H. Christo
      Jesus H. Christo

      @Oscar Alibaba Amen! 😜

    • Oscar Alibaba
      Oscar Alibaba

      Trump's still the same goofy clown he's been all along. We can all laugh at him...

  • Stu Bid
    Stu Bid

    CNN hate Trump. News.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Still flogging this dead horse cnn?

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki

    As someone who isn’t American, from all the news I got on my recommended, the US looks scary, not sure what’s going on in their heads..?

  • brastmonkey

    It’s been 182 days since Biden was inaugurated and CNN still talks about Trump.

    • Gerald Winston
      Gerald Winston

      @brastmonkey 😄 😁 Trump... Getting back in the Democrats' good graces... Ha! Now that would be a surprise... 😎 😛

    • brastmonkey

      @SheepOfVengeanceYeah I know what you mean. George Bush is a war criminal that we’re still seeing the aftershocks from but he doesn’t like Trump so everyone forgot about it. Maybe Trump just needs to pull a Schwarzenegger and do whatever it takes to get back in the Democrats good graces.

    • SheepOfVengeance

      It's a book. Hundreds of years later, books still come out about Washington, Lincoln, etc. Trump was and is such an idiotic buffoon that we've a good while yet before people stop talking about it. 😉

    • brastmonkey

      @Tim.S.W CNN isn’t prosecuting anyone. They’re an entertainment network that can barely cover news stories and as a network doesn’t really exist without Trump’s vitriol.

    • Tim.S.W

      Under that logic, we should not prosecute any criminals because their acts happened in the past and they were not caught in the present.

  • David Jenrath
    David Jenrath

    Why y’all still talking about Trump

    • Oscar Alibaba
      Oscar Alibaba

      @PAT That's really not it. It's just DiaperDon Trump, plain and simple. Go ahead and run him for President in 2024... 😸 😸

    • SheepOfVengeance

      @PAT No. 🤡🤪Trump🤪🤡 is the laughingstock. But you know that. (Okay, it's pretty wacky that ~30% of Republicans are believing Trump's nonsensical lies, including that he's going to be reinstated as President...)

    • PAT

      @Oscar Alibaba Ok, books. The laughing stock of the world is me. You. Your neighbors. Your family. Everyone in the US. For letting joe Biden in the White House.

    • Oscar Alibaba
      Oscar Alibaba

      @PAT That's silly. There will be a huge number of books about the insanity and foolishness of Trump and his time as President. Heck, they are still writing books about Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, etc., after hundreds of years... Trump is the laughingstock of the world, and it will take a while for the full extent of his nonsensical and heinous administration to be known. It's just a book....

    • PAT

      Like the video said. They’re terrified he’ll reclaim his presidency in 2024. They’re going to smear him for another 3 1/2 years. Not a single point of substance in the whole video but a tone that is meant to make people think he was a criminal.

  • Lion O
    Lion O

    Still obsessed with (45) Trump! CNN is nothing without Trump- they need him

  • Marcos

    Thats an executable offense. I say execute any traitor or leaker. Its the law.

    • Marcos

      @Dave Mendez thats the peoples house, thats in no way illegal. You forget this is how this country was created. We killed the tyrannical opposition which just so happens to be the democrat party of today.

    • Dave Mendez
      Dave Mendez

      While we are at it lets execute all those people arrested for storming our Capitol and resulting in death. It's the law!

  • Zappy Redstone
    Zappy Redstone


  • Marcos

    CNN is fake news

  • Kimball Harris
    Kimball Harris

    His next four years starting in 2024 will be even Greater.

    • Oscar Alibaba
      Oscar Alibaba

      Heh. I wouldn't hold my breath for that, if I were you. 😉

  • RDG179

    Waste of 5:04 Pathetic bunch of BS

  • Xa Veere
    Xa Veere

    You are SAVED by BELIEVING in JESUS CHRIST who DIED for ALL sin to SAVE ALL who BELIEVE in HIM. PROMISED ETERNAL LIFE by BELIEVING in HIM. He DID ascend to Heaven on the third day. HE IS at the right hand of God. He is preparing a place for ALL who BELIEVE. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all. Know the truth. Know who IS your Savior. Know that he suffered for ALL. To SAVE ALL. This life is clearly temporary and when you know why then it will confirm the truth even more! SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH. FEAR GOD. NOT MAN. PREACH THE GOSPEL. ITS WHAT JESUS DID! All Glory to God. Look at the world! WATCH 💌

    • Oscar Alibaba
      Oscar Alibaba

      Why do you bother with imaginary stuff?

  • It’s Me
    It’s Me

    Please focus on a topic and stop with so many jump cuts. Why you went to insult carnies, who knows. Listening to this is the closest depiction of a migraine.

  • D F
    D F

    Is this news or satire. Pick a lane and save the gifs.

  • Brian C
    Brian C

    Omg. Haha you all are so obsessed with Trump's. It's a literal.sickenss and for rating of course . Why not focus on Bidens achievements. oh wait hahahah

  • Andtp Fack
    Andtp Fack

    CNN still talking about Trump because without him their approval rateing went down the tubes, sad.

    • Jeremy Bentham
      Jeremy Bentham

      Found the orange koolaid drinker

  • Jenn Stapp
    Jenn Stapp

    CNN is just a bunch of lies and journalists who don't do the actual news

  • Jenn Stapp
    Jenn Stapp

    Why are you people still talking about a victory y'all have over a man from 6 months ago instead of worrying about the state of the country that your beloved Biden has made worse than when Trump was in office. Murders in major cities are up more now than any other time, the border crisis is real and why are they shipping these illegals across the country? Help the Cubans who are revolting against communism. Or are we not going to help them because the democrats want America to be socialist too? Do some real journalism and get to the problems instead of worrying about this crap

    • Jesus H. Christo
      Jesus H. Christo


  • Feedsomefood

    3:40 no

  • Jonathan Duplantis
    Jonathan Duplantis

    It's a fine line between clever and stupid.

  • McSkittlez

    Its been over 5 months and they are still talking about this guy. SMH

  • BioRoot

    Trump was bad. We know. Focus on something else. Maybe the infrastructure bill? How the filibuster *still* hasn’t been removed?

    • PAT

      Trump was great. Not bad.

  • Sebastian Timothy
    Sebastian Timothy

    This guy is just not funny. My God he tries too hard

  • sjingelling

    Fake news, deflecting Bidens bs