Trump lashes out at Fox News after report on Arizona's recount

  • Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk
    Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk

    How many of the fraudulent votes were for Trump?

  • May Chest
    May Chest

    Those Republicans know it was not stolen I wish people stop playing on that, they think everyone else is stupid ,the true responsibility Republicans the three of them know the truth

  • Brendan O'Gorman
    Brendan O'Gorman

    We all know it was rigged

  • Helen Woodrum
    Helen Woodrum

    So in a nut shell, Trump wanted them to lie about the election results. He knew he lost but wanted to stay in office to use it to protect himself against legal troubles. The Arizona Voters spoke loud and clear and he can't stand that he can't pressure officials to change the results. Trump voters, you voted for a liar. If he will lie and steal, yes steal, in business by not paying businesses for the products and services he bought from them how can we trust him with our tax monies? He has already milked us for approximately $151 million in visits to his own golf resorts. He can still over charge us for his security details hotel bills, food bills and golf carts, etc. Our lives? Covid came and he didn't take it seriously and people died because he would not back the CDC guidelines. I may not always agree with Biden on everything, but he is trying to do right for the American People, while still cleaning up the mess Trump left.

  • Reggie T
    Reggie T

    Watch the trolls come out about this great reporting calling it fake news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what they learned from their messiah DT and i wouldn't doubt some may be Russian trolls!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caramm

    Paul Boyer is the sole reason why the AZ Senate has not been able to take further action against the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. He is the only Republican to vote against enforcement of the subpoena. You know what to do. ⬇️ 📍Paul Boyer Phone : (602) 926-4173 📍Email:

  • I say Which way do we go
    I say Which way do we go

    Excellent reporting CNN. I knew it was actually possible. Of course, Acosta just had to get his little jabs in or he wouldn’t be his normal aloof, condescending self.

  • Olalekan Akinfenwa
    Olalekan Akinfenwa

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    So for once Fox not the news gets something right?

  • Yves Delage
    Yves Delage

    I don't want the government telling me what I have to do. Except for wearing seat belts, except for not taking drugs, except for not driving while inebriated, except for not killing other people, except for not stealing, except for taking vaccines against polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella, except for, except for. except for.

  • Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk
    Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk

    Imagine id everyone who lost an election claimed fraud and demanded a recount?

    • Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk
      Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk

      @Diego Flynn Shouldn't the one demanding a recount have to pay for the recount if it doesn't change the results? Otherwise couldn't just tye up the election with endless recounts.

    • Diego Flynn
      Diego Flynn

      Not just one recount. Multiple recounts. Multiple locations.

  • StraightUpTruth

    Love to see tRump in a rage because that means trump supporters are in a rage too 😂

  • Ryan T
    Ryan T

    More like 18,200 phony ballots.

    • Reggie T
      Reggie T

      I need to find 150000 more votes just 150000 clowns deal with reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nuumau Naea
    Nuumau Naea

    Fake news

  • Jack Deth
    Jack Deth

    Trump lashes out ? Again ooooh big shocker

  • William Curry
    William Curry

    you have to admit would they say if the vote was WRONG in Az / NO it wouldnt

  • lovemyalaska

    Them orange bags 🎒 he looks stressed these days.

  • Trey Sharpe
    Trey Sharpe

    Lashes out? You mean mentioned how they didn’t cover it? You gotta stop with your bullshit lies and misleading frames.

  • M.A. M.R.
    M.A. M.R.

    But but but lord Trump filled stadiums!!!! And? So did lady gaga what's your point?

  • mike c
    mike c

    With in 2 months lets see if you all feel so good about your false narratives. The proof will set you free. The truth means nothing to you. That is easy to see.

  • Andrew Tannenbaum
    Andrew Tannenbaum

    Stirewalt sounds like he is stonewalling. Listen to the short clipped phrases.

  • Mr Jezu
    Mr Jezu

    mmmm that is true

  • Ivan Kovačić
    Ivan Kovačić

    CNN + Dr.Evil Fauci = Josef Mengele

  • Ivan Kovačić
    Ivan Kovačić

    WATCH DUTCH PM Caught Out On Klaus Schwab

  • Joe

    Damn they still recounting?

  • Pittsburgh Steelers
    Pittsburgh Steelers

    You know the truth always comes to light. Just saying.

  • Torise Faamaligi
    Torise Faamaligi

    Oh CNN and its 10 viewers still stuck on President Trump... Too funny

  • Dease Name
    Dease Name

    Jan 6th is just practice if you don't squash the lie!

  • Joan Byrne
    Joan Byrne

    Trump continues to ignore validated results and lies to anyone who will listen.

  • Frank Reberto
    Frank Reberto

    Awhh the big baby did oopsie in his diapey

  • Erik Brown
    Erik Brown

    There either is fraud or no fraud there was fraud just not much fraud. Your lying when you said there was no fraud It’s just not significant

  • Rune E
    Rune E

    Why is CNN fake news not writing about dementia Joe..

  • EscapeMatrixEnterprise

    TRUMP didnt lose Arizona and its coming out soon--in fact he won PA, GA Arizona and all the states they played with and manipulated....manipulated for a reason

  • lonestar fishing
    lonestar fishing

    Good Trump is smarter than the last three presidents we've had . People who believe in this CNN crap better wake up gas is higher than ever were going through inflation the border is being taken over and you people still believe in this crap . Wake up America the new administration is not for you but against you and our children it's sad

    • Reggie T
      Reggie T

      I agree he`s a stable genius and oh so smart i think he a billion times smarter then most people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  • James Moore
    James Moore

    Fox news, has finally arrived at the truth.... finally.

  • Elect Lady
    Elect Lady

    Trump will turn on anyone who doesn’t agree with him

  • Wake-up America
    Wake-up America

    CNN is trying so hard to maintain the false narrative. But it's not working. Every time they air the false narrative, more people tune out.

    • Reggie T
      Reggie T

      I agree fox news is so much better they always tell the truth because they entertain me!!!!!! They have the facts to every situation and explain it in a clear and precise manner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL Please deal with reality because the truth will set you free my fine feathered friend!!!!!!!!!!!

  • inner peace
    inner peace

    And where did trump make this statement? He's banned on every social media platform, so if it didn't come from the horses mouth it didn't happen

  • Nobody Knows
    Nobody Knows

    Simple thoughts for simple minds 1) Trump lost the 2020 election. 2) Biden is the president. 3) Vaccines are not tracking devices. 4) If you insist that your personal freedoms are more important than your civic responsibilities, that's not being patriotic, that's being a fucking pussy.

  • SheepOfVengeance

    This is just one more instance in the literally hundreds of nonsensical things Trumpers have grasped at, since the 2020 election. Since the election, Trump's lies and all the goofiness and fantasies of Trumpers have fallen flat. This one will too. The list is huge - Trump falsely claiming he'd won certain states, recounts, audits, court cases, the states won't going to certify the vote, the electors were going to revolt, the 'Pence card' was going to be played, the House and Senate were going to perform voodoo, etc... All the dates when Trumpers thought this or that was going to happen... Each and every time it was a joke, aimed at people too gullible to know any better, and this will be no different.

  • noeln8027

    You guys have trump-symdrome lmao

  • newman here
    newman here

    Shocking !! Who could have know being a 5 time draft dodger and attacking a former POW would back fire

    • Reggie T
      Reggie T

      Amen brother i tell all my fiends who are vets how did they vote for this guy yet they keep believing and drinking the cool Aid!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Whitt
    John Whitt

    Trumps Arizona speech was epic! by comparison, here is a babbling idiot being mocked by an australian news station

  • Brenda Tran
    Brenda Tran

    I'm Black and I don't look too people's on how to save my life I took the shots on my own decisions

  • Mary Terrell
    Mary Terrell

    Why is this still irrelevant

  • Mike High
    Mike High

    These people need to see a really good psychiatrist, it might be the only way to control TDS "Trump derangement syndrome" but just like an addiction , the first step is admitting they have a problem, kind of sad in a way, thats why CNN SUCKS!!

  • Thomas Appelby
    Thomas Appelby

    Wow! Only 182 ballots was potentially fraudulent, in the Arizona election. Potentially fraudulent! How many of them were ballots, casted for Trump!

  • Joe Parker
    Joe Parker

    The fugly girlfriend who doesn't accept the breakup. Pathetically sad.

  • John Escobar
    John Escobar

    Get over it Trump!!! You lost SMH!!

  • Bryan Uecker
    Bryan Uecker

    Listen to me you beautiful idiots. 182 CASES of voter fraud is NOT 182 votes. It states 182 instances of voter fraud happens. 1 of those 182 times could be 5000 voters stymied. Ergo... That number of 182 is a smoke screen.

    • Capital-Industries LLC
      Capital-Industries LLC

      Maybe all the 182 CASES were in favor of TRUMP! Ergo he lost by an even greater margin.

  • Bo Jo
    Bo Jo

    More Lies by the corrupt news media

    • Reggie T
      Reggie T

      I agree fox news sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christopher Montoya
    Christopher Montoya

    It’s such a shame CNN and the Main Stream Media are still Scared 😱 of President Trump , It’s just tragic that there TDS ( Trump Derangement Syndrome ) has gotten the best best of what very little they had 😆😆

  • Luist Triolet
    Luist Triolet

    Trump using the word misinformation when talking about others is just plain stupid and hypocritical.

  • John Dee
    John Dee

    Chris is a sell out. You cant call states like this in advance just on a hope. This should be a crime. Especially during the voting process . Thats voter manipulation. You all are criminals. Complicit in mas disinformation.

  • John Dee
    John Dee

    TRUMP WON AZ BY A LOT! How do I know? Democrats fight against an audit. Why are you not demanding audit to prove Biden won? Regardless Biden never had campaign nor supporters to be seen anywhere like the crowds for Trump? How many times Trump was wrong since 2015? Let e tell you. 0 times. Yep. 0! ZERO! NULL! Why would anyone think he is wrong now? We shall see I guess. Truth always wins. All the time.

    • Reggie T
      Reggie T

      You`re grammar just like you`re incorrect statements are pathetic where were you schooled?

  • John Dee
    John Dee

    lol WHY you try to fight against an audit? Do you know something we dont?

    • Reggie T
      Reggie T

      Fight and audit? LOL................ we had 60 court cases you lost all of them wake up and deal with reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julie Purlock
    Julie Purlock

    Hahaha he lost to Biden

  • Ivbeen Zucked
    Ivbeen Zucked

    “Trump” Nice spin from last week. I recommend that you take it, but I also believe in your freedoms 100%," Trump said, before adding, "because they don't trust the President, people aren't doing it. ""Covid shot" considering most of the major social networks have banned him for his lies. If Trump was banned from the net, The world would be a lot better off. Think about it, now that he is not president anymore, "verified", all he is doing is stirring the pot with lies to try and keep his face in the news for his next run. just that simple.

  • Lloyd Boothe
    Lloyd Boothe

    Trump could turn and fart in the microphone and it would be better than anything the Democrats have to say. I'm all in for some type of a new news channel. A debate channel where Democrats actually debate Rebublcans over the days hot issues. No cut offs because you are out of time and you may present evidence supporting your claim. Folks would pay big money for this type of TV. 24 hours a day of non stop debate and Republicans kicking the crap out of Democrats with a verbal onslaught equivalent to Mike Tysons early days of boxing

  • noelzy dee
    noelzy dee

    Trump needs a dummy!!

  • Diviciacos

    And if Bernie runs again I won't get caught straight voting for the Devil.

  • Ed Forest
    Ed Forest

    If Trump had to pay for those 60+ legal challenges himself I’m pretty sure his so called certainly that they won might not have been so certain. It’s amazing how different some act when it’s not their own money being wasted, ,

  • Bern Frank
    Bern Frank

    cnn false news network

  • DaveBoy1810

    Costa is full of baloney.

  • taxachusetts blws
    taxachusetts blws

    I just can't seem to understand. Why Cnn always comes in dead last in viewership, in the cable news race. Definetly targeting the extreme intellectual crowd. Lol.

  • L V
    L V

    he didn’t write that statement

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams

    I'd like to know, of the 187 cases of voter fraud they think they found, how many were republicans... especially as Trump had constantly encouraged them to vote for him twice, leading up to the election...

  • terence nelson
    terence nelson

    Donald skunk

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh

      Cnn is an arm of the democratic party. They don't know what news are

  • Albert Temple
    Albert Temple

    It's time for Trump to shut up coz soon he will spending retirement in jail.

  • Jesse Galvan
    Jesse Galvan

    TRUMP needs a new wig with a " BRAIN IN IT" 🧠 🦰

  • nina kim
    nina kim

    Biden did not win.

  • Joe Bribez
    Joe Bribez

    Another random video of CNN getting 10s of thousands of bot likes.

  • Kamal Kamal
    Kamal Kamal

    It's loughable trump still not convicted yet.

  • Gerry Coppola
    Gerry Coppola

    So why did Arizona stop counting ballots at 83%?

  • JD

    This is the result of states allowing parents to “homeschool” their children with zero oversight. When I visited some friends in the South I was shocked to learn that some states actually allow parents to pick and choose what they want to teach or not even educate them at all! Great job ‘Merica.

    • Nobody Knows
      Nobody Knows

      @Caramm *We the People of the United States, in Order to* form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, *promote the general Welfare* and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, *do ordain and establish this Constitution* for the United States of America." Governments all around the world have all come to the same conclusion that it is better NOT to have a bunch of uneducated, illiterate morons running around. Not all parents have excellent teaching skills or the free time to devote to the extensive task of home schooling, and Captain Fantastic is pretty much the exception to home schooling, not the rule.

    • Nobody Knows
      Nobody Knows

      @Caramm I think you meant Captain Fantastic. Captain America is a cartoon figure/action hero for people who also like comic books and WWE wrestling.

    • Helen Woodrum
      Helen Woodrum

      My niece was home schooled for a while and she had to follow the schools criteria. What states are you talking about.

    • Caramm

      @Nobody Knows If you watched “Captain America” you realise more about it.

    • Caramm

      That’s probably because children really belong to their parents, not to a government. So simple.

  • Miguel Rivera Jr
    Miguel Rivera Jr

    TRUMP LOST THE ELECTION period. His aim to remain a president was intended via the big bear to be placed as a totalitarian, authoritarian, and a Ceucescu attitude that ultimately lead to his and his wife to be executed because they had ruined Romania. Comparing these two individuals with a severe case of hubris and self engrandisement and met a fate that changed the face and reality of their country from dictatorial to a civilized Balkan country now with peace, social development and civil stability. We don't need citizens who are loyal to their own needs. Our country is democratic let's include our marches and voices that speak for us to introduce and implement our needs with action.

  • amy butler
    amy butler

    Move on Trumpeez he lost Bigly!!!

  • Big Ern Mahkracken
    Big Ern Mahkracken

    haha haha haha hahaha 😊😄😆😁😛😝 But keep donating to *don't stop the steal Mo Rons

  • Marco P
    Marco P

    ~100 votes? So Donnie got the first 1% of votes to win Arizona xD I was slightly impressed with the find. Until i read the reasons the ballots were found "questionable"

  • ZUR13L

    ROFLMAO @ thumbsdowners If FOX viewers weren't so STUPID, they would sue the living shit out of FOX for killing their loved ones with Covid.

  • Rick J
    Rick J

    Can we all simply ignore this irrelevant "it's all about me" waste of space?

  • David Echeverria
    David Echeverria

    That's why they're ratings are so low lol

  • David Echeverria
    David Echeverria

    Cnn is an arm of the democratic party. They don't know what news are

    • Reggie T
      Reggie T

      what's news's are ..........that's not even correct grammar LOL no wonder

  • MDS Camarillo CA
    MDS Camarillo CA

    Had closed captioning, but it was so badly done, they couldn’t be read.

  • Trump47

    So where does CNN get their facts……? Just curious 🤨

    • Reggie T
      Reggie T

      I hope not were you`re messiah DT gets his!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashok Shekhawat
    Ashok Shekhawat

    Trump is a great leader and a great patriot of America

  • sniggity

    Wow, blatant lies ! 174,243 ballots found to be sent from nowhere , 18,000 people who voted were magically removed from voter rolls on Nov 4, 11,326 who weren’t on voter rolls on Nov 4 were now on there Dec 4th and finally 3981 voters voted after the Oct 15 deadline. fraud anywhere. 😂😂😂 idiots. Just think, that was just the preliminary report.

    • Reggie T
      Reggie T

      @sniggity LaLa land id bliss let me know how you like living in Russia!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Reggie T
      Reggie T


    • sniggity

      @Reggie T actually I do know better. First of all the judges refused to look at the evidence, these cases were dismissed on technicality charges called “no standing”. The cases didn’t even make it to discovery, which means, the judge didn’t even look at the evidence and his mind was already made up before he got out of bed that day. So that’s what I call cowardice. These judges were plain cowards. The SCOTUS said Trump didn’t have standing in his own case?!?! How does that work? So your big bad attempt at making Trump look like a loser just backfired in your face because of your ignorance. Maybe you should stop watching CNN, MSDNC, CBS. AND all the other brainwashing news channels and do some investigating on your own and stop letting them tell you what to think. By the way, this information came straight from the Arizona Senate floor two days ago. Our elections are compromised. Wake up.

    • Reggie T
      Reggie T

      60 count them 60 federal law suits thrown out but you know better then 60 federal judges by watching fox and regurgitating what you read on the red propaganda sites LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • Kozmic Zian
    Kozmic Zian

    . . . always 'lashing out' about something. It's like all he knows how to do . . . a sad loser and an angry man.

  • Jack Pytleski
    Jack Pytleski

    What a joke,and total lies!!!

  • Valen L
    Valen L

    Why is Acosta not chas iBiden and his lying family? Such a fake propaganda network.

  • Valen L
    Valen L

    Such fake Natzi network.

    • Reggie T
      Reggie T

      i agree fox sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aric 3Gunner
    Aric 3Gunner

  • Gayleen Alexander
    Gayleen Alexander

    Trump move on you are living in the past and the election is over and so are you

  • Jennifer Rapolla
    Jennifer Rapolla

    Trump won and the entire world knows it

    • Francisco Herrera
      Francisco Herrera

      Since when are all the voices in your head = the entire world?

  • B Simpson
    B Simpson

    Trump won in 2020!!!!

  • erlinda tonel
    erlinda tonel

    Trump, with a bloated EGO, will not stop at nothing even if it embarrasses himself....he is desperate and delusional!

  • Grant Konecny
    Grant Konecny

    Let’s move on from Trump.