South African cities left gutted by unprecedented looting and violence

  • The Pilgrim
    The Pilgrim

    I’m surprised CNN didn’t blame it on Whitey

  • Bassey David
    Bassey David

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  • Cat Kingradio883
    Cat Kingradio883

    Bring back apartide

  • Bob by
    Bob by

    Hashtag peaceful protest

  • OKbroWeGetIt

    People actually protest true oppression and take goods that have basically been barred off from them, and CNN condemns them for it. But is ok with a bunch of rowdy college kids doing the same

  • Lihle Sitwayi
    Lihle Sitwayi

    72 people dead u r lying the 🇿🇦 government said 19 not 72😂

  • Kobus Mulder
    Kobus Mulder

    6 million in South Africa. Got mine yesterday.

  • Kobus Mulder
    Kobus Mulder

    With apatheith USA and the world saw everything. What are you looking at?

  • Kobus Mulder
    Kobus Mulder

    Hay. Buddy old pell. Do you know that it has been almost 32 years living like this Piell.

  • Kobus Mulder
    Kobus Mulder

    And the USA ar now seeing.

  • Binte_Aadiel moosagie
    Binte_Aadiel moosagie

    How could CNN Only reports about South Africa when something bad happens That's not alright Why does the Western media only report about South Africa when unrest happens

  • Craft Paint
    Craft Paint

    Mandela wasn't an equalizer and his supporters used as much terror as any opposition you can name. What is happening isn't about colours it's politics🤦🇺🇲🛠️🇷🇺

  • Ronnie

    LoL this was the only Thing You reported from SA?

  • Bheki Mkhize
    Bheki Mkhize

    What are you talking about? We are all corrupt here in South Africa including the Current President

  • KoalaFication

    Only if "peaceful protester" head to the wealthy areas like JP Morgan with 675 million oz of Silver or others big bankers but no they go for small business owners only

  • Cogito Ergo
    Cogito Ergo

    This is a direct foreseeable result of white liberals, including a whole lot of cognitively undeveloped college students, who simply cannot grasp “cause and effect” (like we now see on our own borders), who decided that “racial equality” in South Africa required stripping farms and businesses from white owners and giving them to blacks, who did not have the training necessary to successfully run them (apartheid). The result was starvation, rioting, and an imploding economy, which ushered in a corrupt government. Oh well, the white American liberals can drive to the country club in their range rovers and discuss how this is “someone else’s” fault while they themselves enjoy a nice lunch and consider the next “social justice” cause they can meddle in, solely to convince themselves that they really aren’t as vapid and self-absorbed as they know themselves to actually be.

  • Ncedo Qhelile
    Ncedo Qhelile

    Im in South Africa and i live in a province where there were no protests and there are 9 provinces in SA. The protests actually happened in 2 major provinces, Johannesburg(JHB) and Kwazulu Natal(KZN). So like the rest of the world, i saw these protests on TV. I truly believe that these protests were carefully orchestrated by intelligence agencies for 3 main reasons, 1, destroy small businesses, 2, deploying the military and 3, to instill fear across the globe by sggesting that this sort of anarchy may be coming to your city if you do not give your govts complete control... The 4 week hard-lockdown in SA was also a catalyst...

  • Johnson M
    Johnson M

    The looting is long over due, This should be happening every two years Only in South Africa. South Africa Alone. (XENOPHOBIA PLUS)

  • Ray S
    Ray S

    Why CNN said same looting and Violence in USA was peaceful but in South Africa not :):)

  • Kharimi Nougat
    Kharimi Nougat

    Why isn't this on CNN's website?

  • Ruben Velez
    Ruben Velez

    CNN "Fiery but mostly peaceful DESTRUCTION."

  • JEFF


  • Goatface6

    CRT in action.

  • Goatface6

    Critical Race Theory applied for 10 years. Remember that.

  • Ebros

    Looks “mostly peaceful” by CNN standards.

  • Luke Wilson
    Luke Wilson

    cnn stands for creapppy news network does it not? NOW its looting? bring george w bush back and send ilhan omar and cori bush to the sun

  • Patrick Mcdonough
    Patrick Mcdonough

    Well they killed the farmers a few years back. You can't do that type of thing without the chickens coming home to roost.

  • friendofcoal

    Looks like a democrat controlled city in the US after their antifa & blm groupshad their peaceful protests....!

  • RetroHabit82

    Wait.....CNN using the word"Looters"!!!!!

  • Son of Sith
    Son of Sith

    Lol. Now CNN calls it rioting and looting? Fake news Channel with a personal agenda!

  • Ash Dav99
    Ash Dav99

    This is the most disingenuous reporting I have ever heard. Using SA crisis to weave COVID and Jan. 6th in there.....American narcissism at it's FINEST. US media is gross and disgusting...they can't be called journalism because they are nothing more than state sponsored propaganda. They never let a good crisis go to waste, always using it to craft a narrative. Media are sick!

  • Cindy Stevens
    Cindy Stevens

    Could help but noticed that You said it evolved to the issue of inequality in South Africa 🇿🇦 International cabal agenda. Ramaphosa sold South africa to the globalists. Covid19 was the handshake to the deal through the WHO.

  • koplup

    I read the headline and I immediately knew "covid" would be mentioned multiple times

  • ren3711

    Where are the Black CNN commentators?

  • Xa Veere
    Xa Veere

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  • maximumjesus

    My mom says there's a lot of black people in Africa

  • maximumjesus

    so CNN actually DOES understand what the word "looting" means

  • Cardinal Black
    Cardinal Black

    The way you are waxing lyrical about thugs looting - economic apartheid you call it - as if you are an authority on how much poverty we here in sub-Sahara Africa have to live with everyday. Stop defending thugs because South Africa is only one of the fifty screw-it African countries whose citizens in some over half, live in extreme poverty and aren't going about trashing their homes. Reminds me of how you media justified those violent George Floyd riots and lootings. You do realize you are only BSing yourselves, right? It can work for your American "liberals," but for us common Africans living here everyday, please...You are a joke.

  • Foardhook

    Wow it sounds like I'm going to get the Covid because I sure as hell won't take the vax. I'll take my chances.

  • Dahly Lama
    Dahly Lama

    Did they just get this guy off the streets and ask him to talk about something he doesn’t know anything about? This is the most illogical thing he said at 5:04, and he spouted a lot of liberal nonsense.

  • Dmitrijs Savvins
    Dmitrijs Savvins

    Looting ? - i see peaceful protests - summer of love

  • Luke Davis
    Luke Davis

    Welcome to bidens New America... 🧐🤔🧐

  • Sung Jin-Woo
    Sung Jin-Woo

    CNN Reporting American news: Blah blah blah PEACEFUL PROTEST blah blah blah ORANGE MAN BAD man bad blah WHITE MAN ALSO BAD blah blah blah RACE CARD THIS blah blah RACE BAIT THAT blah blah. CNN Reporting south Africa news: unprecedented looting and violence... Also CNN: What do you mean we're hypocrites!?

  • TheDtfamu89

    I think the international corporations are angry that their stores were looted…

  • Smokey Bear
    Smokey Bear

    "we must protect the women and children!" CNN: showing clip of women and children looting.

  • Laura Almeida
    Laura Almeida

    im sure this is revenge for george floyd. they are right to be angry right CNN

  • teehbobbbbyyy

    Looks like a peaceful protest to me

  • Frothy Beaver
    Frothy Beaver

    Mostly peaceful protests

  • drunkenlizard38

    Ya, CNN is really trust worthy...much like a hungry badger is.

  • Dee Bee
    Dee Bee

    The wokester media is trying reeeeeeeally hard to ignore South Africa right now.

  • _ Diceman _
    _ Diceman _

    5 mil too many vaccines were given, take care of your own country first, then help others. Typical Lib CNN bull crap. If those Africans don't like it, maybe move to a better country because life isn't fair and governments should be selfish for their own people. Why is the precedent on the US to always be the one to reach out and help the most? other 1st world countries are also ignoring other countries, but the US gets flack because they did something but it was "TOO LITTLE". Pick a lane CNN, if you want to complain, how about 90% of Europe hasn't even given a single dose of vaccine away? No, let's bitch about the US for ACTUALLY doing something while everyone else doesn't. lousy reporting by a biased and trash news organization

  • xCharlesBronsonx

    These must be those peaceful protests we've been hearing so much about

  • dan lucky
    dan lucky

    We need more looting in the USA - Keep voting Democrat


    It's the true colours of people comming out. Nobody forced them to go loot. It's people with matric and varsity that did it fully Conscious.

  • Seekingbuddah

    It must be fault of critical race theory

  • afwdawd awdwadw
    afwdawd awdwadw

    by CNN definintion this is just a protest.

  • Snozco Cram
    Snozco Cram

    When Trump is jailed this will happen in the U.S.

    • Todd

      Trump is a has been. His simpleton followers are slowly realizing they were duped and will slowly fade away from him.

  • sonofsarek

    This news is way TOO SANITIZED. The censorship is unreal. Show the looting, the violence, the deaths. That is the news. Not some bloke’s opinion.

  • Malcom Rengasamy
    Malcom Rengasamy

    Every time he says Ramafosa I die a bit inside. First Gwanteng now this. Aye.

  • Sandy Allen
    Sandy Allen

    Dumb people are just hurting themselves. Many of these stores will not open back up. SMH

  • Kaliss

    By the way these peoples ancestors were never slaves.

  • George Abraham
    George Abraham

    So the Angel looked at the people who Abraham has spared and said.. Look at these large vaults of gold, The people of goverment and regulation had made sure that each bullion has a roof over its head... And these barrels of inks from printing houses thats mere Mica... I shall toss it in the ocean and scatter it in the air... and the ground will swallow up these vaults instead.. and if the hoards jump in like at a funeral I will close it up quickly... Masallah Allah!

  • Privacy Matters
    Privacy Matters

    Same people, different country 🤔🤔

  • America First Patriot
    America First Patriot

    The first country built on Critical Race theory implodes!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Peaceful protests

  • Cats Don't Love Me
    Cats Don't Love Me

    Waiting for Psaki to insist these are 'Mostly Peaceful Protests' and that the real problem is all of the White Supremacists.. nothing to see here folks. Take a good look folks, this is coming to the U.S. If you want the real scoop, check out channel SERPENTZA

  • African Starship
    African Starship

    If you don't like the looting then go back to America, Europe and India !

  • Chandru Narayan
    Chandru Narayan

    To rebuild it will take capital, investment in security, ability for investors to get their return on investment and some semblance for law and order. The city is destroyed beyond repairs, sorry for everyone who lost something. As soon as looting started they should have deployed some honest cops and military, you cannot be soft on crime, criminals and tribes that loot and kill.

  • Tamare' Neteru
    Tamare' Neteru

    ANY body that's NOT A MELANATED AFRICAN, should leave!!! Or risk getting hurt!!!!

  • Tamare' Neteru
    Tamare' Neteru


  • Kondo Abdou
    Kondo Abdou

    Mandela idea is worse for south African black youth because 70 % of South Africa resources was handled by the minority wich was 20 % of the country so most of the black people are suffering in south Africa so stop that no sense you are saying, where is the justice here Ramaphosa is nothing in South Africa. Am not south African and south Africa belongs to Africa and am African pool stop. So much injustice and corruption are taking place in many countries in Africa and Today, African youth know the reality of what is going on, the elderly people have lied so much to youth black Africans, no one trust no one again, because we are at the point where African youth can no longer accept lies to anyone enough is enough. Politicians are lying to manipulate people and now it nearly the end of that stupidness.

  • Tom and Veronica Boyd
    Tom and Veronica Boyd

    Yet unprecedented looting & violence by BLM are called "peaceful" by CNN. LMAO!

    • Delta Lima
      Delta Lima

      Because out of 1,500+ protests last year, only 300 of them had violence, and out of that 300 only 20 of them reached a similar level to this... you actual brainlet

  • Legal Fiction Natural Fact
    Legal Fiction Natural Fact

    may swaths of troops be neutralized. :)

  • Legal Fiction Natural Fact
    Legal Fiction Natural Fact

    "violence wah wah..." yeah, wtf ya think happens when the ruling class keeps us under their boots with THEIR violence for so long?

  • AppropriateAdam

    Coming to America SOON...

  • Robby Patterson
    Robby Patterson

    Them businesses should never go back....let them starve...the same for the US west coast

  • Mr. V
    Mr. V

    So is BLM getting on planes to help out their fellow man.

    • Mr. V
      Mr. V

      @Delta Lima deepest apologies it was fellow man I was suppose to write down.

    • Delta Lima
      Delta Lima

      These people aren't African Americans...

  • Doug Nineteenfortythree
    Doug Nineteenfortythree

    This shows America its future, given more hollowing-out of the police and military, once we have a really severe economic crisis. Right now, everyone who can understand this needs to start preparing a defense. A good place to start is to get the two-volume Civil Defense Manual (At, written by people who know what they're talking about. That, and an AR15, are the first steps towards preventing your neighborhood from becoming like South Africa.

  • locksmithmuggle

    These were peaceful protests. How dare CNN insinuate otherwise.

    • xHuntedGunzPCGx

      CNN literally was live as they had protestors/rioters at one of their headquarters. Are you that dense?

    • Wiscolivin

      @Delta Lima Ha

    • philsipad

      Mostly peaceful. And looting is just reparation. CNN now peddling disinformation to sell views.

    • Delta Lima
      Delta Lima

      This is nothing like the 2020 rioting...

  • Rubber Duck
    Rubber Duck

    Unexpected? This have been coming for years now. The only reason they call it unexpected is because the media have been supressing all reports

  • Reminder

    And there isn't a single word about the Afrikaners or the farm crisis, just "COVID STILL SCARY" when this crisis has been brewing for 3 years.

  • Mistress Mary
    Mistress Mary

    this is what you get for attacking all the white farmers

  • Mistress Mary
    Mistress Mary

    open fire on the rioters, we need to do that in america as well

    • Cats Don't Love Me
      Cats Don't Love Me

      Nothing short of a Whiff of Grapeshot will deter a rampaging mob.

    • Nate Love
      Nate Love

      You fire the first bullet

  • Jambo Cochelli
    Jambo Cochelli

    Looting? Oh, you mean peacefully protesting?

  • Snoop Eastwood
    Snoop Eastwood

    Trash news

  • Nobody Noone
    Nobody Noone

    I wonder what companies interested in investing or opening businesses in SA are thinking?

  • Nobody Noone
    Nobody Noone

    This can happen anywhere if you let it.

  • the magic chanch shell
    the magic chanch shell

    So sad to see SA get democrated

  • Tomi Connelly
    Tomi Connelly

    That's what BLM wants to do to America.

    • Delta Lima
      Delta Lima

      Yes, you definitely know the culture of BLM, such an expert...

  • Ronnie Spiler
    Ronnie Spiler


  • Ndabenhle Gogo
    Ndabenhle Gogo

    Remember January 6 there was no looting.... Black lives matter protest alot of looting and crime that were we at in South Africa... CNN always lieing... I'm in south Africa and live in kzn some of the people around me have new phones and new laptops because of all what happening....even the spar that in my area have been looted

  • Ndabenhle Gogo
    Ndabenhle Gogo

    It the woke influence of American politics that killing our country to "looting" like the black lives matter protest

  • American Journeyman
    American Journeyman

    This is what CNN has been supporting in the USA.

  • Ed

    That looks like Los Angeles last year.

  • George Price
    George Price

    I do agree with this gentleman about the new South African leader he's a good man and not a corrupt piece of crap like the ex president of South Africa Zuma Zuma and the Biden family they have a lot in common

  • George Price
    George Price

    Oh my god did he just refer this to the January 6th Capitol Hill riot I'm not surprised CNN when Trump made enemies with CNN that was the worst thing he could have did you should have just stayed cool with them spoke with them and answered your questions and a silver way without going on a tyrant and accusations same thing with the FBI what we need are moderates in this country as elected officials and I mean middle of the road moderates this far left and far Right does not work anymore this one president walking into a place another corrupt president just isn't going to work I believe Rand Paul would be an excellent president and Ben Carson would be another excellent vice president they have good histories reputations and careers it speaks for everything check it out

  • George Price
    George Price

    Corruption and poor leadership political decisions led to this and it's going to get worse all over the world now South Africa we'll have to seek help from around the world they just about destroyed their infrastructure when the remaining Farmers leave that's when it's really going to hit the fanI truly fear this is going to be something we're going to see a lot more of all around the world if people start losing all discipline the police will be forced to start shooting to kill them this is what it will look like in the United States when the recession turns to depression which I predict by Christmas

  • Freedom

    Capitalist Democrats businesses should be looted.

  • Freedom

    America needs it more such aswell. Whole Nation is taken over by handful of Democrat billionaires who control USA mainstream media,Twitter and social media.

  • leon hue
    leon hue

    It's time for the private sector to shadow manage the Country alongside the ANC as they're the ANC are not suitable qualified on many levels to govern.