‘Inflation is a real concern’: Bernie Sanders on spending plan

  • Xuan Power
    Xuan Power

    Again truckers get fucked. This plan is forcing truckers to get premium insurance that will cost double what it is now. Another regulation and tax on the already over regulation industry.

  • Ethan Bailey
    Ethan Bailey

    Biden says inflation will be temporary, he never lies, pause, pause, (breaks out with laughter) I'm sorry, I couldn't hold a straight face

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  • Denitza Kehayova
    Denitza Kehayova


  • rayabe

    Inflation will create a bigger divide between rich and poor. Keep spending and keep printing Merica

  • Paul Anthony Frith
    Paul Anthony Frith

    What a complete waste of time interviewing the man who hates America and capitalism. The man who obviously longs for the day that socialism takes over. What he says is of no interest at all!!

  • Garsim mulholland
    Garsim mulholland

    They don’t live in the real world . My gas is up 30% and my food bill is 10-20% more. My wages are static but everyday people come into the garage to offer their services at half my cost. I’m terrified I’ll lose my job but none of these politicians care as long as they make grandiose statements. Please do something for me.

  • richard richardson
    richard richardson

    Bernie Sanders has to be one of the biggest criminals in the Federal Government. That old pathetic weasel deserves life imprisonment.

  • Amos Madar
    Amos Madar

    Biden’s achievement is to make America a backward Third World country

  • Flash Gordon
    Flash Gordon


  • Chris Maker
    Chris Maker

    Wait so everyone wants $15 minimum wage? Everyone works from home? The work force becomes incentively lazy? Holy crap, inFlAtiOn is here?!? Oh my gosh, green new deal is being pushed and makes no sense. Bernie wants this

  • Xa Veere
    Xa Veere

    You are SAVED by BELIEVING in JESUS CHRIST who DIED for ALL sin to SAVE ALL who BELIEVE in HIM. PROMISED ETERNAL LIFE by BELIEVING in HIM. He DID ascend to Heaven on the third day. HE IS at the right hand of God. He is preparing a place for ALL who BELIEVE. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all. Know the truth. Know who IS your Savior. Know that he suffered for ALL. To SAVE ALL. This life is clearly temporary and when you know why then it will confirm the truth even more! SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH. FEAR GOD. NOT MAN. PREACH THE GOSPEL. ITS WHAT JESUS DID! All Glory to God. Look at the world! WATCH 💌

  • Tony Castaneda
    Tony Castaneda

    The inflation started 4 years ago when rich people got TAX Break

  • Faye Manalo
    Faye Manalo

    Good, then US people will have real problem other than their sexual orientation.

  • David

    The one thing Democrats are good for, inflation, high taxes, low paying jobs, crime, despair, depression, and you morons never learn your lesson and keep voting for them

  • בנימין ישראל ציון
    בנימין ישראל ציון

    Tulsi Gabbard should join the Republicans please Bernie Sanders should go to the Green Party

  • Hunter Gameson
    Hunter Gameson


  • Ben Hawkes
    Ben Hawkes

    Rising inflation will make all the welfare increases useless as prices will just cut out any potential benefits. America needs to watch the public purse to keep inflation low

  • Danny Wilcutt
    Danny Wilcutt


  • Danny Wilcutt
    Danny Wilcutt


  • Hugh Tahoob
    Hugh Tahoob

    "Hes just not the same" Yeah heart attacks will do that... 🥺

  • Mark Frey
    Mark Frey

    Cnn asking communists about the economy is hilarious. They wonder why they are fake news.

    • Louie Castle
      Louie Castle

      Go back to Fox News

  • Margaret Matuza
    Margaret Matuza

    No 💩 Bernie

  • Junior-Corrado Soprano
    Junior-Corrado Soprano

    Bernie Sanders trying hard at least. One man's opinion

  • Dylbo Dayz
    Dylbo Dayz

    Bernie is as trustworthy as CNN...Hes not trustworthy at all

  • Richards Family
    Richards Family


  • Pond Walden
    Pond Walden

    Will be paid for by inflating prices

  • Pond Walden
    Pond Walden


  • Christian Haller
    Christian Haller

    So much for joe biden being bipartisan. If they aren’t concerned about getting a single GOP vote

    • בנימין ישראל ציון
      בנימין ישראל ציון

      I hate my new government in Israel

    • Not Human
      Not Human

      So Canada doesn't look so bad, the Bahamas, Australia, Ethiopia. It's time to leave or stay behind.

  • Thomas Haas
    Thomas Haas

    Nobody cares what this persistent reject thinks. Goodbye Bernie.

  • Roberto Davila
    Roberto Davila

    Biden created inflation already by paying people to stay home.

  • jim capone
    jim capone

    America is about to have the biggest economic crash in its history. Biden and the libs are drunk with unearned power and are quickly maxing out the high limit credit cards. The bill is in the mail and when it arrives…look out!

  • Rons Dad
    Rons Dad

    Bernie Sanders concerned about inflation? That's like a person going to McDonalds every day after saying they're concerned about their health...

  • Clare

    The People have let this go on AND progress for way too long. The government has not been held accountable for way too long. The People have forgotten the government works for the people. For too long has it been the other way around. Hard working LEGAL Americans have been used and abused paying the bill for themselves as the governments bills and unproductive Americans to sit at home and do nothing. The goal has been to wear us down. To make it not even worth working anymore.. to get it to actually cost MORE to do the right productive things... to get people to realize they could earn more money by relying on the government more and to throw in the towel and rely on the government for EVERYTHING just to be caught in a trap that you can’t get back out of.

  • Jeffrey David
    Jeffrey David

    Xi jinping is weak and pathetic.

  • Paul Airola
    Paul Airola

    And no mention that printing causes inflation????????????????

  • Pierce Zhang
    Pierce Zhang

    Dumb as always.

  • DeeJay ViVo
    DeeJay ViVo

    The democrat way

  • Tracie Bell
    Tracie Bell

    Its The Democrats Turn They Won Give Them Chance

    • Afi James
      Afi James


  • Some One
    Some One

    DemoKKKrats can't get a damn thing done.

  • Alice Vandyke
    Alice Vandyke

    Biden is a FRAUD! He lost in 2020

    • בנימין ישראל ציון
      בנימין ישראל ציון

      @Tuck Frump Hi from Israel Trump and Netanyahu won! Fuck Bennett and Biden

    • Tuck Frump
      Tuck Frump

      How’s the weather in Moscow troll

  • Boeingfan247

    Yeah that’s all fine and dandy Bernie but guess what? Communism is an even bigger real concern

    • MikePlays

      Capitalism is an even BIGGER concern than Communism. Also, Communism doesn’t exist anymore, you Texan cowboy

    • Kerrie Kupar
      Kerrie Kupar

      Communism is inevitable especially when automation goes full throttle. Capitalism will fly out the window

  • Julian Hernandez
    Julian Hernandez

    Wacko dems

  • Mathias Pedersen Gaming
    Mathias Pedersen Gaming

    I wish Bernie Sanders was President.

  • Kevon Mason
    Kevon Mason

    Arizona Preliminary Senate hearing held 17th July reported the following sample of fraud. 3,981 voters registered after the deadline. 11,326 voters who were not on the voter roles as of November 7th, but mysteriously appeared on the voter rolls between 7th November and 4th December.18,000 voted on election day and were then removed shortly after the election. 74,243 mail-in ballots were cast with no evidence of ever having being sent out by Maricopa County. If Maricopa County did not send these out, who did? Preliminary subtotal of fraudulent votes so far is 107,550 and more to come. The Democrats have been subpoenaed to hand over passwords for the Dominion Voting machines, but still refuse to. Now if there is nothing to hide, why are the Democrats refusing to hand over the passwords etc. The court will eventually deal with these crooked Democrats hopefully. It is evident to me that Democrats are fighting voting integrity because they will never be able to cheat their way into government again.

  • Lord Mask
    Lord Mask

    But anything to get Trump out of office, huh?

  • Henry Benjamin Stoneking
    Henry Benjamin Stoneking

    All of this printing ONLY hurts poor and middle class people. It is an instant tax on poor people which makes Bernie a total scammer (if you did not already know that). The rich never pay taxes and then get access to this “climate change” cash which is all fake and goes straight to their asset sheet. They convert the fiat to real assets. Then the money that is left, which is hardly anything, will trickle to poor and working people. Now the money is already devalued because the rich have invested most of the 4 trillion in their own greed and there is therefore inflation from the increased money supply. I cannot wait for this system to totally crash. Buy Monero and get used to crypto. It is the best coin. Most crypto is worthless as a medium of exchange. Monero is the best and only crypto in the current marketplace; it will be a hedge against inflation and get us used to taking our dollars out of the banks. The banks lend out ten times whatever you have in your account and give you nothing but fees for it. They make 20 percent on the ten times too! Another total scam.


    Trump won you communist liar 😈

    • Tuck Frump
      Tuck Frump

      Biden won you Russian troll🤡

  • Est D
    Est D

    “The inflation that we caused by giving out all of these stimulus checks and by continuing lockdowns is a real concern. Let’s throw more tax payer money at it to see if that works.”

    • Spencer VanOchten
      Spencer VanOchten

      @Elon Musk Far where? in life? because the republicans only care about two things, money and power, they may look like they're proposing shit, but it's only a ploy to look like they're doing things, while denying the facts as "fake news". Why are people so stupid? why can't they see that in front of their faces? why do they continuously deny the facts and look towards a guy who failed in all of his business ventures, a sexual predator with over 26 allegations, a tax evader who doesn't release his returns, and a draft dodger as some kind of "saint come to deliver us from evil", he's a criminal, and I expect people to be like "you know, all of the hundreds of allegations from top employees who've been at the company for many many years and have seen all of it's internal workings like Michael Cohen, may be on to something" and support an investigation. It's funny how the party of "law and order" don't look into credible investigations like the Mueller report, the Kavanaugh hearing, the Two Impeachments, Michael Cohen's testimony or Allen Weisselberg. There might be a discrepancy there.

    • Elon Musk
      Elon Musk

      @Spencer VanOchten 😂 you won’t make it far mate

    • Spencer VanOchten
      Spencer VanOchten

      ​@Margaret Matuza Why? they have nothing to gain and everything to lose. You know who republicans and their major donors are? The capitalists, the 1%, and T̶h̶e̶ ̶P̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶'̶s̶ Trump's Temple. Yes some democrats are rich but they're rich not because of their donors or conspiracies that Hunter Biden is a whatever the fuck they're calling him now. Pelosi married a rich guy, and Joe Biden was flat broke before he started selling books and speaking fees. You know the game they play, you've seen it in 2013, 2014 and 2015, they just say "no" to everything so they have to compromise and make the bills less effective, then when it doesn't work, they use it against them. It worked in 2016 with Obamacare, and it'll work again in 2024 I just know it, because half of my country are idiots. If this country was a one party state with like a thousand AOC's we'd probably double our GPD and make Beijing West look like Michigan Central, damn that was beautiful back in the day, so sad. Also, speaking of the debt, remember when Trump told America to elect him because "we need a this kind of thinking with a country that's 20 trillion in debt", then he added $7.8 trillion because of the tax cuts for himself and the 1%, yeah good times, people still support this guy, very stupid people.

    • Margaret Matuza
      Margaret Matuza

      @Spencer VanOchten that serves a purpose, they'll fritter and waste this money on crap, and you know that!

    • Spencer VanOchten
      Spencer VanOchten

      Yeah that's kind of how the world works, you have to spend money to make money. Why do we have the best military in the world?

  • Rainbows Rock
    Rainbows Rock

    what would bernie say about the first and second bank of the united states? Ive never heard bernie criticize moneylenders ever and yet all these people like him for avoiding the tough issues.

  • Gangster 404
    Gangster 404

    Classic CNN... Some hard hitting questions while our country is being bankrupted by a bunch of idiots spending our money to get themselves re-elected... Wolf, ask crazy uncle burney what flavor ice cream he likes!

  • James Scott
    James Scott

    You can always distinguish a Democratic bill from a republican bill because Democrats have this odd notion that spending should be paid for.

  • Sir. SuperThunderGoodGuy lll
    Sir. SuperThunderGoodGuy lll

    Bernie is a great guy. Wish his polices were passed.

  • Eduardo Saverin
    Eduardo Saverin

    Watching liberals try to argue the horrors of communist cuba are actually capitalisms fault is stunning. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Nubbley

    communist sell out

  • E

    How bout they dig into how senile joe is? Fake news.

  • J Crispy
    J Crispy

    Bernie and Joe don't get it, if you print money and raise taxes we are doomed, economics 101 While many theories abound, the consensus is that stagflation occurs when money supply is expanding while supply is being constrained. For example, if a government prints currency, which would increase the money supply and create inflation, while raising taxes, which would slow economic growth, then the end result would be stagflation.

  • Tonito Rodriguez
    Tonito Rodriguez

    Look how happy they are screwing the American people for generations to come

  • TheMsuroy

    Bernie is one of the greatest senators this country has seen.

  • Niki Saraswati
    Niki Saraswati

    Inflation is systematic for retail and manufacturers to increase their profit, that's what you do in the Market, share prices are inflated.

  • Will Edwards
    Will Edwards

    What we have here is just another push to concentrate the wealth into as few of hands as possible. These ultra rich need to be arrested to stop their influence. They should be investigated and taxed as appropriate. If they haven’t committed crimes let them go, but don’t allow the power networks any more. Make large conglomerations co-ops of smaller privately owned businesses whose economics are controlled by the regional economic conditions as the founder of Capitalism , Adam Smith wrote of when explaining that a strong economy is made up of thousands of smaller stronger economies based on regional parameters. Its kind of like the United States is supposed to be when the G-d Damned N.a. err Republican Fascists aren’t always trying to prevent the government from working in order to create chaos, economic disaster, desperation etc whereupon theses no good lying instigatory traitors… these insurrectionist fascist criminals will swoop in to take over and our freedoms will be hard fought to regain… I wax political We have to return the power to our government and restore the people’s trust in it that tthese A-Holes have done to us since the great fleecing of the Ronald Reagan.Era and subsequent GW Bush/Cheney debacle that gave rise to the American version of Adolf Hitler… Donald J Trump. Our system only works if the citizens have faith in it and the great evil these republican freedom stealers or what ever they want to call themselves are doing every thing they can to destroy that faith…and Putin is footing the bill, just ask Moscow Mitch . Inflation is an artificial control like a in constantly poking minuscule holes in a balloon. Before long, no matter how hard you blow ya just can’t keep the air in it. We have to stop these people, I did not say hurt them, jail them, blah blah blah, but we have to stop the big money people who are actually pulling the strings and put the needle back on the right track

  • Will Edwards
    Will Edwards

    Those of you who claim that capitalism is the unbridled devouring of any asset you can are liars and most of you know you’re lying. Everything needs regulation. Nothing stops on its own until it runs out of fuel. Everything we buy sell do build or tear down has to be regulated to prevent runaway disasters. When they say Adam Smith believed a socio-economic system should be unbridled and unregulated they’re lying. When your regulatory system breaks down you are left with cycles of chaos boom and bust….runaway inflation, and a large transfer of wealth from many to few.

  • Will Edwards
    Will Edwards

    Lol if anyone actually understands economics they know that inflation is an artificial reaction to a flood of currency. It can be legislated to prevent it entirely. NIxon did it. Many Presidents have. You want to stop inflation then stop trying to profit off the new money the middle class and poor have and just let the economy catch up. Once it does see if you need to raise your prices, but inflation is an artificial factor which seriously effects a potential recovery and again its caused by greedy speculators trying to cash in.

  • Sunshine M.
    Sunshine M.



    There does need to be some financial risk that we take in order to mitigate the damage global warming has done as well as the damage related to infrastructure and homes. An increased child tax credit is also needed to help kids. Here’s what we can do to also mitigate inflation. We need to set priorities. -We should privatize air traffic control. Canada and Great Britain have done it with great success. -We should not tax cryptocurrency as much as transactions on Wall Street. The faster people can earn more money, the lower the tax rate will need to be and the lower the spending will be needed for welfare programs in the future. -We should remove all funding to mega farms underneath when it comes to the Department of Agriculture. Enact a law stating that states must allocate more resources to smaller farms if need be. -Cut back on the over $700 billion budget going to the Pentagon. -Improve the standards in public education rather than spending more money. Make the school year longer [11 months] with longer hours [from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM; Monday is a half day that is used for catching up on homework]. Provide more books to read in each classroom. We also cannot pay teachers $90K+ a year. -Cut back on politician and bureaucrat salaries altogether. Cut if from $174,000 to $60,000. Should be enough. -We also need to make a difficult choice. We need to cut off Social Security for seniors who have net savings of $250,000 or more. Focus more of that money to seniors who really need the help. Social Security was supposed to cut back poverty for seniors who were impoverished beforehand. We need to keep it that way. -We also need to make cutbacks to Medicare for seniors with $1 million or more [healthcare often is more expensive, so I provided an extra cushion here], so that seniors who need it can receive some more of those resources. -We must focus more NIH research to vaccines for diseases, rather than treatment. Katie Porter has done a good job calling out drug companies inflating their prices when they don’t need to, but she can go a step further here. Vaccines will prevent Big Pharma from succeeding since they prevent illness from occurring. -Plus, there are still areas of government waste [although whatever you consider waste is still up to you to decide] that can be cut back.

  • S. Byrnes
    S. Byrnes

    I want to see how much bernie’s lake house went up in value since when he bought it to now

  • Roy Galindo
    Roy Galindo


  • Josh Baker Videos
    Josh Baker Videos

    3:04 for Bernie

  • birdseed2473

    Don't forget Bernie Sanders honeymoon was is Russia

  • thatboy dre
    thatboy dre

    The one percent pays 34 percent of taxes. They pay a good amount of our money. Lowering taxes will help put thousands in Americans. This 3.5 trillion dollar deal will give benefits however most people don’t need them. As a result there income will drop but no benefits. They’d probably make more money on less taxes then these benefits being given away

  • thatboy dre
    thatboy dre

    This is still very progressive even if it’s 3.5 trillion

  • thatboy dre
    thatboy dre

    These people passing taxes on anyone making 400,000 even though they make more than that. That makes no sense there not gonna pass bills that take money out of there pockets.

  • thatboy dre
    thatboy dre

    At least I see that at least half of the Democratic Party has sense. Not our politicians though

  • Mcfishy First
    Mcfishy First


  • Logan X10
    Logan X10

    Too bad biden and the rest of the corporate republicans in the democratic party dont care. If they did we would have actual change by now instead of always asking how they will pay for it. Well they give money to corporations all the time and dont ask that question.

  • Aaron Oneal
    Aaron Oneal

    If you are looking for away to help the environment and fight climate change you can use ecosia they are a search engin that plants tress

  • Sandy Muddy
    Sandy Muddy

    30 years of Bernie Sanders talk talk talk, 47 yrs of Biden do nothing career! Where's the SS SSDI & SSI promises ⁉️

  • Adam

    Did they blame Trump yet?

  • Space Coast Aesthetics
    Space Coast Aesthetics

    Ex-Dem here. Join us #WalkAway 21 Congressmen switched to Republican this year; only 4 switched to Democrat

  • Larry

    If inflation gives me more than .0001% on my savings in the bank, I am for it. Very sooner than later this Federal Ponzi scheme is coming to an end. We will get to experience “The Great Depression” our parents experienced. Then to get us out of it, their will be another Major War. Will we be able to limit it to conventional, I don’t think so. Hard to think about it. There are several nations with more than 1B+ people. USA 330M. Said it for years, China was going to be big Kid on block thanks to our greatest conservative Tricky Dick Nixon who gave China most favorite nation trade. On the South side of my life, certainly hope my child and grandchild will come up with better solution than to go to Mars because we have screwed up an earth over greed.

  • diego jones
    diego jones

    and it hasnt been for almost 2 years???? come on bernie stay off the news you hound.

  • Porter Wake
    Porter Wake

    Wow it is as if printing money and giving people "free" stuff doesn't work.

    • Porter Wake
      Porter Wake

      @Somethingwicked1x No it isn't. California is a shit show. Many states are affordable to live in. You can get a job anywhere right now at 19/hr. Taco Bell is hiring at 15/hr in the midwest. Stop being a victim.

    • Somethingwicked1x

      @Porter Wake The truth is the system all rigged by the 1%.If you can't see that you are blind.

    • Anonymous User
      Anonymous User

      @Somethingwicked1x that's your response? expected something more from you. that's the type of response people give when they have nothing to counter. and I don't know what the "Ben Shapiro" part is about. I actually disagree with a lot of his social views.

    • Somethingwicked1x

      @Anonymous User Yeah but only the rich are getting richer.

    • Somethingwicked1x

      @Porter Wake It's happening in every state. I just used CA as example. People can't afford rent before wages are too low.

  • J Bryant
    J Bryant

    Really looking forward to 2022 and 2024 elections. Get these radical leftists off tv and back to obscurity.

    • Afi James
      Afi James

      If HR1 Doesn't pass.

  • capn billys
    capn billys

    Trump won

  • capn billys
    capn billys

    Trump won

  • ron g
    ron g


  • Barry J. Vance
    Barry J. Vance

    WHy is it that when the Dems take control the gas prices go up?

    • Afi James
      Afi James

      @Jason Lian and every single president since JFK got killed has been a joke.

    • Jason Lian
      Jason Lian

      Did you miss the bushes and Reagan? Every president since the 1980’s has increased the debt

  • Taube Victor
    Taube Victor

    " he says it a real concern " And yet legislating 3.5 trillions dollars

  • Sven Honkomp
    Sven Honkomp

    of course it will END very Badly to Spend more and more Trillions there and more Trillions there.......what are the Democrats thinking will happen with the $ and the Prices.there will be a soon a time when its out of Control.My Grandfather told me about the Hyperinflation in Germany in the 20s and i believe the same can happen in the US very soon.Spending more and more will lead to Disgusting problems, excepessialy for the lower Classes and will get unrest over the complette US,as Prices will go to the Moon you cant Print more and more$ or your Country will get Destroyed.But thats what the US is doing and the Democrats even make it much faster with there Spending all over the Place.

    • Afi James
      Afi James

      Thank you.

  • 13 13
    13 13

    Cuba? CNN sucks

  • Time ForChange
    Time ForChange

    Respect is erned Bernie. I was a lifelong Democrat. This lost ny respect I had for Democrats. Proven liars. PROMISES NEED TO BE KEPT, NOT USED TO HOLD POWER.

  • Time ForChange
    Time ForChange

    People who only have disability must continue to beg for. food. They threw us under the bus wheel. Neglecting the most in trouble. They made promise for reforming SSI/SSDI. WHEN? DO WHEELCHAIR CHAIR DISABLED HAVE TO BE HOMELESS?

  • Afi James
    Afi James

    and your democrats are making the plan even worse.


    Quick. We had better keep printing trillions of fuckin dollars. Idiots.

  • WWLaidback

    How's that cuban utopia going there, Mr. Bernie?

  • Andrew Emerson
    Andrew Emerson

    well. as inflation is the result of capital outstripping actual economic capacity. so in real economic terms, if new money is spent on increasing material and human capacity, then taxed back out, then capacity goes up without much in terms of excess money supply. the inflation we have now is mostly due to the stock market and other forms of disconnected capital rebounding faster than the real economy. something that happens every single time there is a quick downturn followed by a quick upturn

  • Fanomajohn

    Democrats Are Attempting To Stop The Influx Of Information Shared Between People, There Going After Emails, Texts & Monitoring Phone Calls. There Wanting To Divide The United States Even Further So They Can Target There Political Rivals & Commit Genocide & They Want To Be Praised For It & They Want To Set The Narrative For It, Joe Biden Already Has, They Want Complete Control Over Not Only The United States & It’s People, But The UN, This Is About Global Dominance, This About Being The Country With The Bigger Stick. Then When Republicans Are Gone, And It’s Just The Liberals, You’ll All Be Next, A Helpless Pawn In A Game You Don’t Understand! 💯

  • David Madison
    David Madison

    Terrible title! Corporate News Network is at it again!

  • Martenson Lee
    Martenson Lee

    Inflation is allreddy here ! It's a huge, huge problem.... Watch in the end the poor will be poorer. It never works because Dems are greedy....

  • Garrett Lockley
    Garrett Lockley

    Democrats...or should I say Socialist which leads to Communists have screwed the pooch. Don't go believing the BS Xoe Biden's Commie Admin lies to you about US inflation, it's at 20-25%, do the research. The good news is that Arizona Senators are calling for Biden electors to be recalled for a new election based on the massive fraud found in the 2020 US Presidential Election audit. President Trump won the state by over, get this....1,000,000 votes. Yes Commies that is one million.

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