John Bolton blasts Trump: Being a fascist requires 10 seconds of thought

  • Jimmy Ramirez
    Jimmy Ramirez

    Can't live or succeed without trump i see

  • Kita H
    Kita H

    Although many believe that Bolton should have done something in the moment to reign in🤡 trump😒🤔. But I think it's pretty obvious that he was mostly surrounded by sycophants and the willfully ignorant 🙄🙈 so I don't think he would have made a dent in the cult at that time 🤪😐. Maybe he can do some good now with sharing what he saw 😱

  • Dorothy Barron
    Dorothy Barron

    Brianna is great! Does a good job on all interviews

  • tony barlow
    tony barlow

    This man's hand still has blood on it, and I would be a dummy to underestimate anyone in the republican party

  • eric hyacinth
    eric hyacinth

    Fake news

  • J Partin
    J Partin

    Good old Joshy Bolton...still suffering from self delusion in his struggle for relevance

  • Canada

    man some of yall are so offended that he would dare insult your lord and savior Donald Trump lmao

  • Nenad Perisic
    Nenad Perisic

    I hope hee will get what all murdered people by him get

  • B

    Why is CNN giving these fascism facilitators a platform? Disgraceful.

  • GOPCapitalFugatives Again
    GOPCapitalFugatives Again


  • Scott


  • Ed Forest
    Ed Forest

    Trump is loyal until it no longer serves his purposes and then you’re fodder for for the oncoming bus…even Ivanka has a slow ticking countdown…

  • 1burnman

    John Bolton is like every other former Trump advisor trying to rehabilitate his reputation

  • 1burnman

    Trump did a coup that's what happened at the Capitol it was an attempted coup

  • macforme

    After watch scores of news videos on ISnets, these last 5 years, I still cannot fathom how the MAGA base and the GOP can still be backing Trump. The man is so vile that I can't wrap my brain around the fact there are ANY people with an IQ over 70 ( Borderline mental disability) that can support this cretin. Low taxes can't be the only thing you people care about, can it?

    • Canada

      same like I have a mental disability and even I know better than to back that vile human

  • Cleartry Clark
    Cleartry Clark

    Former president Trump attack the Media the FBI and the CIA and told his followers don't believe what you see what you hear on what read.. so actually what do you think if you trying to do

  • WesternerLoveTerroristInHK

    Lies, Lies, and more Lies. Trump shows how US racist war machine worked. Just like the WMD in Iraq lie.

  • J Landon
    J Landon

    Some of you need to leave now!

  • J Landon
    J Landon

    All of DC has been locked up for while how long can you hide this CNN? Cover your ASSets lest you be executed.

  • J Landon
    J Landon

    Heard Milly joint chief of staff has been gone for while.

  • J Landon
    J Landon

    It will all come out.

  • J Landon
    J Landon

    Don't know if Bolton has been executed yet or if he will be. Hillary, Comey, Rumsfeld, Brennan are gone. Adam Schiff, Susan Rice, Bill Clinton, Bill Barr have all been convicted of treason but await execution as far as I Know. No one has seen the Podesta's in forever so. and who knows who else?

  • J Landon
    J Landon

    All peace in this life also comes from him. Do you have peace? Do you sleep well at night? Ask him for it. It's free.

  • J Landon
    J Landon

    Mental Health comes from a 24/7 relationship with Jesus Christ the creator period! These head doctors are stealing your money.

    • Canada

      what- that's just wrong in so many ways even like according to Christian leaders

  • anewman513

    Self-serving people like this are what let Trump get away with so much. Bolton is not the only one.

  • Richard McDowell
    Richard McDowell

    History will not be kind to John Bolton. He was instramental with Donald Trump in dismanteling the network of pandemic response teams that had been set up in 47 countries including and most importantly China. These were in place to discover any new viruses that could infect humans. These teams were important for health and for detecting biological or chemical warfare capabilities. With this American-Chinese (mostly American) team gone the Chinese were simply not capable of catching the coronavirus in time after it jumped from bats to humans. How do you divide up responsibility for 6,000,000+ deaths? Maybe 3,000,000 apiece? Neither one gives a damn anyway.

  • Doc Adam
    Doc Adam

    Calling Trump a fascist requires no thought.

  • Barbara Hendricks
    Barbara Hendricks

    The people that was in office with him I don't respect them why didn't they stop the tangerine orange Nazi's Trump. Democrats try try the Republican went along with him

  • e m thomson
    e m thomson


  • e m thomson
    e m thomson


  • JD

    “They want him to come back because they have nothing to talk about. They’re doing what they did the first time they did to get him elected by giving him all his free coverage while they act like they allegedly don’t like him. They’re f**ing treasonous un-American pieces of sh**!” -Bill Burr

  • Trevor England
    Trevor England


  • cheetodust

    Bolton should know. He is one. CNN loves to have these loser hypocrites on.

  • Leech

    CNN still giving Trump free ad coverage. Bill Burr is right. They're trying to get him back into power again cause their ratings suck.

  • Muzi Shabangu
    Muzi Shabangu

    Do u think Trump is à fascist- Requires believing that Trump Can think in à philosophical framework for 5 or more seconds 😂

  • Daniel Steiner
    Daniel Steiner

    John Bolton deceived at first now provides his assessment from his point of view about how scary it is. The press gave trump a easy pass during the campaign against Clinton. So many parts and procedures of the government have been corrupted and politicized. We need to keep talking about all this

  • J babe
    J babe

    No no no! Constitution is for protection of a tyrannical govt! This is all a BS SHOW ANYWAY! YOU WILL ALL PAY LIKE LAZARUS! BETTER NOT BEEN BORN!!!

  • David Foran
    David Foran

    I have a great deal of respect for John Bolton. However, as the National Security Advisor to the President. He had direct knowledge of key facts of trump's criminal behavior in the Impeachment trial. Much of the other testimony was indirect and therefore considered hearsay which is why it fell short in the court of public opinion and gave the Senate room to vote against impeachment. For Bolton as the key witness to the crime say he didn't testify because the defendant was going to be acquitted is absurd to me. The truth is the opposite, the criminal was acquitted because the one key witness refused to testify. The truth is that Bolton witnessed firsthand the revolving door of disposal trump advisors and cabinet secretaries being tarred and feathered by trump. Great men like General Mattis and smart people like Rex Tillerson's reputations smeared by trump. For Democrats who remember Bolton as the poster boy for the Pro Iraq War, this public servant could not survive with Democrats in power and if trump deemed him an enemy of the TGOP, he would become persona non grata entirely. He was also at risk of existing and potential civil litigation by trump and well-funded adversaries and even potentially criminal prosecution if his testimony made him to appear complicit, derelict, or in any way insufficient. He also ran the risk that the Democrats who hate him would take him down if they failed to get the big fish. There was nothing for Bolton personally to gain by testifying. donald trump developed his executive style as an apprentice to Genovese boss Fat Tony Solerno and frequent yachting pal aboard trump's yacht as well as trump's mafia attorney Roy Cohen. If trump could never be the smartest person in the room, at least he could be the biggest bully. There was no way in hell Bolton was going to martyr himself by poking that bear. I'm not sure I would have had the courage to either. Despite the fact that I believe Bolton fell short of his duty by not testifying, I also believe his character to grade a B+/A- in a land of spinless scumbags. His knowledge, experience, wisdom, and insight have influenced and shaped American foreign policy for the better what is otherwise a prestigious career.

  • Philoneous Maximus
    Philoneous Maximus

    When you say staging a violent coup. You mean where so many Americans show up directed to be peaceful with no weapons in a country where guns outnumber citizens many times and Republicans are seen as far more pro gun. Yet all you hear is how it all almost fell forever over a few bad actors out of a large mob or protest. If theyd been blm theyd have been allowed to burn it down.

  • Sky Dog
    Sky Dog

    Not a big fan of JB but he does have credibility!

  • Tally May
    Tally May

    John Bolton is a sell out! He is a has been and a wash up and hasn't been relevant in a long time so of course he is talking shit now! He needs anything or anyone to be relevant. Being not in the cool kids club anymore isn't profitable!

  • Mike Broderick Voice Over
    Mike Broderick Voice Over

    Bolton: "We got through this successfully." I guess he didn't watch the January 6th attack on the Capitol. And blaming Speaker Pelosi for "emboldening Trump" through the second Impeachment is baloney. GOP Senators who abandoned their Oath to the Constitution did that. Bolton could have stepped up in defense of our Democracy; Instead he put his book profits above the welfare of the country.

  • Bridget Collins
    Bridget Collins

    He's such a damn coward. He could have testified, he should have testified. The first impeachment failed because Republicans INCLUDING JOHN BOLTON were gutless cowards who ignored corruption and illegal activity. For him to smirk and pretend that his book was more important than the country turns my stomach. And if he had testified -Mike Pence would have been president during covid and I doubt we would have lost half a million people.

  • International Stereo
    International Stereo

    Weren't you CNN praising Avenatti? Why should anyone trust you?

  • Ben Bedell
    Ben Bedell

    The church of lyintology at it again. Cnn you are pathetic.

  • james sefcak
    james sefcak

    Bolton not stating the truth on Trump during his impeachment was a huge and treasonous mistake on Bolton's part, he did it for more money for his book that was coming out and wanted to bury it until his book came out....that's treasonous and greedy behavior. I've never liked this stupid war mongering asshole.

  • Stuck Case
    Stuck Case

    Fascists are from the left--do your due diligence and follow the research to the 1930s--socialist think tankers have been suppressing their origins every since

  • Hr

    'If Republicans worked on a policy', kinda sums up their current problem. Currently, and since the last election, all we hear from them are arguments about how Trump should be/is the winner of the election. We hear practically nothing about how they will run the country if/when they get in.

  • gardens4good

    He said it himself. He showed his true colors. Bolton didn’t want to put his book at risk. He cares more about himself, just like 45 and all of these are pubs who wanna keep their power and access to big $, than he does the United States of America and our Constitution. For shame. They are two peas in a pod unless Bolton can do better.

  • Jens Schneider
    Jens Schneider

    Why can't the VP resign? There's precedence... (it would have been unlikely to improve the situation, but stating at around 7:50 that the VP holds the one office he cannot resign from is clearly not true...) That is certainly NOT backed "constitutionally" as Mr. Bolton claims, Agnew resigned in 1972, Calhoun did so in 1832. Certainly rare, but not at all unconstitutional. Facts like this escaping CNN is worrisome...

  • Jo Ann Lawery
    Jo Ann Lawery

    Sorry Mr Bolton, Trump's father WASN'T born in Germany, his grandfather was. His father was born in The Bronx, NY.

  • Francisco Osuna
    Francisco Osuna

    Well, Trump would'ah if he could'ah. The week before he was to leave the Presidency he told his aides to command (probably because the Russians reminded him that he was Commander-in-Chief) that almost half of USA armed forces located overseas to return to the the motherland to await further instruction. Of course this was commanded bypassing the Pentagon. Of course accusations that this was a coup attempt is laughed off by Trump. The military should have played along with Trump to find out what the "further instructions" could have been.

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez

    The guy is hemming and hawing because he knows he fucked up big time by not testifying in favor of his book. Now he goes down in history as a money grubbing coward, and rightly so. What a twat.

  • legalizitt

    That's the trouble with Bolton and Republicans: They blame everybody else and make excuses for their own corrupt sinister behavior.

  • Nancy Mojica
    Nancy Mojica

    Thank you Mr Bolt fir not calling this clown President of former President , call him as it is Trump , this guy doesn’t deserve that Tuttle , frankly

  • Alessandro Emanuel
    Alessandro Emanuel

    Trump is not to stupid to make a coup!

  • IdealConscience

    Bolton, more scummy than Little Finger from GOT.

  • diane9247

    This reporter is so good, I love the way she carefully sets her trap and her subject hops right into it. All the while she is very composed and has that slight smile.

  • Boxc4r Willie
    Boxc4r Willie

    Bolton has his faults surely, just like you and I. But he could have been worse, there are worse actors on the stage. His chuckling at the intro says a lot.

  • Vaughn Maxfield
    Vaughn Maxfield

    Two minutes. Two minutes is all it takes to look up Mark Millie. A truthful warrior and not a BSing political hack like Donald Trump. The Trump family has fled fights throughout all of their family history. Donald changes the subject or does a “what about….” Ever time he is asked about any of his ideas, polices and past.

  • EF Mza
    EF Mza

    Trump has a mind of a 9 yr.old boy, who like to bully everyone.

  • free man
    free man

    Like to see John Bolton & Dana Carvey together😊.

  • GrooberNedJardine

    Brainer Killer , a CNN Shiller .

  • Adrian X
    Adrian X

    Charlatan Bolton.

  • Merry Merry
    Merry Merry

    This guy a total AH. He’s still pissed because President Trump fired his ass. Nothing be lies.

  • Tracy Kingsley
    Tracy Kingsley

    The interviewer asks the hard questions, but Bolton just waffles. "It wouldn't have made a difference". Lame.

  • usa4ever1

  • Rene Wilson
    Rene Wilson

    We know genius Bolton, it's why we NEVER voted for him we SAW this coming!!

  • Real American
    Real American

    He has no grasp on the United States , Republican or Democrat.

  • Howard Anderson
    Howard Anderson

    Canada is aware of Trumps criminal lifestyle and is a treasonous traitor who belongs in jail. Pleases put sicko Don in with all other jail birds

  • rima nunki
    rima nunki

    Larry Elder for Governor

  • Jeffery Hankins
    Jeffery Hankins

    Shes so sexy to me

  • rima nunki
    rima nunki

  • Ali Mahmed
    Ali Mahmed

    Twitter suspends Project Veritas founder after CNN takedown #exposecnn

  • Santos Lopez
    Santos Lopez

    Damn racist groups/nazis, they showed their true colors of domestic terrorists when they tried killing and taking over the capital/democracy. Now Republicans actions MIMIC commie ideology, this is fact!

  • randall leboeuf
    randall leboeuf

    You know Trump thought and tried to do a coup

  • Joey Cochenour
    Joey Cochenour

    Fascism is forcible suppression of opposition. Explain to me who is suppressing who? Who’s the one calling for free speech and who’s the one calling for “dangerous misinformation” to be censored? Trump isn’t calling for the left to be censored, he simply calls out all your bs. You guys are the one going around blocking any information that doesn’t go along with your narrative. Kinda like how you censored anyone who mentioned the hunter Biden laptop? What about censoring people who have concerns about the vaccine? How about the fact that you misled the world on how trump was a Russian spy? Or what about the fake lancet report you had to retract? How much misinformation have you put out there yet you claim republicans are the danger to democracy? You guys literally made a fake report saying hcq was bad for you when in fact it was curing people. Maybe because less people would get the vaccine so the pharma companies wouldn’t be able to make their billions. You guys collude with other corporations and the government and yet nobody on the left realizes it. Sheep

  • Nathan Vitor
    Nathan Vitor

    Who is that blond woman ?

  • y1521t21b5

    He is correct in most of his assessments, of course, but it's still sickening to see the likes of _Bolton_ and _Barr_ pretending to be opposed to _DJT's_ policies and priorities.

  • ExVoto63

    A very smart man who suddenly becomes transparently stupid trying to excuse away his refusal to testify in the impeachment with misdirected blame of Pelosi. He let his country down. It's irrelevant to argue that his testimony wouldn't have resulted in a different outcome. When the moment came to step forward and tell the truth no matter the cost, Bolton ran and hid while people down the chain (Vindman, Fiona Hill, etc.) were brave enough to risk their lives and livelihoods to suffer the slings and arrows of Trump's obsessive vengeance. It is a stain on Bolton that will not wash away no matter how much he tries to scrub the truth.

  • fairy bliss
    fairy bliss

    John knew who chump was in the start

  • Jeffrey Bohémier
    Jeffrey Bohémier

    Trump fully intended to stage a violent coup in order to stay in power. He started changing out people in the Pentagon and replacing them with steadfast supporters of his in order to take control of and send orders to our nation’s military. That’s because he fully intended to put our military members in charge of large areas of the county in order to reign in massive protest. It’s a good thing that Trump chickened out at the last minute. Because while he may have gotten his newly planted thugs in the Pentagon to do his bidding, the military establishment wouldn’t have reacted in kind. Each member of the military took an Oath to the Const NOT THE PRESIDENT. It’s more likely than not that the military would’ve seized the President and placed him and others around him under arrest, then turned power over to the incoming President. Trump’s coup would’ve been a huge failure. However, had our military followed along with Trump, Trump would’ve been required to declare Martial Law. This too would’ve failed miserably. That’s because people such as myself would’ve armed ourselves to the teeth and gone out of our homes, challenging anyone who attempted to enforce martial law. The protest would’ve swelled to tens of millions or more, culminated around the White House. There the security forces would’ve easily been overrun and Trump, along with his family, would’ve been dragged out of the White House to a fate I’d rather not think about. Ultimately, our Democracy might skip a beat, but it would’ve been preserved, with Joe Biden being rightfully seated as the President as per the outcome of the election. As a retired member of the military, there’s no way I would stand by and watch as Trump (or anyone else) trampled over our Constitution . Trump absolutely LOVES dictators. He longs to be one himself. He’s deeply jealous of Putin. He admires North Korea’s “DEAR LEADER.” Trump has absolutely no issues whatsoever with destroying our democracy if it were to leave him in power as the first American dictator.

  • Jeffrey Bohémier
    Jeffrey Bohémier

    Bolton should have testified. That was a disgrace. All so he could sell more books?!? He had a responsibility to testify against Trump.

  • W. Jackson -
    W. Jackson -

    Neck lines looking good girl, keep it up! Congrats! 🇺🇸 🇺🇲 💪🏼💪🏼

  • Dexter Ellis
    Dexter Ellis

    John Bolton may be trashing Donald Trump now, but he willingly chose to work for him and defended him. He lacks any form of integrity.

  • Ray Wharrie
    Ray Wharrie

    John Bolton is a discredited hawk and republican turn-coat whose views undermined his work in the Trump administration. No, Trump was NOT capable of doing anything harmful to the Constitution or American people. Bolton is making this entire episode up to satisfy CNN's story line and pro-socialist agenda. Milley is NOT the man the US needs to stop the Communists. He's shown to be giving in too easily to the left and not standing up like a military leader is expected to. He is NOT the man needed at this time to stop the spread of Communism and radical left ideas. Bolton is a coward and phony. He just said Trump's base in shrinking. That's overtly false information. Don't ask Bolton about the Ukraine, ask the Bidens. Bolton had a career in government, which ended due to his own mistakes, and now he's throwing dirt like a real Democrat.

  • Johan Whhs
    Johan Whhs

    CNN for communism 🖕

  • Stanley Andrew
    Stanley Andrew

    Opening the dialogue with “Trump was capable of doing almost anything”? What does that statement mean to a hypnotised MAGA hat wearer? CNN! You are calling him a superman who’s self entitlement supersedes all normal qualifications needed to be a leader! This identifies with them because that’s how they see themselves! That’s why they will support him regardless of what he does. They will defend him even if he randomly shoots someone in public! Listen to how they are spinning January the 666th! What you are doing is SHAMEFUL! Propping this man up to be invincible! YUK! Try to help the world with your power! Don’t be selfish cowards! The real world common person needs you to elevate them not deflate them. You won’t lose any privilege, you gain heaps of love and respect when you emancipate people! We are trying to leave our animal state behind and you trying to keep us there is abhorrent behaviour! Shame shame shame!!!

  • Meg Shafer
    Meg Shafer

    Bolton could have testified and saved many lives....he is not a honorable man. General Milley, a very good man....Excellent interview Brianna Keilar!!

    • Michael Noble
      Michael Noble

      Hello Meg hope you okay?

  • Trevor Chapman
    Trevor Chapman

    He was right there with him

  • Brian H
    Brian H

    John Bolton, the Neo-Con that never met a Middle-Eastern or African country he didn't want to bomb into oblivion, is now the newest hero on CNN. I thought they hit rock bottom with Michael Avenatti, but clearly I was mistaken.

    • Brian H
      Brian H

      @blob gooll I'm sure he was pleased with the airstrikes in Somalia.

    • blob gooll
      blob gooll

      Bingo. I think at this point Bolton might be sitting in his back yard burning ants with a magnifying glass. Dude isn't happy without destruction happening somewhere.

  • Marie E.
    Marie E.

    His mustache got on the way. Too late little bolton. He was captive. A man with power and influence. Blablabla. If Yrump were the president he would still quiet for another 4 years.

    • Michael Noble
      Michael Noble

      Hello Marie hope you okay?

  • Haka Awikiwiki
    Haka Awikiwiki

    What should we think when a hawk thinks a pigeon is capable of doing anything?

  • scabberdoug

    Stealy Don 2024! “You pay taxes so I don’t have to.”

  • jockmclaren47

    3.30: "Planning a coup requires a great deal of advance thinking, strategy etc." Sure, you'd know. You've planned plenty of them.

  • jockmclaren47

    1.00: How come you didn't realise this years ago? You should have asked me, I knew all this. You were paid to know but you pretended otherwise. Where's your guilt, your remorse, your shame?

  • Brian Bach
    Brian Bach

    Bolton on best behavior is even more loathsome than when he’s a tantrum-throwing, kindergarten-level snotface.

  • Brian Bach
    Brian Bach

    Bolton thought he was gonna wangle an Iran war out of Donald. Both are putrid peas in the same pod. Bolton goes way back as a war criminal. Any commentary he makes is invalid, to say the very least.

  • Edruezzi

    You heard the man. Trump is too dumb to be even a Nazi.

  • thelma russell
    thelma russell

    I guess they will never give up on mashing a good Man yes Trump is capable of doing good for the USA