Smerconish: Here’s why Trump refuses to take the next logical step

  • Ron Homolka
    Ron Homolka

    Mike, still following the CNN line, keep reviving Trump so we can get our ratings back. Trump is not president nor will he be president, but his policies and his backbone will be key to other republicans seeking office. The red states have low vaccination rates due to the high African American population, it's some white republicans but they are not the problem. It's African Americans in the red states.

  • Thomas Masonfree
    Thomas Masonfree

    since when has CNN had the power to suppress an account completely from commenting had to switch accounts pretty f'ed up NAZI's

  • Rodney Clements
    Rodney Clements

    here's why this fake news show is so scared of trump, trump gave them a life with fake news then joe biden came into the picture and there was no news because joe bidens family own the fake news plus joe biden is just to boring to watch as he studders like hes brain dead.

  • Stuck Case
    Stuck Case

    Without Trump--your network has shit for ratings




    Its called choice all you little stormtroopers Yes I have had both shots.But it still comes down to choice We are a free society.There are consequences on all decisions made.But when people FORCE others to do what someone else thinks we head down a slippery slope.Just like businesses have the right to say get shots or no job.Choice.Go find another job if you do not like what your boss says.Its amazing free choice on abortion but not on shots.By the way how is your ratings CNN?

  • Duane Holcomb
    Duane Holcomb

    When the news. Became slanted. , Every body's got an,opinion. Now journalism died along time ago

  • Tom Zart
    Tom Zart

    POLITICIANS = $$ Most of the time as a politician stands up Along with the truth, their brain sits down. Promising anything and everything to anyone While posing to the public, to be on common ground. The higher the office the greater the corruption As candidates compete for those dead presidents of green. While we're taxed to death to fund their pork Our cost for everything has become obscene. Thank God there are some better than most Not squeaky clean, but more honest than others. Regardless of party, they deserve our vote For they share our thoughts like sisters and brothers. Politicians who wish to be revered by history Must earn their fame by living the truth. Any who continue to mislead and deceive Must be shunned by the voter at the booth. Sometimes we must go against the flow Questioning what our shepherd’s may say. For they are not God, only human And for their integrity, we pray. With honor we obtain uprightness And by love and compliance we gain grace. Integrity gives us proper goals Improving the standard of our race. THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR HEART ! By Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share! Google = George Bush Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet ISnets Google = Love War And More

  • Rodney Clements
    Rodney Clements

    didnt know that a donkeys ass could talk, but nothing surprises me on this fake news station.

  • Culinary Punks
    Culinary Punks

    How about sleepy joes town hall? Between him and cnn they couldn't even fill a college auditorium. Babbling baby joe and don lemonhead. The most popular president ever? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor

    Good morning anti trumpers news station

  • B Mell
    B Mell

    The lower the IQ, the less likely the person is to get vaccinated.

  • JB

    The Republicans are committing mass Covid suicide. Can't vote if you are dead.

  • David Musser
    David Musser

    CNN misses Trump so bad.

  • Opal Hall
    Opal Hall

    Remember he's no president anymore, why you keep saying president trump?

  • DeskAgent

    Joe Rogan questions Brian Stelter's credibility in profanity-laced segment

  • Xa Veere
    Xa Veere

    You are SAVED by BELIEVING in JESUS CHRIST who DIED for ALL sin to SAVE ALL who BELIEVE in HIM. PROMISED ETERNAL LIFE by BELIEVING in HIM. He DID ascend to Heaven on the third day. HE IS at the right hand of God. He is preparing a place for ALL who BELIEVE. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all. Know the truth. Know who IS your Savior. Know that he suffered for ALL. To SAVE ALL. This life is clearly temporary and when you know why then it will confirm the truth even more! SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH. FEAR GOD. NOT MAN. PREACH THE GOSPEL. ITS WHAT JESUS DID! All Glory to God. Look at the world! WATCH 💌

  • lamontma1

    I've always said, if the REPUGNANTS DONT want to be vaxxed then refuse them any health care. Once diagnosed announce to all in their area,their name and address then send them home to die..survival of the fittest.

  • Soundwave Superior
    Soundwave Superior

    CNN you dumbys should get your so called meatball of a president to do his job

  • Andy Fischer
    Andy Fischer

    Lying 🤥

  • Vincent McMillan
    Vincent McMillan

    There is nothing the former President (Donald Trump) can do. Republican Voters, Q-Anon, White Nationalists are not just listening to Trump. This was a carefully orchestrated indoctrination process orchestrated by those behind the party. It's those same people behind VOTER SUPPRESSION across the USA (the Koch Family, The Heritage Foundation, etc.). They made use of Fox News, News Max, OANN, other political pundits, and Republican Politicians and Judges. This was a culture war. IT IS NOT JUST HEALTH MISS-INFORMATION. The people in the USA are getting the correct messages along with that steady stream of lunacy, taken together just reinforces all the negative messaging about SCIENCE, DOCTORS, and those who are politically on the LEFT. If you truly want to stop this virus from ending HUMANITY (i'm not being hyperbolic), you have to stop the war on the Left, stop the War on Blackness, stop the war on VOTING RIGHTS.

  • Johnny Proctor
    Johnny Proctor

    Let these idiots earn their Darwin Awards...

  • Sam

    Facebook and other social media platforms have helped save lives. But that’s simply not enough. They’re also allowing the spread of dangerous misinformation that is leading to hospitalizations and deaths. They were way too defensive with that response. Do more.

  • Sam

    Trump would agree to do a joint PSA with Biden ONLY if Biden agrees to say that there was fraud in the election OR that Trump deserves credit for half of the country being vaccinated.

  • Jean Bergeron
    Jean Bergeron

    Republicans are strong with voter suppression. By being anti-vaccine, they do voter suppression of their own base. Good for them! Keep it up Republicans! Once the pandemic will be back and economy goes down, you will be the only responsible for the new unnecessary deaths and the unnecessary harm to the economy.

  • Eddie Long
    Eddie Long


  • M. H. Salter
    M. H. Salter

    I already had Covid. No big deal. So why would I want to serve as a human guinea pig for a relatively untested vaccine that is not guaranteed to be effective, and that also might kill or sicken me? If Liberals have their way, we will all end up being forced to get Covid boosters each year, because Liberals are literally a bunch of hypochondriacs who would love nothing better to see the destruction of the US and Western Civilization, in the name of public health and social justice. Good luck with that, Leftists

  • Steven Hatfield
    Steven Hatfield

    I know this is morbid, but they get what they deserve. What sucks is that their children are going to die for their parent’s stupidity… but hey, they’re pro life, right? Maybe they ought to act like it.

  • Jim Higgs
    Jim Higgs

    CNN is so hated and disliked by the general public. It’s a wonder they’re still doing business. Not for long. #CNNMustFall #CancelCNN

  • john adams
    john adams

    I want to know why are you guys so fixated on Trump when are you gonna talk about Joe Biden when you gonna say the things that he’s done like re-sign the tax cuts for the billionaires and millionaires and corporations which everybody gave Trump hell when you guys going to talk about Nancy Pelosi investing $10 million into Microsoft three weeks before Microsoft releases a military contract worth $21 billion while she’s enriching herself I never thought I would say this but I think Trump was right you guys are fake news

  • Leo

    Duhnnie, learn a little history. Here is the link to the CDC about the Spanish flu. There are some big words( more than 2 syllables) so you might wish to have someone read (and explain) it to you.

  • Leo

    I never had a problem with cell phones in class when I was teaching. They didn’t exist in the years ‘68-‘94😂. One thing students need is Love from someone they trust. One student I taught in 9,11,&12th grades to this day makes me happy and sad. I also taught his girlfriend in the 11 &12. One day he told my she wanted to talk to me (she thought she might be pregnant) After talking with her I thought there was a good chance BUT prayed not. I lied to her and sain “NO WAY the timing was all wrong”. After school she came to my class gave me a big and a kiss on the cheek and said “I started”. Several years they asked my to be the Best Man in their wedding. Not all was good. The hardest thing I ever had to do was to got to a students funeral several days after he came to get encouragement since he was having a tough time in a college class. I was strong at the funeral for my other students BUT when one of the came to my class after the funeral I sent him to the teachers lounge. Tears flowed as I told my class to be good and I went to the lounge. Mike & I hugged and cried for a long time. A suggestion for you and your kids: Make memories with them. They will always be cherished by all. When you leave it will make it easier for them. They will have the joys and memories of the time together. Prayerfully they will be able to say about you as I said at my mothers funeral: “My mother is gone and I will not miss her. How can you miss someone that is ALWAYS in your heart.” Bless you and your family and thanks for letting me share memories. Leo

  • PA Rose
    PA Rose

    Thanks to these stubborn selfish ignoramuses are causing this virus to remain in circulation. Once immune response fades even we vaccinated will be vulnerable again. The cycle will repeat and worsen till we are all dead. Thanks Trump, thanks Republicans, thanks FOX, thanks Putin.

  • Mrs. Pink
    Mrs. Pink

    Why was the vax patent 20 years ago? It was not just made.

  • Brian Picarella
    Brian Picarella

    More liberal bullshi@. They expect you to believe that only patriots are not getting vaccinated, they want tell you that alot of minorities haven't and want get it. Cnn is covering for bidens failure. CNN is pathetic. Trump said get vaccinated. This weird man. Only 53 percent of new York is vaccinated. Mind your business, if your vaccinated, why f with real and legal americans, prove the Numbers u lie about

  • chris hooge
    chris hooge

    The way these people are behaving you'd think they fear the vaccine would make them a Democrat or socialist.

  • Trevor Jones
    Trevor Jones

    when enough people open their eyes and realize that all these tech giants are only showing people what they want them to see they will no longer have the power they have now. This is especially troubling to be doing this to people at a time when they are telling people to stay home should be criminal.

  • Poor Finian
    Poor Finian

    I see you anti-vaxxers are following the sage wisdom of trusted Trump confidant Herman Cain who downplayed COVID19 -- all the way to his grave.

  • maria booboo67
    maria booboo67

    When he got sworn in he promised Putin he would destroy the US from within and he's still holding to that promise.

  • Jake stokes
    Jake stokes

    Kamala said not to get it though?? What response do you expect after the biden administration made it political from the start. Someone please explain

  • Jake stokes
    Jake stokes

    Why did biden and kamala tell us not to get vaccinated? Now they're saying to get it. I'm confused. Also why take a vaccine for a new variant which the vaccine doesnt protect well?

  • Mr. Duane
    Mr. Duane

    You see. Trump secretly doesn't want to be president again. But instead of admitting that he had no idea what he was doing for his last term, he's killing off the voters of his own party via vaccine denial.

  • Propjoe10

    It still amazes me that a large % of the US population seems to think that Trump loves America. Trump is trying to burn America to the ground, every single day.

  • bklyncyclist

    And I thought the world of "The Leftovers" was just fiction. We are now living it with the cult of ***** and the cult of anti-vaxxers and the cult of Q. There was a Department of Cults on the show that "took care" of them.

  • gee money
    gee money

    Lying fake news go find hunters laptop

    • Salty potato ———-
      Salty potato ———-

      Ok McDonald’s employee I really trust your unbiassed reply.. cnn more credible than you

  • Den & Dennis
    Den & Dennis

    I am U 😇

  • n April
    n April

    People are on to you and know all the likes are manufactured. CNN is a gestapo propaganda tool and fake news . Nobody watches them or this ugly, brown nosed anchors . They should change CNN news station to public bathroom so at least they have some benefit for the society.

  • Ogier The Dane
    Ogier The Dane

    CNN the megaphone of the fascist administration, does anyone with an IQ higher than 80 listen to this ?


    Fake Cnn

    • Salty potato ———-
      Salty potato ———-




  • Larry Hubble
    Larry Hubble

    Trump took Ivermectin. Look it up. He didn't take the current vaccine.

    • Salty potato ———-
      Salty potato ———-

      Fact check trump took the vaccine he didn’t take lvermctin

  • Larry Hubble
    Larry Hubble

    By the way, I am not getting a vaccine, and most people around me do what they want. Masks are gone where I am at.

  • Larry Hubble
    Larry Hubble

    IT IS CALLED "CHOICE"!!!!!! Are you daft? It is Biden's problem now......

    • Salty potato ———-
      Salty potato ———-

      It should be Biden’s problem we should just let you anti vaccine people die

  • Ruby Red
    Ruby Red

    Why won’t the news media stop treating Trump like he affects social policy and is relevant to what’s happening in the world. You give Trump more free airtime than all over political issues combined.

  • widicus bill smith
    widicus bill smith

    Afghanistan is China's next victim....Biden is china

    • Salty potato ———-
      Salty potato ———-

      Canada is Russia next victim… trump is Russia

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones

    Let them die

    • Salty potato ———-
      Salty potato ———-

      Finally someone who actually speaking facts

  • Frank Hoffman
    Frank Hoffman

    He wants to be worshiped and anti-vaxxers worship him.

  • Mountain LWolf
    Mountain LWolf

    Maybe, just maybe if you STOP talking about/to them like they're stupid. Like the only reason someone would not take the vaccine is "misinformation ".

  • Eric Hall
    Eric Hall

    I almost thought I read "here's why Trump refused to take the second dose of the vaccine"🤣🤣🤣

  • Michael Shanahan
    Michael Shanahan

    I had covid. It lasted two weeks. Felt like the flu. Then I went back to work as a police officer because I am not a p...y

  • Tophinator

    To Trump supporters who don’t agree with the vaccine: Trump got Covid, then got the vaccine. Follow your leader and get vaxxed, before you follow your leader in getting Covid. Otherwise, enjoy your Darwin award.

  • gpwyt

    The United States had a program called PREDICT that identified lethal viruses abroad to prevent their spread to the US. It had found 1200 viruses (and 160 coronaviruses) in ten years. It was actively working in China. Two months before the Wuhan outbreak, Trump shut the program down.

  • lenne02

    99.5% dead not vaccinated and this is 100% republican scum thank you Corona

  • lenne02

    No vaccine for republican terrorists

  • Brian Woolery
    Brian Woolery

    Imagine being told by your government leaders to not get a vaccine and then watching a loved one who did the same, get the virus, go to the hospital, and then die. All thanks to a game show host who became our president. Welcome to The United States of America in 2021.

  • A.j Colomo
    A.j Colomo

    day. Should do , take a wide guess 😉? We will be alright , we , we , they will let those die, so that they get the point across., you will die and then you get the point.. nothing that trump helped in.

  • Tyrone Mosley
    Tyrone Mosley

    No no no Trump with a platform. No thanks

  • antoniio caluso
    antoniio caluso

    Ahhh...he can't find a sword long enough to fully pierce his belly? Dang, I thought the title was going that way. Still....

  • Mark Mitchezee
    Mark Mitchezee

    The Great President Trump saved Millions with his travel Ban that CNN & EVERY SINGLE Democrat opposed for 3+ months afterwards. Dr. Fauci admitted that it saved potentially millions of American Lives. But you truly Evil low lifes don't care.

    • gpwyt

      You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

  • Anne Marie Pirrotta
    Anne Marie Pirrotta

    Come the election who is going to vote repuke if most of his followers die.🤔

  • Alfred E
    Alfred E

    The vendetta continues: Impeachment failed twice, the Russia investigation was a dud, and now Dems are pushing ahead with a Special Select Committee to investigate Jan. 6th (and it's clearly aimed at Trump) - but Trump is still fighting for America.

    • ausfi

      For America? He's still aiming to it's destruction. The only people he helped was those already rich. The worst president, but somehow people believe him, they are blinded. How? He cannot be aided by God, so it must be Lucifer.

  • Jim Kelehan
    Jim Kelehan

    Does CPAC actually stand for Crazy People Acting Crazy?

  • Gentry Thompson
    Gentry Thompson

    Stop begging the Fool's to save themselves bye!

  • Gentry Thompson
    Gentry Thompson

    Biden should take a page out of the orange once play book if you don't want to get a shot that may save your life o well I got mine who cares what you do!!

  • Gentry Thompson
    Gentry Thompson

    O well let them eat there last piece of cake bye good more jobs are coming !!

  • Gentry Thompson
    Gentry Thompson

    Remember little donald only cares for himself, what does people don't get that old ASS man only is going to lookout for himself, I got my shot's I don't care if you get yours or not!

  • Jovon R.
    Jovon R.

    All the idiot Republicans that complained about the shutdowns and masks now dont want to take the vaccine that will get us back to a more normal life. This is only because the Democrats are for the vaccine so they have to be against it.

  • Walter Gary
    Walter Gary

    More fake news give me a break

  • Hand Ofgod
    Hand Ofgod

    Quit worrying about it .let them die the ones who get vaccinated has a better chance besides there Republicans

  • Paul Rachal
    Paul Rachal

    Hah! How pathetic. You all can feel it, can't you? The turning of the tide; your grip on public opinion slipping away. The failed Covid conspiracy exposed. Maricopa County election results in Arizona about to be overturned, sure to be followed by Georgia, Pennsylvania and all the other states with fraudulent elections. Biden's frail cognitive condition worsening by the day. The utter failure of the Defund the Police movement and subsequent failed attempts to avoid taking responsibility for it. Parents nationwide standing together against social indoctrination in schools. Every tenet of this attempted communist coup is falling apart, and not a moment too soon. And all this sorry excuse of a man can do is moan his tired, meaningless diatribe about Trump to the remaining 6 people watching this sinking ship of a network. Way to double down. Way to put yet another L on display for me to mock.

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S

    It's not Trump's job to bridge divides, it's sleepy Biden's. Hey, weren't we lied to about the origin of the virus by Foolci? Did you report that? How about Hunter's laptop and business deals with the Chinese? Report on that?

  • Peaches n Cake
    Peaches n Cake

    They shouldn’t even allow people to fly if they’re unvaccinated☝🏽. And we know, That would surely boost the vaccine rates. 👏🏽 I think I might just write to the CDC about that!

  • Dylbo Dayz
    Dylbo Dayz

    If Trump was in the White House like he should be, I would get vaccinated. But since Sleepy Joe is in the White House, I'm not getting it

  • Refresh2b

    You can simultaneously spread information on where to be vaccinated and spread misinformation from trolls trying to subvert the vaccination initiative. Facebook is Garbage.

  • benard kennedy
    benard kennedy

    Hasn't Facebook also given a platform to anti-vaccers which has contributed to the deaths of Americans who remained unvaccinated. Is there no justice for their deaths? Or does Facebook think it's only collateral damage during a day of business?


    Because it will prove he is a lier!!

  • druwk

    …BUT, since Facebook also runs targeted algorithms, and effectively locks in misinformation for those who are already biased, they are promoting the hell out of vaccine hesitancy! Social Media isn’t he town square, where all ideas are presented to all participants. It is a HIGHLY selective platform of ideas DESIGNED to keep any individual engaged, at any price! Including REALITY.

  • Jerri Arriola
    Jerri Arriola

    COVID-19 is rising in ALL 50 states and Trump who put warp speed on the vaccine but he NEVER mentions it. Trump and his entire family got the vaccine but none of them talk about getting the vaccine. Trump was directly responsible for over 600,000 American deaths because he went around the country without masks, throwing his cult rallies packed in like cattle & no masks. Trump spread the virus throughout his administration, secret service and the White House. He & the majority of the Republican Party are refusing to tell their constituents the truth about the vaccine. The life saving vaccine that they have all received but they lie about it daily. They don’t care about their constituents or the American people.

  • Roberto Shockley
    Roberto Shockley

    Yeah, wanting people to survive the worst pandemic in 100 years is a real sucker con. C'mon. What the CPAC guy is saying is a sucker con. It's not real. I believe in rainbow-colored, flying unicorns instead, because I've been told to by an out-of-work politician.

  • Fred Bowry
    Fred Bowry

    They should do a commercial on TV and show all the Republicans that got the vaccine

  • Fred Bowry
    Fred Bowry

    The only thing I would get Trump credit for is covering this thing up for so long that's all he did and then he wanted people to drink bleach and take some damn pill this guy is nothing but a freaking nut Job

    • Leo

      I’m starting a “Release the Trump-Putin phone calls….” Join in copy, paste and share. RELEASE THE TRUMP-PUTIN PHONE CALLS TO THE PUBLIC.

  • Fred Bowry
    Fred Bowry

    It somehow the Democrats told Trump he could be president again he would throw every Republican right under the bus

  • Bruce Wagner
    Bruce Wagner

    He's dug his own hole,and pulling masses still into stupidity

  • Fred Bowry
    Fred Bowry

    When will people realize that Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump he doesn't give a s*** about this country he don't care about the people you don't care about the people who follow him or the people that are protecting him the Republicans he will throw them all under the bus he doesn't care

  • Fred Bowry
    Fred Bowry

    You would think Trump would tell the Republicans to get vaccinated so he doesn't lose their vote when they end up going to the hospital with the covid and not coming out

  • James Badalament
    James Badalament

    When we are finally rid of Trump he will not be missed.

  • Eric Cook
    Eric Cook

    We must understand that some people are just more comfortable being told what to do and think than others. That is the real conversation.

  • Jetsam Peres
    Jetsam Peres

    Remember when Geraldo wanted to call it the Trump Vaccine? If only there was a way to be vaccinated against Trump's idiocy.

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams

    Unvaccinated republicans are dying off? I'm all for it. Stupidity has its consequences. Nature will see to that.

  • Dave Frame
    Dave Frame

    Republicans are just a little slow on the uptake

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