The single most revealing fact in the new Trump books

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    Is Trump good or bad at controlling his narrative in the media? -Chris

    • Philoctetes

      Bad. He is a con-man, and the only people whom have ever bought his pile of crap are gullible or stupid. Gullibility is not a judgement, it is a result of purposefully poor education and systematic oppression. Omorossa had said that he looked like a rich guy from a comic book or movie, but her perspective was that of a black child, raised in the projects. People born to the middle class and above have a better idea of what a truly wealthy man is like, and they are not visibly insecure. Truly wealthy men and women do not generally brag about themselves-they do not have to. donnie dump is only good at fooling a small segment of people, and that is why the gop was the perfect target for him. The gop establishment is greedy enough to not care about the damage, and the voters are either greedy or dumb enough to be led.

    • Allen Pindel
      Allen Pindel

      He does well and plays you a fool because he knows exactly what you’re going to report on. Anytime Donald Trump takes a shit your news channel reports it as terrorist activity a threat to democracy a threat to national security this is why no one takes your party seriously. This is why you’ve lost so many supporters because of the radicalization of your party. This is why we have open borders now so the Democrats can get the support they actually showed during the election that they did not have got to cover up your life somehow

    • Popular Channel
      Popular Channel

    • Totally Accurate Botan Simulator
      Totally Accurate Botan Simulator

      @lily boone i think its the way his hands move like they're grabbing something, and the way he puckers those duck lips. It's like a selfie trend everyday

    • lily boone
      lily boone

      Obviously he's got some ability with the media, because if he didn't nobody would consider him anything besides a corny failed star and bad mob boss... he's disgusting and disgraceful but apparently he has a charisma I just don't get.

  • David Schindele
    David Schindele

    "It's a way to virtue-signal to the Republican base..." May suggest that you actually have it backwards, Chris? The base is constantly falling over itself virtue-signalling to Dear Leader, not the other way around.

  • Scott Morse
    Scott Morse

    Here is a fact the corrupt democrats are bringing in millions of illegals some infected with the China virus and shipping them all across America using taxpayer money

  • M. H. Salter
    M. H. Salter

    CNN news doesn't even claim to pretend to not take sides, as anti-Trump, anti-American, anti-Western, and pro open borders, pro-criminal, pro-Antifa, pro-BLM, pro-Islam, etc., etc. Same could be said of most other MSM.

  • Jonathan Goyens
    Jonathan Goyens

    #JustinGiboney #PoliticallyAgnostic

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  • Tyron Creed
    Tyron Creed


  • Wish i am Audiobooks
    Wish i am Audiobooks

    Check out this book:

  • John Burnside
    John Burnside

    Well, Chris, CNN and the rest of MSM gave tRump obscene amounts of free publicity in 2015-16, which is a big reason he got into the White House.

  • kainesmumanddad

    'The Art of the Steal' is what's happening now with his gullible brainwashed cult followers... Giving their hard earned government handout$$ to their "billionaire" Donald J JonesTown

  • eric ford
    eric ford

    Our real president donnie T

  • lexas

    Trump has exactly nothing to offer, in the art of the deal, or in anything else. He is just a big mouth, a liar, a con man.

  • stephen rickstrew
    stephen rickstrew

    Once you peel back the layers of Flab, Greed,,and spray tan you see that inside tRump is a Soulless Hollow Shell

  • Jo Brodie
    Jo Brodie

    I've written 14 books and don't think it's the hardest thing in the world. :-)

  • Cody

    Chris Cilliza is a total dunce

  • David Davis
    David Davis

    ok if the 2020 election was stolen, who cares? We all got a good result: we got 45 out of the WH If the legal system works right, 45 will get several felony convictions, keeping him off the ballot. We have been conducting presidential elections for o ver 200 years, we know how to do them right. There was no fraud in 2020.

    • Tristan M
      Tristan M

      I hate Trump however if there were enough proof that the election was stolen I would want him to become president again because if the election was stolen it means that we are heading to a dictatorship.

  • Shawn The Great
    Shawn The Great

    Trump only looks at the world through the eyes of "is this good for me" that is and always have been his driving motivation for everything he does. Nothing to do with patriotism never has been never will

  • perf b
    perf b

    Trump's generals had to explain to him what WWII was about, imagine that.

  • perf b
    perf b

    But did any of the interviews with Trump yield any actual information? I am guessing no. Will CNN ever report on how much money they made off of 24/7 Trump coverage over 5 years? What percentage of CNN's bottom line has been directly due to Trump?

  • Bo Jo
    Bo Jo

    Trump is the best President we ever had


    IS ANYONE SURPRISED BY THE ORANGE MANS ACTIONS???!!! Does the word grifter come to mind?? rekwife

  • datboi shagg
    datboi shagg

    is biden the president? 75% of cnn videos are about Trump.

  • lily boone
    lily boone

    So he is just determined to make up his own version of history that fills the empty porta potty of his soul. Surprise. 🙄

  • Allan Parker
    Allan Parker

    Trump's role on the Apprentice was to fire people. It should be no surprise then that was a hallmark of his presidency.

  • JD

    “They want him to come back because they have nothing to talk about. They’re doing what they did the first time they did to get him elected by giving him all his free coverage while they act like they allegedly don’t like him. They’re f**ing treasonous un-American pieces of sh**!” -Bill Burr

  • tony boss
    tony boss

    There you have it... *Trump is a liar and a criminal, that fact can't change.* But what can change is the, *Media still profiting off telling news on Trump and giving Trump the attention which on continues to make Trump popular and emboldened to run again in 2024!* _That is the POINT_

  • Patricia Hayes
    Patricia Hayes

    Me, me, me, I, I, I. That's Trump in a nutshell.

  • shad rox
    shad rox

    "I hate donald trump" "That fact will in no way impede my greedy grifting attemp to get rich off defaming him however"

  • George Dunn
    George Dunn

    And yet, he apparently dislikes having it pointed out that he cheats at golf.

  • paulyster

    Trump was surrounded by backstabbers and i love that.

  • Abraham Atess
    Abraham Atess

    It's too bad most Trump supporters can't read

  • bombastic attitude
    bombastic attitude

    those books are all old recycled news just written by a different author. I'm not impressed or buying.

  • Gwin Willis
    Gwin Willis

    hello dude

  • E Randco
    E Randco

    There’s books calling out Biden and his questionable actions throughout his career too. It’s just polls usual. You have to be a legacy politician to get away with it though.

  • Anne Seventeen
    Anne Seventeen

    Most revealing fact without watching this garbage is that CNN needs to change it's name to the Trump Network since that's ALL they ever talk about! Geeze yesterday the DC Police Sergeant was on the street talking to people about the violence, was it on CNN? Nope!

  • HKim0072

    Zero idea why people would want to read / listen to these books. We all lived through it. It was madness. No chance in hell that I want to re-live it.

  • Johnny Mac
    Johnny Mac

    Clearly, Trump is a proponent of the tenet that "bad breath is better than no breath!" - and has been for most of his life!

  • Chartreuse Maiden
    Chartreuse Maiden

    0:32 mins. EXACTLY! That's what I literally sorted at work when listening to the audible version. I embarrassed myself. But it is like Trump is sooooo big of a Narcissist and that he is just willingly handing over the next election to the democrats for next year. And the GOP no longer have spines and are just waiting to die off because they know the Era of the U.S has changed their time has run out and they are just struggling an low key panicing. If anything this would be the prefect time for the independent party or green party. To RIGHT now find funding and start campaigning. Because when election hits and they get people the Republicans are going to be desperate on figuring out how to get the young people on their side. The crowd they are supporting is dying out give it another generation or two and it's pretty much gone.

  • philtre man
    philtre man

    Trump - a gold-plated narcissistic sociopath - he adores ANY attention.

  • Gary Coates
    Gary Coates

    so let's just stop talking about him I never do, he isn't even relevant enough to say his name in this comment

  • David Maxfield
    David Maxfield

    "There's only one thing worse than being talked about and that's not being talked about." ~ Oscar Wilde

  • witzerdog

    Then stop writing about him. Ghost the douche.

  • Trey Sharpe
    Trey Sharpe

    That’s a perfect example to prove that it’s not the right who are obsessed with trump it’s the left. These are all lefty derangement syndrome books that are mostly full of lies, mindreading and assumptions by people who in their warped minds saw trump some kind of cartoon villain rather than the first president in a while who was truly against corruption and fir the people. That’s why the media, establishment politicians, deep state, big tech, big pharma and other corporate corrupt colluded to get him out. They wanted Biden to go back to corruption as usual. It’s not hard to figure out. Just can’t be brainwashed by the mockingbird media apparatus.

  • Leeanne Bishop
    Leeanne Bishop

    Buy them then burn them nothing but lies and fake news

  • Francis Davis
    Francis Davis

    Someone probably said this before: The way to destroy Trump is to STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM. Do that.

  • Liv Free
    Liv Free

    Biden is a geriatric patient enduring elderly abuse by his handlers - let that book come out! And why is Biden always scared he’s going to get in trouble for answering questions from reporters??? Sad.

  • diane ridley
    diane ridley

    See? If people would hust ignore him...

  • Anne Cosgrove
    Anne Cosgrove

    Thanks for the video! Love your stuff! My husband retired from teaching special ed to middle school kids. The only difference between Trump and these kids is not their age, it's the amount of money he supposedly has. He has two things - he can't read, and he has an insatiable desire for attention, good or bad, it doesn't matter which. Even being President was never enough.

  • Kelda Ogg
    Kelda Ogg


  • A Razor Dragged from Wrist to Elbow
    A Razor Dragged from Wrist to Elbow

    Can we just stop talking about him? It's the only way he will disappear.

  • Basil Kearsley
    Basil Kearsley

    So your playing into his hands by talking so much about him

  • Mad Wisdom
    Mad Wisdom

    “Do we love law enforcement or what?” President Donald Trump asked a cheering crowd during his “Make America Great Again” political rally Oct. 12 in Lebanon, Ohio. “Thank you, law enforcement!” the president later told officers, who he called “heroes.” But when Lebanon City Hall sent Trump’s campaign a $16,191 invoice for police and other public safety costs associated with his event, Trump didn’t respond. Trump’s campaign likewise ignored Lebanon officials’ follow-up reminders to cover the sum - one rich enough to fund the entire police force for nearly two days in this modest city of 21,000, between Dayton and Cincinnati. The bill remains unpaid. “There’s a lot of benefit when a president comes here: economic benefits, more visibility for our community,” Lebanon Mayor Amy Brewer said. “But I would hope and believe the Trump campaign would pay its bills. It’s our taxpayer dollars.” The red ink Trump poured on Lebanon’s thin blue line is no anomaly. At least nine other city governments - from Mesa, Arizona, to Erie, Pennsylvania - are still waiting for Trump to pay public safety-related invoices they’ve sent his presidential campaign committee in connection with his political rallies, according to interviews with local officials and municipal records obtained by the Center for Public Integrity. Some invoices are three years old. In all, city governments say Trump’s campaign owes them at least $841,219. vanityfair com/news/2020/06/trump-will-make-rally-goers-promise-not-to-sue-if-they-get-covid-19 cbsnews com/news/trump-rally-waiver-tulsa-ok-coronavirus-wont-sue-covid-19/ Must Trump pay? That depends on who you ask. The cities are adamant Trump should pay up. But in many of these cases, there are no signed contracts between the municipal governments and the Trump campaign. The cities dispatched police officers to secure Trump’s events because they believe public safety required it - and the U.S. Secret Service asked for it. Reached for comment, Trump campaign Director of Operations Sean Dollman referred questions to the campaign’s communications staff, which did not respond to numerous requests. The Fraternal Order of Police, which endorsed Trump in 2016, has no formal position on whether presidential campaigns should pay municipalities’ bills for police protection, said Chuck Canterbury, the organization’s president. “That is the government’s responsibility in each local area,” he said. But presidential candidates should consider paying cities’ police bills even if they don’t believe they are legally required to do so, other police advocates said. “The fiscal impact on local governments, especially during campaign seasons in critical vote states or communities, can be significant,” said Richard Myers, executive director of the Major Cities Chiefs Association and former police chief for several cities, including Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Newport News, Virginia. “When one considers how much money campaigns raise and spend, it does not seem unreasonable to expect some degree of reimbursement for such demands for service.” ‘A CHARACTER INTEGRITY ISSUE’ Five municipal public safety bills - from Green Bay and Eau Claire, Wisconsin; Tucson, Arizona; Burlington, Vermont and Spokane, Washington - date back to 2016, before Trump became president. Other aren’t so bullish. “Let’s be honest, when does Trump ever pay his bills?” Spokane City Councilmember Kate Burke asked - an allusion to Trump’s many unresolved deals and disputes from his decades in business. UPDATE CORONAVIRUS AND INEQUALITY City leaders to Trump: help us fight the coronavirus by paying your bills READ The largest single invoice, $470,417, is also the most recent: it’s from El Paso, Texas, where officials have publicly pilloried the Trump campaign for not covering costs associated with Trump’s Feb. 11 campaign rally near the Mexican border. (Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke conducted a much smaller campaign rally in El Paso the same day and paid his $21,021 police bill on time, KVIA-TV reported in May.) “I’m hopeful they’ll pay. I’m hopeful they’ll do what’s right. People that don’t pay their bills - that’s a character integrity issue,” El Paso Mayor Dee Margo told the Center for Public Integrity. But municipal policies vary. Many of the more than 60 cities Trump visited since his inauguration for Make America Great Again rallies have policies against billing any politician for police costs. Several more cities calculated the cost of providing public safety services for Trump rallies but said they chose not to bill Trump’s campaign. President Donald 'm a nurse and have worked with patients with Dementia and Alzheimer's for 30 years. Joe Biden clearly clearly has some form of Dementia and needs to retire. This rigorous schedule is will ruin him.Municipality Rally date Unpaid bill What government officials say El Paso, Texas Feb. 11, 2019 $470,417.05 “I’m hopeful they’ll pay. I’m hopeful they’ll do what’s right. People that don’t pay their bills - that’s a character integrity issue.” - El Paso Mayor Dee Margo Tucson, Ariz. May 19, 2016 $81,837.00 “In connection with these events, we will always provide the law enforcement and public safety support and response that is necessary to ensure the safety of the public. But [in the future] we intend to use revised agreements that identify certain costs that we expect the campaign to cover.” - Tucson Chief of Staff Lane Mandle Spokane, Wash. May 7, 2016 $65,124.69 “I would expect anyone who is billed for police services to pay their fair share.” - Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart … Police officials are attempting to collect payment from the Trump campaign and “councilmembers have urged them to be proactive in collecting that bill.” - Spokane City Councilmember Breean Beggs … “Let’s be honest, when does Trump ever pay his bills?” - Spokane City Council member Kate Burke Mesa, Ariz. Oct. 19, 2018 $64,467.56 “It is our hope that the organization will do right by the taxpayers of Mesa and provide payment in a timely manner.” - Mesa Deputy City Manager Scott Butler Eau Claire, Wis. Apr. 2, 2016 $47,398.00 Billings, Mont. Sept. 6, 2018 $42,811.00 “The chief of police made an in-person request to Trump’s campaign manager for the Billings office for reimbursement. No payment received and no communication.” - Billings Police Chief Rich St. John Erie, Pa. Oct. 10, 2018 $35,129.27 “We believed that the level of security that was required was costly and that it was reasonable for us to be reimbursed given the fact that it was a campaign rally, and the president was also here conducting a high-end fundraiser.” - Renée M. Lamis, chief of staff for Erie Mayor Joe Schember Lebanon, Ohio Oct. 12, 2018 $16,191.00 “There’s a lot of benefit when a president comes here: economic benefits, more visibility for our community. It’s exciting and great for the community. But I would hope and believe the Trump campaign would pay its bills. It’s our taxpayer dollars.” - Lebanon Mayor Amy Brewer Green Bay, Wis. Aug. 5, 2016 $9,380.00 “We appreciate, and we feel honored, when the candidates come to Green Bay. We are also very appreciative when they honor their debts.” - Celestine Jeffreys, chief of staff for Mayor Jim Schmitt Burlington, Vt. Jan. 7, 2016 $8,464.27 “Mr. Trump’s failure to cooperate with local law enforcement officials and lack of communication with the public and ticketholders put undue strain on the City’s police, and unnecessarily hurt downtown businesses. Paying the invoice remains the right and honorable thing for Mr. Trump to do.” - Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger, in June 2016 Total: $841,219.84 Source: Center for Public Integrity interviews with municipal officials, municipal records and statements

  • Jack Penber
    Jack Penber

    If I remember correctly Donald didn't write that book at all

  • Anne Fitz
    Anne Fitz

    Such a sleaze. Lock him up and his cronies

  • Mystery Meat
    Mystery Meat

    This is why Trumps base goes along with his nonsense even though they know it's not true.

  • Soggy Jungle
    Soggy Jungle

    The pop-ups are becoming to distracting.

  • Greg E
    Greg E

    great video, good points. So now we can stop talking about him and start talking about the litany of problems plaguing the country? I await a video on income inequality...

  • M-Class Designs
    M-Class Designs

    Sit with your uncle Joe! He matters too!

  • Bill McDonald
    Bill McDonald

    Ah, Trump follows Wilde's First Law, to wit: "The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about." He's also the perfect specimen of Wilde's [supposedly, according to Shaw] Third Law: "Your Majesty is like a dose of clap. Before you arrive is pleasure, but after is a pain in the dong."

  • Frank Ellis
    Frank Ellis

    No more Facebook, no more Twitter. Dude is starving for publicity. I hope it blows up in his face 😎

  • drwisdom1

    Former President Trump can't really do anything. He can't do stuff like you and me. He couldn't plant a garden, fill a gas tank and drive somewhere, or go grocery shopping and make dinner. What Trump can do is talk edgy and that makes him interesting and scary. If he was a movie he would get an R rating. And it is a long movie that doesn't end.

  • Karen Janusch
    Karen Janusch

    Oscar Wilde said "The only thing worse than being talked about is Not being talked about." He spent time in prison sadly, for being gay.

  • Roy Dane
    Roy Dane

    The online thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about." Oscar Wilde and Donald J Trump

  • Sunset Rider
    Sunset Rider

    Isn’t Trump able to pay off those hundreds or millions of loans he owes with “political” donations he’s receiving?

  • Odd Jørgensen
    Odd Jørgensen

    hey CNN, it`s time to get rid of this hack Cillizza, his bothsides whataboutist bullshit is not a good look. His latest op-ed blaming Pelosi for the GOPhers bad faith act on the Jan 6 commission was the last straw.

  • Dave Ziegler
    Dave Ziegler

    So why are you still talking about Trumpty-Dumbty?

  • john satterlee
    john satterlee

  • Brian Kin
    Brian Kin

    Trump must be having " withdrawal symptoms " .because he used to purposely give " impromptu "interviews in front of the presidential helicopter with the background noise of the chopper whirring.It probably gave him a rush and sense of " bravado" doing.It happened to often to be " impromptu ".Sadly now for is all " former" glory and importance.

  • fisher king
    fisher king

    Stating the blindingly obvious

  • enjolras76

    trump is merely a megalomaniac narcissist with a God complex - who is DESPERATE for Presidential immunity again.............

  • deathstar71

    If that's the point, why does CNN take the bait and talk about him so much still?

    • Kim Hoffmann Andersen
      Kim Hoffmann Andersen

      He is the leader of the GOP. Insignificant as that party may be, they are still a factor.

  • lykke fund
    lykke fund

    And isn’t it questionable that these authors make their money advertising trump?

  • Joe Mexican
    Joe Mexican

    Wow.. gotta be pretty stupid to buy their crap!

  • Rodney Clements
    Rodney Clements

    the true fact is cnn is not to be trusted, this news crew came from a circle jerk that ended with the wrong intention and this is the result.

    • Kim Hoffmann Andersen
      Kim Hoffmann Andersen

      "the true fact is cnn is not to be trusted". Doesn't really matter since every legitimate news outlet on earth agrees with CNN. That's because the truth is the truth and your feelings or ignorance doesn't change the truth. Ever :)

  • JenJay 016
    JenJay 016

    Then why are we covering him? Why am I watching?😡

  • Jonathan Pritchard
    Jonathan Pritchard

    I'll bet the way these interviews were secured was that they only told him the main titles and not the subtitles of the books.

  • Seth Maki
    Seth Maki

    Then why do all you morons keep talking about the mook? Stop talking about him and watch how fast he fades off into the mist.

  • Mark

    So stop talking about tis pos..and tat is my point.

  • Lex Slate
    Lex Slate

    Agent Orange did not write the Art of the Deal. Someone else wrote it, someone who was trying very hard to make the banal buffoon seem like he had a working thought process beyond chasing shiny objects and bragging nonsensically.

  • Sassy Fighter
    Sassy Fighter

    Trump suffers from LAMS. Look at me syndrome.

  • Bryan Reeme
    Bryan Reeme

    only books with multiple chapters 11s &14s

  • sage flower
    sage flower

    Trump has one of the biggest egos in history.

    • Kim Hoffmann Andersen
      Kim Hoffmann Andersen

      Nah. It's super tiny. Why else would he keep pumping?

  • rocketfighter8

    First impressions really matter. Go back to 2016 and listen to what all the top Republicans were saying about Trump before they became intimidated by his MAGA base. Deep down inside I'm certain their opinion of him has gotten worse the past few years.

  • Fleck Smugbrother
    Fleck Smugbrother

    Trump's spirit animal is a turd...

  • JustWasted3HoursHere

    One of the most revealing things about Trump, to me, was the revelation that he hired an Obama look-alike actor so he could berate and then fire him. And there are photos to back this up. How *_PATHETIC_* do you have to be to A) think of this idea; B) Ask your fixer to set it up for you; C) Actually do it and D) Have pictures taken so you could "relive" it again and again, much like a serial killer will take personal items from their victims so they can fantasize about killing them over and over and over again. Trump is way beyond an attention whore. He is the Narcissist Supreme.

  • B Well
    B Well

    “stable genius”….😂😂

  • Doug Chinn
    Doug Chinn

    Trump's new book...."President Irrelevant"...catchy title

  • Mike Kenney
    Mike Kenney

    This isn’t news. He’s a compulsory narcissist. The media would serve us well by refusing to give him a microphone. It’s all lies, so there is no news, only the appearance of a scoop

  • groverjuicy

    They should publish picture book versions of all these books so Donny can colour them in.

  • Charlie Bozzo
    Charlie Bozzo

    So DON'T spend your money on author's who may share the same greed mentality as a trump?

  • Edward Anthony
    Edward Anthony

    Trump is the ultimate follower, once he knows what his supporters want it becomes his truth. My last uncle surviving was an amazingly horrid man, but even he was nicer than Trump..

  • Kevin Olson
    Kevin Olson

    I see “Trump Won” flags a lot these days. Even he doesn’t really believe he won, so what are these people smoking?

    • lantrick

      I've seen Trump paraphernalia slowly coming down. There was a house near me that built a seemingly "permanent" Trump monument that has recently been taken down. As with all cults, the last remaining zealots will remain faithful for years.

    • Leeanne Bishop
      Leeanne Bishop

      They are smoking Saw dust

  • Dyslexocortext

    Is this a news show for third graders?

  • lloovvaallee

    And yet here you are giving him 5 more minutes of media attention ...

    • rocketfighter8

      @lloovvaallee You both gave up 5 minutes.

    • lloovvaallee

      @rocketfighter8 Yep, but only for 5 minutes ...

    • rocketfighter8

      He got your attention. lol

  • william louie
    william louie

    Trump helped the authors on their books and didn't get any money for his help. He must be mad.

  • J & R Cameron
    J & R Cameron

    Narcissists are terrified of being deemed irrelevant. So... any publicity is better than none at all...

  • Wendy Hardy
    Wendy Hardy

    What about when he told the writer of another book that he knew COVID-19 was deadly and purposely withheld that information from the people

  • john ward
    john ward

    People say he is only motivated by money. I think he is only motivated by ATTENTION!

  • Tamara Payne
    Tamara Payne

    It’s all about getting his name in the news again. And guess, what? It worked!

  • Immanuel Kahn
    Immanuel Kahn

    This guy needs a voice coach. His pitch and timbre are all wrong.