Ex-Fox reporter reveals why Tucker Carlson is lying about vaccines

  • Jim Black
    Jim Black

    They play a tape of Tucker questioning why "they" tell us that vaccinated people need to wear masks and then the "panelists" go on to discuss why Tucker is promoting an anti-vaccination message. WTF!??? He never said that or anything LIKE that! It's those who are telling vaccinated people they need to wear masks the ones who are undermining the efficacy of vaccinations.

  • George Rady
    George Rady

    The LEFT is sending out THUGS to confront Tucker when he is out in public.. and AMERICANS should start confronting THUGS and every Mefia Apparatchik that supports Maxine Waters... isnets.info/main/q5KUnIBplmarbbc/v-deo.html

  • Speaker of Silent Majority
    Speaker of Silent Majority

    This is unbelievable! Those who question vaccines are killing people 🤔 journalists shouldn’t be doing that but we at cnn know the truth and vaccines are good because our government owned information told us so!

  • George Rady
    George Rady

    They are just following Maxine Water GET IN THEIR FACES!!! isnets.info/main/p3unqJVt2pSond0/v-deo.html

  • Speaker of Silent Majority
    Speaker of Silent Majority

    How can he lie about vaccines? He is asking questions that no one will answer!!!! The government controls that information, remember???????? You people are idiots

  • Tanya Parker
    Tanya Parker


  • J.T. X
    J.T. X

    Or in other words: how do opinionated "news" networks work..

  • Cal Burge
    Cal Burge

    CNN got the biggest ratings on Trump. They are the eorst

  • Maybe OneDay101
    Maybe OneDay101

    I love watching CNN hardcore pushing the Trump vaccine.

  • M McTest
    M McTest

    LOL, like this group would know anything more than they were told to say.. listen to the Project Veritas tapes and how CNN intentionally manipulates the news and misleads it's viewers for money. My opinion

  • chalabegebeya

    Fake news

  • Kickstart28

    How about the COVID cases, murders and looting in only left wing states is not being reported on, that is lying as well? So honestly, which one of the news stations don’t lie about politics? They all do. Do your own research and make your own decision. Don’t be stupid and listen to CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBS or any of them. If you actually care then take the time and do some research. Think for yourself and don’t let them think for you…

  • Artie Shelling
    Artie Shelling

    Vaccinated people can still get it and spread it so it's the same as not getting vaccinated. Ill pass.

  • Altice Altice
    Altice Altice

    trust us - we always tell the truth.

  • bigraviolees

    Ban fix News. Start with week.off fines by EO for tucker

  • Youtube Censoring
    Youtube Censoring

    fear sells. first covid next climate.

  • M Resa
    M Resa

    How smart is that? Instead of telling them to get vaccinated to keep them alive for the next election, their own party wants them to die.

  • Captain Howdy
    Captain Howdy

    I live next to Livingston, mt. That dude is our new local hero! We should get him a statue. Public figure or not Yucker Carlson is truly a horrible person. Thank you sir for speaking the truth!

  • Freddy Trinidad
    Freddy Trinidad

    I don’t k ow what’s worse, the people spreading the false news or those who listen

  • Ry R
    Ry R

    When is questioning bad? We live in America people, not China.

  • NCISfanatic21

    This is hilarious. CNN dodged the question Tucker Carlson asked about why vaccinated people can’t get back to their lives before Covid. Rather than giving a thoughtful answer and rebuke, CNN resorts whining like two year olds because someone asked asked a serious question. CNN and other lefties don’t like people asking questions, they just want people to shut up and obey. Typical lazy liberals!

  • Dan C
    Dan C

    Disgruntled ex Fox employee joins CNN to hive their opinion and sell it as news.

  • Norman Zimmerman
    Norman Zimmerman

    Twilight zone


    Tucker does it for clickbait/money 🙄😒. Doesn't everyone do it for money 🙄? It's not a surprise 🙄 for God's sake!

  • eye light
    eye light

    CNN can't let Trump go for ratings = $

  • Big White
    Big White

    "Ask your doctor about taking the Vax, not all people can get the vaccine." That's what he has consistently said. He has just be trying to find out what your lord and savior Jesus Fauci is lying about. A grave sin against science.

  • Gabriel

    Oh Carl, you worked at Fox for years and now you're a leftist????

  • Gabriel

    I got vaccinated and sitting at home with covid-19 right now.

  • Richard Delaney
    Richard Delaney

    Charles Kirk ? Where's the global warming hysteria ? Where's the Matt Gatz scandal ? Where's Hunter ? Where's Emmitt Sullivan ? Where's John Durham ?

  • MrSadie

    Don't worry about wether or not i'm vaccinated if the vaccine worked why would you?!

  • broganmckoko

    CNN didn't finish Tucker's segment. That's gaslighting. His point was why are we continuing any restrictions on the vaccinated? He is literally pointing out corrupt politicians addicted to authoritarian rule even at the detriment to science. But in true CNN fashion, they stick to the narrative that all Republicans are bad and Fox News hosts are propagandists. They do that because it is the only way CNN draws any sort of viewership.

  • gina redrovan
    gina redrovan

    I came here to to a rebuttal on the merits instead they don't address Tucker's point but just make ad-hominem attacks

    • Boondoggle

      I only pop in on CNN BS once in awhile to keep track of their garbage. Hilarious that CNN says anything about propaganda.

  • Edward Decker
    Edward Decker

    Not hard to figure out! He's a Trump supporter, and a liar, and cheat; just like the rest of them!

  • Norseman

    CNNLOL is doing everything they can to save face. They know they are the least trusted of the media.

  • Chabali Chabali
    Chabali Chabali

    Why not answer his questions? You choose to just bash

  • David King
    David King

    CNN, the greatest spreader of Misinformation.

  • ramona cannon
    ramona cannon

    I think over a million illegals coming across the southern border maybe we would not be having a third wave of the China Lab virus. Guess what Communist News Network the lap top is real. This came from a lab that Fouci funded through a middle man. ECO health for 750 million dollars. Report the facts, oh I forgot you are propaganda. Pitiful.

  • MrCSP24

    These are the same folks that applaud Comrade Biden for sending busloads of unvaccinated and untested illegal immigrants to your hometown

  • Nenad Perisic
    Nenad Perisic

    Cnn talking about lies 😂😂😂. What is cnn. News or marketing agency

  • Jamai Cloonan
    Jamai Cloonan

    Tucker isn't lying about vaccines. You would know this if you did your own research on the vaccines. Follow the money and the people involved. If you argue then you haven't researched, it's public information.

  • Paul Nunnink
    Paul Nunnink

    If Tucker Carlson opens his trap all I hear is 'blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah', dumb sob.....

  • Zyleah

    It has Graphene Oxide in it!

  • mrjohnhusler

    Question: Tucker is vaccinated, yes or no? End of story.

    • mrjohnhusler

      @Ohio Against The World Tucker is still vaccinated.

    • Ohio Against The World
      Ohio Against The World

      @Ricky Woods exactly my point. this distrust of the vaccine can be linked to well before right-wingers started dogging it. wish ppl would remember that.

    • Ricky Woods
      Ricky Woods

      @Ohio Against The World yes she did.. she also said she didn't trust any vaccine that's created while trump's in charge

    • Ohio Against The World
      Ohio Against The World

      Question: did Kamala Harris say in December of last year that any vaccine distributed around then should be mistrusted, and then two months later say that same vaccine is essential to normal life? right, exactly.

    • Orville B Jenkins
      Orville B Jenkins

      @0IIIIII Yes. It is this self-serving duplicitous method and demeanor of Tucker's that has caused so much anxiety. He thrives on conflict and has to incite it wherever he can, sadly. Facts don't matter. Even lives lost don't matter. Ratings matter.

  • Tumbleweedin


  • Katbyrd

    RATINGS. Something that COMMIE NEWS NETWORK would know nothing about. Keep spreading the truth, Carlson!

  • T Bronk
    T Bronk

    Obviously it doesn't work, ask the ten Texas Democrats that fled the state and Pelosi all positive covid-19 and by the way Carlson is not a journalist it's an opinion show!

  • Sea1Sun

    Reporters on either side are no longer reporting information. They are using media platforms to influence citizens regarding every choice they have. This is wrong! Start reporting opinions because the public is suffering with your bickering!

  • Terry Ditterline
    Terry Ditterline

    Flat out ,do not trust the gouvernment and will never get there depopulation jab?

  • Jay So
    Jay So

    Fuk foxs we need daily cover of covid 19. Count. Bring it back . And raise gas prices

  • kyle kallin
    kyle kallin

    Because he's been vaccinated since January he didn't want nobody know he's been lying about this the whole time

    • Speaker of Silent Majority
      Speaker of Silent Majority

      No one cares if he had the vaccine!

  • 112doc

    All Tucker has is a craven desire to make money and top the ratings. Any corporation that advertises with him is culpable in a genocide originating with irresponsible journalism. Tucker is beyond ignorant, meaning uneducated, he’s stupid meaning he can’t be educated. Ironically, Tucker won’t admit he IS vaccinated just like Laura Ingram. These two just like trump mirror a cruelty and lack of humanity that is centered in pathological narcissism invalidating anything they have to say to Americans.

  • Thomas DiPaolo
    Thomas DiPaolo

    The pandemic is listening to this crap. Walk around outside and see for yourself.

  • Joseph

    The key problem appears to be that there are too many people in this country that cannot evaluate the causes, effects and outcomes of various options and then think for themselves. Tucker should be ashamed for influencing these mindless sheep to not get the vaccine. Almost certainly Tucker is vaccinated himself. The fact that he will not talk about his vaccination status is extremely irresponsible.

  • Olalekan Akinfenwa
    Olalekan Akinfenwa

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  • Little Mac86
    Little Mac86

    Is allowing nature to have its way with Republicans and the poorly educated really such a bad thing for our country? #VoteVets

    • Nans Zoo
      Nans Zoo

      yes, because innocents get caught up in it, children, health care workers, teachers, EMS and police, and others who are often working low-income jobs that are not worth dying for while many in this country are able to ride this out in relative security at home. So Yes, it is not a great solution to the problem :-) But I often feel the same way for a moment or two before I remember this.

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill

    Carlson's story had NOTHING to do with any of the vaccine's level of efficacy. It was about the fact that even after RECEIVING the vaccine, democrat leadership will use the perceived threat of continued COVID-19 infections to CONTROL the population be it mask mandates or shut-downs of businesses. This is nothing but a straw man argument. This is why CNN is FAKE NEWS!!

  • J Patriots17
    J Patriots17

    Says CNN 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith

    Right so why is the NSA spying on his emails

  • Ana Smith
    Ana Smith

    Tucker is the ONLY one spreading real information!!!!! Only person on MSM these days I can still respect. More power to him. You guys have to issue this stupid shit I won't even watch when I talk to doctors and people and it's ever worse than what Tucker reports. Get lost.

  • Norbu Dolma
    Norbu Dolma

    Covid got new strains continuously, we do need to allow doctors porting new found. But Biden's administration stopped it and disallow discussions and merely using covid and vaccine to control populic. It is insane. Tucker is helping on this to report truth news. CNN should not help spreading such wrong doings

  • Brooks B
    Brooks B

    Says “propaganda” and then says “killing your own voter base” in the same paragraph. Wowsers.

    • Brooks B
      Brooks B

      @bigraviolees a blanket statement that includes 100% of a political affiliation of with you don’t know 99.9999999% of personally. What a great basis for any intellectual conversation.

    • bigraviolees

      The GOP are killing us all

    • Benjamin Levine
      Benjamin Levine

      The PA and Fulton county forensic audits are coming people. The truth is coming out

  • Norbu Dolma
    Norbu Dolma

    Cannot listen to CNN and Biden admin. moving to socialism

  • Norbu Dolma
    Norbu Dolma

    Tucker is more honest and rational reporter

  • Norbu Dolma
    Norbu Dolma

    Biden admin. stopped more medical discussion from noctors

  • OG Reggie B
    OG Reggie B

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  • Leila's light
    Leila's light

    Disinformation disease indeed.

  • Ricardo Lepe
    Ricardo Lepe

    CNN is fake news

  • Jenny

    So you didn’t answer question. Why are vaccinated people still having to wear masks??

  • izzy lee
    izzy lee

    Immunizations and immunity aren't the same thing...... are you sure you guys aren't the same thing and how is the US covid death rate higher in death and contractions when we have the best health care..? CHINA has a population of over 4 time and they are not nearly as good in health care as the US? This sounds like a political conspiracy

  • Tom Crossman
    Tom Crossman

    In the UK ATM have over 40000 positive cases each day.and of them more than 15000 each day are fully vaccinated both jabs..so people fully vaccinated get infected and spread the virus.. You cannot compare penicillin to a mrna vaccine...that actually isn't really a vaccine if you can get infected it's not a vaccine..if lessens severity then it's a treatment..if it's classified as a treatment they can not mandate it....

  • Scruffins

    Instead of just calling people names, Carl should provide his proof that Tucker is lying. Notice he says nothing to refute him.

  • Scruffins

    CNN talks about gas lighting. Lol!

  • Spook Jr.
    Spook Jr.

    CNN is one to talk about click bait when one of their own got busted for saying that fear sells

    • bigraviolees

      Fox needs banned

    • Richard Arriaga
      Richard Arriaga

      @Benjamin Levine Notice how it's no longer AZ. Guess your "audit" still showed Biden won, huh?

    • Benjamin Levine
      Benjamin Levine

      The PA and Fulton county forensic audits are coming people. The truth is coming out

  • scott allen
    scott allen

    Where has it saved life. I dont agree with you so you are right wing journalism new day

  • z borg
    z borg

    CNN ratings down 57%..... because they do nothing but feed whatever the elite tell them to.... FEAR!!!

  • z borg
    z borg

    Yes, funny how CNN, or any of it's followers remembers when CNN and it's politicians, like PELOSI, went around downright encouraging people to go out and not worry about that virus. You people are so sick in the head.

  • meatrealwishes

    Hurt Fox news fans will get even by attacking some jews later. It is always like that for them. Trump failed to handle the pendamic and somehow it became fault of China in their eyes.

  • ion iatco
    ion iatco

    You guys are so caring, but remember to be human means to be able to choose. Medicine without choice is farm veterinary.

    • bigraviolees

      Medecine without choice saved mass lives. Smallpox Polio measels don't let idiots choose

  • z borg
    z borg

    Carl Cameron, the guy that helped investigate Israeli spies/terrorist in America. And he loved Bush.

  • William Miller
    William Miller

    Tucker Carlson is gas lighting his viewers. They pay for it through subscription to FOX Cable News. It is potentially fatal to his viewers. Those who die of Covid are quickly replaced, because a sucker is born every minute. Tucker Carlson is providing a benefit to social security and the nation.

  • Bobby Dickinson
    Bobby Dickinson

    Propaganda! The unvaccinated is not spreading the virus. The vaccinated are shedding, causing covid cases to rise! Get your story straight! 👈

  • Tamara

    Mr. Cameron, thank you for your honesty and integrity! It is a rare quality at Fox News now.

    • Tamara

      @z borg Not really. Used to watch Fox quite often. Still watch some, but not Tucker, he is such a theatrical demagogue, his lies are too obvious.

    • z borg
      z borg

      You are easily led, huh?

  • Bpma R
    Bpma R

    Tucker is asking questions. Everyone should be asking these questions. CNN is nothing but a bunch of liars. Nice try CNN. YOU GUYS ARE DISGUSTING!

  • Fight For Freedom
    Fight For Freedom

    Tucker Carlson a true Journalist. Always unveiling truths and exposing the Fake News !

  • Javla

    He just asked a question. How is this even Lie, I also asked the same question. Btw, I’m not American but these media are just crazy.

  • Mike M
    Mike M

    That's funny. CNN says it all about ratings and money lmao

  • sal venezia
    sal venezia

    CNN is pathetic

  • obsidiansea

    He must be a sociopath if he cares so much more about money, viewership, ratings, & career, that he's willing to spread propaganda that puts people's health and safety at such risk. No empathy.

    • Ricky Woods
      Ricky Woods

      if you actually listen to him for a while you will understand .. He has said on his show he believes in vaccines and has got vaccinated. Cnn just attacking him instead of talking about his points and trying to disprove anything..

  • Jeff Duflo
    Jeff Duflo

    F#$#ker Carlson is not a journalist. Chris Wallace is

  • Joseph Crevecoeur
    Joseph Crevecoeur

    Tucker Carlson is not a journalist he is a shameless thing without integrity or dignity a liyer and coward when faced Tru he backs out by saying don't believe what I'm saying is the truth but the biggest problem was the judge that gave him a pass that why he continue with his garbage because he has not pay consequence or punishment he does not deserve to be on TV or anything public

  • Hamah Bamana
    Hamah Bamana

    The vaccine is a solution to one variation of the virus. There are many, many variants. What does this mean? Even if you get the vaccine, you can still get another variant of COVID. This renders the vaccine almost useless. People who get the flu vaccine still get the flu. The vaccine does not put this to an end. Not all experts say that the vaccine is recommended. I will put a link in the replies of an expert WHO WORKED ON THE VACCINE. He explains that it virtually DESTROYS the immune system. Meaning, if you get sick, you are more likely to die from it! This is especially a bad idea with this new Delta variant coming out. DO NOT GET THE VACCINE, PLEASE!!! There are already more deaths because of it than COVID. I’m sure ISnets will immediately delete this comment because the big guys at the too do not yet want this information to come out. In fact, these guys will make MILLIONS on “booster shots”. These are the shots you will be forced to pay for to fix your immune system and you won’t be taking one or two of these babies. YOU’LL BE DEPENDENT ON THEM FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. I understand that most vaccine supporters believe they are doing the right thing here. This is by no means an attack on anyone who has been deceived. No. This is an attack on corrupt politicians, scientists and doctors who KNEW how horrible this vaccine was but said nothing or promoted it in order to save their own skin or make money. This is a crime and if I am silenced for pointing it out, that only proves that the powers that be have something to hide. GO AHEAD YT!!! REMOVE MY COMMENT!!! YOU’LL ONLY PROVE ME RIGHT!!!

  • Ebros

    The irony is CNN is just as bad as Fox at misinformation so it’s always comical when CNN, MSNBC and Fox attack each other. They act like a bunch of children. With few exceptions on CNN and FOX, everything has to be taken with a grain of salt.

  • WinstonSmith6

    I’ll pass on taking a vaccine developed by people who think the human race is a disease on the planet and needs to be exterminated.

  • kevin kevin
    kevin kevin

    Everyone who watches Tucker knows it's opinion based and not actually news just like everyone who watches rachel maddow on nbc. Cnn just talks about Fox and Trump so not really to sure where they stand on news either

    • z borg
      z borg

      This is already a classic. isnets.info/main/q16XyWmrzni2fKc/v-deo.html

  • Seth Davis
    Seth Davis

    Bullshit alert

  • Michael Garvey
    Michael Garvey

    He did not cast doubt on the vaccines at all, he was questioning why after you get vaccinated you can now go unmasked, a valid question that needs to be answered as the any new polls show that only people unvaccinated get sick so why then does anyone vaccinated required to wear a mask in schools and hospitals and today in many businesses? It is a valid question and instead of answering it they are going after him for something he did not say. He does not doubt the vaccine, but how leadership is handling the vaccine rollout makes people doubt it and not get it. So this administration is killing people with their actions. Tucker spoke the truth and CNN is again spreading lies

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