Trump ally arrested and charged with illegal foreign lobbying

  • Irving Peenwiddle
    Irving Peenwiddle

    OH! OH! Now do Hunter Biden!

  • Alfonso Bernal Jimenez 7
    Alfonso Bernal Jimenez 7 🇺🇲🇨🇺🇺🇲 please put the subtitles in English. We are Patriots, and the Globalists, they want this for the United States, for their world government

  • Ves†a_J

    here it is ladies and gents, can you smell the stench?? Its the Anti-Trump Anti-American circle jerkers 🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • Joshua Rizo-Patron
    Joshua Rizo-Patron

    This means hunter biden should have been arrested a while ago….

  • thebuilder86


  • Entao Lu
    Entao Lu

    ~@!#~%$@#%$@#~@#American virus/American flu Coronavirus originated in the United States. Two virus leaks occurred at the U.S. Virus Laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland, U.S. in 2019.On October 18, 2019, the 7th Military World Games was held in Wuhan china. American soldiers brought the coronavirus to Wuhan. the United States virus infected the world.Americans are trying to hide the truth The flu comes from the U.S., Covid-19 come from the United States.

  • lily boone
    lily boone

    I'm so mad more people aren't talking about this! It's a big deal!

  • De Mans
    De Mans

    Trump "The only Barrack i know is Obama"

  • Philip Mann
    Philip Mann

    Yep President Donald Trump still front and centre. What does this tell you. Out of curiosity, how is your country going? Gee i feel sorry for you. cnn look so lost.

  • Philip Mann
    Philip Mann

    Bla bla bla bla bla. I thought trump lost the election. Isnt Joe Biden

  • Nwanna Mbanefo
    Nwanna Mbanefo

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  • subtle Meditation
    subtle Meditation

    Alas America you became as a laughing-stock of even the tiniest and the weakest country during Trump era! UAE can't protect its butt from its enemies but it can control the head of America!

  • tom gielner
    tom gielner

    Kinda funny how the Democrats break laws out in the open and no one is held accountable. It’s to the point that I don’t believe a word that comes out of their mouths. This administration needs to be removed as soon as yesterday. Oh by the way CNN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tricky Dicky Ball
    Tricky Dicky Ball


  • Tricky Dicky Ball
    Tricky Dicky Ball


  • Paweł Zieliński
    Paweł Zieliński

    Greetings from Poland to USA:

  • D B
    D B

    C'mon Can't people see how a deranged professional backstabbing liar TRUMP is Funny how he repeats himself " and he's a great guy, he's a great guy" next week he doesn't know him.

  • Sosume 1
    Sosume 1

    CNN is so full of bios against real Americans. Journalism is dead. CNN is political activism against mainstream America.

  • Anne-Marie Parker
    Anne-Marie Parker

    When Trump put his foot in THE WHITE HOUSE ... AMERICA BECOME CHAOS WITH CORRUPTION AND LIES AT ITS CORE..... TRUMP CON MAN GREEDY AND HUNDRY FOR MONEY ...with Trump its never about America citizen....

  • Nodens Bertilak
    Nodens Bertilak

    Another traitor in the GOP

  • Michsel Katok
    Michsel Katok

    “Illegal” in CNN vocabulary means anti communist. Perverted people.

  • Michsel Katok
    Michsel Katok

    CNN IS AN ENEMY OF EVERYTHING HUMAN, but has no ability to understand it!!! Perverted Mentaly…

  • MoonGlow

    FREE Bidens prisoners from Jan 6th. Unconstitutional Imprisonment by dictator JOE

  • J S
    J S

    So he is charged with saying words without registering to say words? I'm sorry, I thought this was America. WTH is this BS?

  • Eduardo Hadley
    Eduardo Hadley

    I got the first notice I open the mail after I found out that they did not allow my donation to go through the mail correctly I did donate $5 what I don't understand is they received money but didn't allow you to receive my mail letter back from my understanding from your letter I received in return for not receiving anything back from me?..

  • Alan Hawk
    Alan Hawk

    The entire Trump-Kushner family is an organized crime family running a foreign crime syndicate for Putin.

  • Barry J. Vance
    Barry J. Vance

    Filing not guilty Good luck DAs

  • be yourself brave
    be yourself brave

    To me looks like FBI takes down 1 by 1 . Just waiting for the day when Donald Trump turn will come !!! Bring it on baby , bring it on ! 👏👏👏

  • Carlos Rivas
    Carlos Rivas

    Trump 2024

  • Stan Fleming
    Stan Fleming

    This is bullshit just like all the others. How can you believe anything the FBI says right now after RussiaGate and all the other failed Trump attacks perpetrated by Pelosi and Clinton. It's sickening.

  • Life Life
    Life Life

    Not sure why folks sent emails about shady deals 😂 😂 😂.....

  • EM Lut
    EM Lut

    If you sifting through fake news CNN here is some truth about Dems and their hypocrisy!

  • bob Bob
    bob Bob

    "Only the best people"🙄

  • Simon Plant Patton Documentaries
    Simon Plant Patton Documentaries

    President Donald Trump knocked out of the Park. A New Road for President Donald Trump .

  • Simon Plant Patton Documentaries
    Simon Plant Patton Documentaries

    A New Road and a Brighter Future for the Republican Party in 2022.

  • Simon Plant Patton Documentaries
    Simon Plant Patton Documentaries

    You have Won President Donald Trump.

  • Simon Plant Patton Documentaries
    Simon Plant Patton Documentaries

    President Donald Trump You have Won ...

  • Simon Plant Patton Documentaries
    Simon Plant Patton Documentaries

    You have Won President Donald Trump.

  • Simon Plant Patton Documentaries
    Simon Plant Patton Documentaries

    You have Won President Donald Trump in 2022

  • Simon Plant Patton Documentaries
    Simon Plant Patton Documentaries

    You have Won President Donald Trump

  • Simon Plant Patton Documentaries
    Simon Plant Patton Documentaries

    You have Won President Donald Trump.

  • Simon Plant Patton Documentaries
    Simon Plant Patton Documentaries

    You have Won President Donald Trump in 2024.

  • Simon Plant Patton Documentaries
    Simon Plant Patton Documentaries

    You have Won President Donald Trump.

  • Simon Plant Patton Documentaries
    Simon Plant Patton Documentaries

    You have Won in 2024 President Donald Trump.

  • Simon Plant Patton Documentaries
    Simon Plant Patton Documentaries

    You have 2024 President Donald Trump.

  • Simon Plant Patton Documentaries
    Simon Plant Patton Documentaries

    You have won President Donald Trump.

  • TheGothicdolphin

    Bail hearing??? He's a billionaire! What amount can he not make? Barrack, knowing he was to be indicted, had over a year to liquidate assets and stash money in the countries - for which he was 'spying' on the United States (i.e. U.A.E.) Coincidentally, the U.A.E. does NOT have an extradition treaty with the U.S.! Some Judge is going to fudge this case (just like other judges have failed to 'sufficiently' sentence Capital Hill insurrectionists) and wave bye bye as Barrack's personal jet flies off to the U.A.E.

  • timber_beast

    FOX NEWS all excited reporting that Barrack has been arrested LOL, wrong Barrack.

  • Naruto lover
    Naruto lover

    All you that say great some real Newsnot CNN...they don't tell you the whole truth...or just Google it....proof of election fraud...and if you voted for Biden..your a idiot..just look at what he is doing.....nothing good for us....

  • raymondwise

    Look at the border

  • HRH TreeofLife
    HRH TreeofLife


  • Double Dee
    Double Dee

    Never seen him before. Sorry to that man..

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    Looks like another red flag on that peace in the middle east arms deal Shocking

  • President Camacho
    President Camacho

    down with the trump crime syndicate!!!

  • james staggs
    james staggs

    Breaking News! Man that had lunch with Trump's third cousin could possibly be brought up on charges he double parked in front of the White House last week! When will the attack on our nation's capitol stop? The insurrection continues!

  • Howard Hawley
    Howard Hawley

    One step closer to trump being arrested

  • claude bujold
    claude bujold

    like the republicans are saying..traitors should be executed...

  • marc santy
    marc santy

    heeee hop 1 more coming close too trump

  • Dorothy Nelson
    Dorothy Nelson

    Call it what it's "Spy".

  • policy wonk
    policy wonk

    At this rate, Trump's dead parents will be indited for crimes against America

  • Cesar Cataldi
    Cesar Cataldi

    “He's saying he's fed up with seeing the bad guy, the current US president , Joe Biden ,strive to step out of his one light !!What a lie! The effort he makes, Donaldi , he makes ,all the time, insisting on these and other lies and before it was talking bad about Obama !! " They invaded ,The Capitol, to look for papers that could incriminate the President - Elect , Joe Biden , using for that an apparent confusion of dissatisfied !! Donaldi , really wanted to find something to prove his delusions of power !! " Donaldi , he is a master at reversing all situations , everything he says reverses the responsibility he has into others ,or imposes on others what he wants to hide and what he himself believes not to be seen as he really is and thinks !! - The Trump Taj Mahal is closing: did it make Atlantic City great? | Make the USA a Taj Mahal $$ ? OH! Yes , money fell from the sky to him , so easy !! Is that the reason for insisting that it can be political and with that speech destroy the country for its own gain $$ ? Dishonest? ----------------------- US Election 2016 -----------------------------------------------------What's the problem anyway, isn't it true?! Who pays is yourself! --------------------------------------------------------------------"Sorry, but all of this, coming from Donald, is very easy to understand!! What he wants is money $$ sent to him to save the USA, an amount that will be around ten to fifty billion US dollars!!Money to buy the American legal system and turn everything into irreparable chaos!!And that is all he has learned to do in his life and in his super limited view of the world around him!! Horrible. I'm sorry for all of you there in the USA!!"We will all accept Miss Kayleigh McEnany's invitation! Yes, we will enter the Republican Disneyland!! A Disneyland that lacks grace and surprises and cannot really bring anything interesting or really NEW to our lives !!Let's imagine the hundreds of voting ballots found in a river, unidentified, ones that had the name of Trump written on them, a name that is even stamped on ice cubes in the real world. Let's be curious. Had it been charged on Miss Kayleigh McEnany, we should at least be curious to know, like a Journalist who asked her where the river was at all, and was obviously left unanswered !! Take a look at the curiosity of this story: weren't voting ballots put there by the Republicans? Were they not manufactured somewhere, printed in a garage, with the name of Trump, for his own benefit? How were the ice cubes with the Trump name stamped ? To put them in the polls before they were opened to be counted ? ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------And because they didn't have the opportunity to use them for that purpose, the Republicans threw them into a river no one knows where it is and no one knows its name? Or it would be, as he appeared in a short video, with an Hindu in a small car full of voting ballots for the Democrat candidates Biden and Kamala, explaining in typical Donald language that he would take all those votes for the Democrats into the electoral urns because they had been paid for that purpose, and he did it for money because money dominates the world and so he did it under Democrats order to cheat the elections!! A story obviously put there, in that car with a Hindu, full of electoral ballots, put there by the Republicans, who, even before the elections, had already built this tale of fraud, trying to make believe that they were being passed over!! We must not forget that this fellow, Donald, threatened a journalist who published in a newspaper that the Casino he had built would go bankrupt and was right by the accounts he had made! Donald's threats to him were fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars $$ and the end of this journalist's wallet! It seems strange that this defamation of the whole country caused by Donald has not yet had serious consequences! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So we are going to Republican Disneyland creating a story that turned back at them, after all, how could they have beaten Hillary Clinton in 2016? How was it possible? That was not possible! How could they have won without fraud?! How can a guy who doesn't know how to do anything but mess up have won?! Without having defrauded?! "Doesn't it seem childish to think that in a fraudulent election, only Democrats defrauded? Look, if the Democrats had used the Internet through the WhatsApp to modify the Results of the Election, why wouldn't the Republicans?! It's a childish opinion, isn't it? Very comic and very stupid! "He must have a very good advertising team that manages, based on the mentality of the US citizens, to stop criticism in their minds and open without thinking about everything that will be induced there! To brainwash unprepared minds! And that is what he has done with whoever calls it stupid! Be careful! In fact, it's not hard to see that he's manipulating, such a good psychopath $$ he is! ------------- "He, Donald, insists on this and other lies because he was educated by his father that $$ money buys 90% of the people and knows that in this game there are billions of US dollars $$ and that judges, together with the oil billionaires in Texas, may join him, because he is desperate for the billions $$ and he is willing to do anything he can, even if it is necessary to destroy the the American Democracy for his own benefit and at the expense of others!! This Giuliani looks like a child who puts his hand in front of his eyes and thinks that no one else sees him!! Sorry ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"I think I know the truth equally and that truth is unique. Giulliani has already received to claim donations that reach 170 million dollars $$ to continue with this Circus show of clowns!! 170 million dollars $$ in just a few weeks of work! WOW!! It is not for nothing that he and Donald, hallucinated by $$ money, are laughing at the face of their followers and are now owners of 170 million US dollars $$, tax free, for lying for just a few weeks!! WOW!! He, Donald, never had 75 million votes! Never! He rigged that election and also in 2016! And the witch hunt was carried out for Hillary Clinton and never for this deceitful and lying man! I can't understand why they don't give this scoundrel an arrest warrant. With these lies he is putting the country in danger, overturning the whole order by repeating all the time that the current President, Mr. Biden, is just a fake President! By doing so, he destroys the core of the USA order and throws the whole country into chaos! And why is nobody doing anything against him legally? Very strange! Where are the laws to arrest him and make him pay for slandering an entire country? "What would it be like to dream then in the USA?Put a lunatic smart-ass in power named Donaldi? Please , who paid and paid $$ for all this , this very bad spectacle was the People , the same one that has the Power to grow with the support that is now being given to it in a serious and Democratic Government !! "Sorry to say , but Republicans want the same money $$ only for themselves and what's already in Tax havens that add up to Eighty Trillion USD Dollars $$ !! WOWThe same place that Donaldi doesn't want that anyone go there in it place to charge what it should be serving the people of the USA and the whole world, paying $$ all the debts of the same world and creating more bases for a strong democracy and this is no dream !!It just seems like a dream for those smart clowns who want a big clown to clown to distract from Reality!!

  • Ray Wharrie
    Ray Wharrie

    This is hilarious: the lame FBI is trying to pull yet another Michael Flynn stunt. The FBI is the last organization to be questioning ANYONE about truth and lying. They sat on the Hunter Biden story for two years already-and don’t forget they gave us the Russia hoax and the likes of Comey, Strzok and Page, all discredited agents. And, of course, CNN stooges are reporting on this nonsense. This charge is going absolutely nowhere. (Has the sounds of another political set-up, planned by the Dems and Comey culture FBI.) This is 2021, not 2016. I'll remind you of this FBI/Dem scam outcome later.

    • Moz Quiff
      Moz Quiff

      Are you bot/trolls STILL spewing your greatest hits?

  • jimmy Huynh
    jimmy Huynh

    Good job cnn we immigrants illegal support democrats please open border now 200000 people waitting at border pleases we immigrants illegal votes for joe biden

  • Rudy Yanez
    Rudy Yanez

    No I don't know Tom but I heard he was a great guy -Trump

  • free2express08

    And again, Republicans will have no problem with criminal foreign influence.

  • Mohd. osman A. M. Ali
    Mohd. osman A. M. Ali

    the fleeing defendant is rashid al malik al shehhi a uae senior government asset

  • oscarowski

    How does this stick to Trump apart from proving he is stupid and hired people without really knowing “who” they are.

  • hassan mohamed
    hassan mohamed

    UAE should Also held an account for this

  • 777

    Proverbs 8:13 "The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, arrogance, the evil way, and the false mouth, do I hate."

  • Kris Goodman
    Kris Goodman

    Breaking news: A FARA form was not filled out. Next up: A new park bench was installed.

    • Moz Quiff
      Moz Quiff

      @Kris Goodman Sorry, was that fact a little too much for you? Bless...

    • Kris Goodman
      Kris Goodman

      @Moz Quiff Stay on the alcohol and the meds. You're going to need it.

    • Moz Quiff
      Moz Quiff

      It's *not* a FARA charge, it's a different foreign agent crime aligned with espionage, the same charge given to Russian GOP/NRA darling Maria Butina. But sure, keep denying reality to make your conman idiot Trump make sense.

  • Wilfred Green
    Wilfred Green


  • Richard Oracin
    Richard Oracin

    Bunch of traitors and the entire world knows it.

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    No Democrats ever make CNN

  • PjdTheSpeedster

    Can I go one day without hearing about Trump?

  • Minh C.
    Minh C.

    charge all of them and all his kids.

  • Qi QI
    Qi QI

    Why would a multi-Billionaire screw his life forever for Trump?

  • StarletShadow

    Comments are dead!! Just like the democrats party. Lmao 🐎🔫😂

  • space man
    space man

    is this a joke

  • Trump’s America
    Trump’s America

    Ugh CNN back at it trying to destroy our 2024 president 🧐

  • Greg Souris
    Greg Souris


  • Margaret Matuza
    Margaret Matuza

    I think one of Obama's advisors did too

  • Joseph Wallace
    Joseph Wallace

    Lock him up

  • John Smith😂
    John Smith😂

    Now will you all get after trump and lock his lying lil rear end up!

  • wenette hamilton
    wenette hamilton

    CNN still hanging onto trump syndrome to generate the storys

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson

    And Hunter Biden walks. If the law is not applied equally we will not abide by it.

  • A N
    A N

    Trump : Fake News.

  • RAMBO _
    RAMBO _

    90% of the democrats are lobbying for foreign countries. Biden is bought out by China. There trying to turn the United States into a communist country they use the words democratic socialist

  • Shooting sports Transparency
    Shooting sports Transparency

    Ndrangheta Trump is faling apart

  • King Salmon
    King Salmon

    Trump Strong like ManlyMan Pootin

  • peace and love
    peace and love


  • Paul Bat
    Paul Bat

    We could send Trumplicans to a "3rd country" that hates Americans while they're waiting to come out of quarantine.

  • Paul Bat
    Paul Bat

    Let's collect money to ship Trumplicans on a little trip beyond the edge of "space". 3rd time's the charm!

  • Paul Bat
    Paul Bat

    They all counted on another "electoral coup" by Trump. Remember that Hillary won the popular vote, as well as Al Gore, and that didn't work. Those PACS really know how to "coup".

  • Thu Bay
    Thu Bay

    Inciter-in-chief: "I hardly know Tom Barrack",

  • David Daniel
    David Daniel

    CNN is the enemy of the people, look how stupid this network is making people!

  • Martenson Lee
    Martenson Lee

    OMG , 😱 , 😱 , 😱 ,,,. All BS .. it's all BS ...thay got nothing and are getting despite !! It all means nothing at all !! Still can't get trump can u ???

  • initiall

    This guy is going to need locking up until his trial because of the players/conmen involved and all their trillions of dollars. Otherwise, if released, he's on his private jet to his clients in the U.A.E. and he evades justice.

  • Julesong

    Another example of why we need to release the un-redacted Mueller Report, as Barrack's actions would have taken place during that time. It will give us plenty of criminal actions to follow up on. The Meuller report needs to be re-examined. The William Barr heavy redaction and Barr's obstruction was obviously politically motivated and requires declassification and a true examination.

  • Student A Fake
    Student A Fake

    Another coffee boy.

  • Kelly McCoy
    Kelly McCoy

    When are they going to arrest Hunter Biden???

2,1 m.
2,1 m.