Dr. Fauci excoriates Rand Paul

  • Sonny J
    Sonny J

    CNN is hilarious with their outrageous titles. Give me a break.....

  • rebellianne86

    Wow watch the other videos on this, this was biased

  • rebellianne86


  • Carol Moofre
    Carol Moofre

    Question by a hillbilly who can read or comprehend the simple medical statement

  • amb Construção
    amb Construção

    Dr death is guilty

  • LabRat$


  • Leigh Neal
    Leigh Neal

    Did that woman at the end go to the Biden school of dementia speech.

  • Leigh Neal
    Leigh Neal

    Why don’t CNN include senator Paul’s full comments. I suggest you watch them on another Channel that is not just a Democrat press release without any journalistic credibility.

  • 2012sparow



    Hey fauci, please explain your attempts to get patients on covid in the 2000's. articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2021/07/24/patents-prove-sars-cov-2-is-a-manufactured-virus.aspx

  • michael h
    michael h

    hey why do i not see cnn in airports anymore??

  • Austin Cox
    Austin Cox

    CNN how does it feel that most of the people here, came to tell you we don't give a shit about your headline. We have brains.

  • Philip Quinn
    Philip Quinn

    TRUMP 2024!!!!

  • World of Retro Gameplay
    World of Retro Gameplay

    Ran Paul is a licensed doctor who had his own practice before becoming a politician. *Ron Paul* 1 *Dr Nazi* 0

  • Speaker of Silent Majority
    Speaker of Silent Majority

    CNN agrees, Fauci is the only person that can interpret the “science” because he is the science…….

  • Mystix Media
    Mystix Media

    I love how Fauci has a bottle of sanitizer next to him. 😭😭

  • LLM

    Fauci has only told the truth by mistake.

  • Gorky Sn
    Gorky Sn

    Why this murderer and his complicines are not in jail? The tests are all over

    • amb Construção
      amb Construção

      They don't go to jail because they are the ruler of the world

  • t r
    t r

    Excoraites wow hella CAP lol

  • Kevin Crateman
    Kevin Crateman

    If you watch this raw and uncut, fauci looks terrible and completely lost like a child

  • Tevin Holley
    Tevin Holley

    So he said studying how to transport a virus from one species to another is not gain of function???? Wtf??? And no one thought that was enough ?

  • Robert N Houston
    Robert N Houston

    Rand Paul is a Board Certified _ssh_l_. (Pick your vowels.)

  • Remy

    You can google gain of function yourself and you'll see that Fauci is on the ropes. He says it's not gain of function yet his own definition says it is.

  • Bear Richmond
    Bear Richmond

    Nuremberg Human Rights?

  • Smiles

    Great caption complete lie and the opposite

  • joe Vasquez
    joe Vasquez

    Fauci had his ass handed to him and lied before congress, show whole thing

  • Kostas Pataridis
    Kostas Pataridis

    Dr. Frauci .. the politically dirty doctor If he is a doctor

  • Jordan Peterson
    Jordan Peterson

    Why do people still insist we listen to an admitted liar, who lied about the health and safety of the public, most certainly leading people to die? This guy should be in prison, and anyone who still pushes his garbage should be right along side with him.

  • Jordan Peterson
    Jordan Peterson

    Looks to me like you just posted a video of Dr. Fauci committing a federal offense.

  • Ry R
    Ry R

    CNN is in the dumps.

  • Louis Vi
    Louis Vi

    Fauci is finished 😂

  • Dicey Ending
    Dicey Ending

    Rand Paul excoriates Dr. Fauci. Everything about CNN is bassackwards. You are fake news!

  • Shad Daigle
    Shad Daigle

    Listen Napoleon, the gig is up. Identify as a man for a day, and face the music.

  • GalaxyOfReeses KIng
    GalaxyOfReeses KIng


  • J D
    J D

    CNN is trash.

  • Maria J C de Souza
    Maria J C de Souza

    That mass killer is PLANNING to release another vírus so he can blame the unvaccinated for it!!!!! He needs to.be arrested NOW!!!

  • no name
    no name

    Dr. Death Fauci is a known liar and cnn is promoting misinformation, just garbage liberal propaganda

  • Wesley Killingsworth
    Wesley Killingsworth

    Fauci, Bill Gates and the Chinese government are responsible for the Corona virus.

  • Raymond Szerszen
    Raymond Szerszen

    Fauci is as fake as CNN.

  • Mini Abbott
    Mini Abbott

    What a liar

  • MrSadie

    You should have buried this one with the others CNN!

  • tucker blankinship
    tucker blankinship

    CNN is the real misinformation

  • David Hickson
    David Hickson

    Fauci is the expert on this because he knew from the start what this was. He is denying gain of function was going on. Not where the virus came from.

  • Mikakarot23

    Paul obliterated the fraud. Fauci is a flat out LIAR! HIS EMAILS HAVE PROVEN THAT 10000000000000000000%! Burn in he'll where you belong Chinese News Network. Sorry, CNN the least trusted name in journalism

  • okey dokey
    okey dokey

    The up vote down vote on this channel is fake AF!

  • Devin Henderson
    Devin Henderson

    CNN needs another SIEGE. "we're just honest reporters trying to show people the beauty of honest journalism" -A CNN Drone.

  • Tha Nerrd
    Tha Nerrd

    Would be hilarious to watch another CNN building vandalized during social justice protests XD media is supposed to be for the people

  • Nenad Perisic
    Nenad Perisic

    😂😂😂 Cnn

  • Maddie and dad Carpenter
    Maddie and dad Carpenter

    Fauci: I am rubber, you are glue.

  • Team 1 Shotokan Karate Do
    Team 1 Shotokan Karate Do


  • Peeps

    Rand Paul is a repulsive liar and should be put in jail

  • Dianna B
    Dianna B

    Somethings never change... 30yrs ago Fauci was accused of the same thing. GENOCIDE ON HUMANITY. eraoflight.com/2021/05/22/30-years-ago-dr-robert-willner-accused-anthony-fauci-of-genocide/

  • Real POWR
    Real POWR

    CNN lost all it's credibility!!! The 12.7 Million sheeps who are subscribed to this filth should really re-consider their reason for existing on this planet!

  • Uncle Matt
    Uncle Matt

    Fauci funded the Wuhan lab with $164 million out of $41billion. What's Fauci's argument? Dr. Fauci is lying.

  • pick Yogum
    pick Yogum

    Fauci realizes his career is over, if his tribal buddies in Congress don't save his ass, he will likely go to jail Think for one second what Fauci is saying. After 7 years of GOFR funding, he comes up with a molecularly impossible to transmit to humans defense. This is rubbish as his justification for years of Wuhan funding is to do risky research to "get ahead of virus that could lead to a pandemic". So what the hell good are research using a pathogen that can't tinkered using GOFR to affect humans? That's the whole point of funding Wuhan and the Bat Lady. Fibber Fauci tosses out nonsense when trapped, and does so with shameless drama. His ties to big pharma are well known. He is making a mockery as US czar of infectious disease issues.. He need to be remove now.

  • B B
    B B

    Goebbels would be so proud of you CNN

  • nibu mammoottil
    nibu mammoottil

    This title is misleading. No wonder CNN is sinking faster than the Titanic. How can you just blatantly lie and think people are stupid. If you watch the whole video -Rand Paul scorches Fauci. 🤷🏾‍♂️. Come on CNN , stop lieing and speak Truth.

  • Ruth Pinder
    Ruth Pinder

    As long as there's fans of CNN and their rhetoric they will never be peace

  • Liberty Ville
    Liberty Ville

    Lol CNN, the only excoriating going on, was in Flip Flops undies👀🥴😂🤣💯

  • Michael Marion
    Michael Marion

    You're the liar not me is such a compelling argument. Lol

  • Rat Ghost
    Rat Ghost

    Fraudci looks like he’s busted and he knows it.

  • David Z
    David Z

    The only lie here is the fake upvotes

  • David Z
    David Z


  • DJ undadirt
    DJ undadirt

    Dr. False . ISnets/DJ undadirt

  • John Lee
    John Lee

    Faucis strategy is to leave an emphatic ad hominem statement against Paul and let MSM to spin it to his favor.

  • Joey Marble
    Joey Marble

    CNN is the new Alex Jones! There you have it folks!!

  • Joey Marble
    Joey Marble

    CNN explaining science is ridiculous. If you actually open your ears you’ll See fauci is pretending to not understand the question and is answering the wrong question so fauci looks right. Paul is saying “gain of function” is illegal and fauci did these experiment regardless if these particular experiences were COvid or not, he still broke the law and lied. Fauci keeps saying “but it’s not the Covid virus”. Well that wasn’t what Paul was saying. Fauci is just playing stupid and wasting time.


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    Dr vachi is a

  • LastFree Generation
    LastFree Generation

    Why is CNN supporting Fauci, he is involved in such dodgy research at Wuhan, and he tried to put everyone off the scent by making up some bullcrap about natural origin. Now suddenly its likely from the lab he was funding wtf ...he needs investigating thouroughly...

  • William Lynn
    William Lynn

    Shame on Sen. Rand Paul! Speaking loud and cut into other speaking will not show you are correct!

  • Janabrandi Alibrandi
    Janabrandi Alibrandi

    Any attempt on my life, Whether it be psychological warfare, intimidation, manipulation, extortion, using high media sources, infringing on my privacy to distort reality, to involuntarily control masses to take part in my suicidal demise, is all documented. In addition to Antifa, acting official debuts, or implanted ppl to cause death or harm to me in any way shape or form. Take care buddy.

  • Jon Kelley
    Jon Kelley

    Fauci is a fraud. That's the correct title.

  • John Blystone
    John Blystone

    CNN still has TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome. If you still watch CNN you are a sheep. CNN fake news at its best


    Excoriated you say…. Who’s the summer intern at CNN that titled this video

  • De Wayne
    De Wayne

    Fauci has no chance to explain himself, the senator Paul has zero IQ in understanding science. It's like Fauci talking to a mad cow

  • Matthew Kim
    Matthew Kim

    The two names are mixed up.

  • AConsideredMoment

    Rand had his agenda. Say "gain of function" as many times as possible. Foment discord and distrust. As far from Do No Harm as possible.

  • Smart Life
    Smart Life

    CNN is truly a cesspool of fake reporters. HAHA exco what?

  • Bill S
    Bill S

    Fauci grasps at straws. Fixed it for you CNN

  • Harry Torso
    Harry Torso


  • Harry Torso
    Harry Torso

    Duck fauci Fraudci

  • ab9957

    The covid was an attack on the USA, if you don't think the vax is part of the attack you're stupid. The plan all along was to blame the unvaxed, which is against the law.


    Surprised CNN covered this, them being the prime worshipers of the fallen-from-grace Fauci. Then again, you pretty much can't ignore this kind of sitch.

  • Zarf Vreex
    Zarf Vreex

    "I totally resent the lie..." Speaking of the lie ... isnets.info/main/pGSqloqAq5nSoKs/v-deo.html

  • Colleen M
    Colleen M

    Honestly CNN this is a crazier interpretation of the situation than Alex Jones

    • Devin Henderson
      Devin Henderson

      Make TYT look sane.

  • Andrew Mueller
    Andrew Mueller

    Clearly gain of function yet Fauci says no. Perjury. Fauci for prison. CNN is committing suicide slowly.

  • Mike Clements
    Mike Clements

    Covid-19 is just politics


    Us government really a brainless government, they thought they are know everything but actually they know nothing about science, they just like gangsters. Shame !!

  • Hillary

    Wuhan labb virus- PLANDEMICC

  • David Dugger
    David Dugger

    Yeah he did lie before Congress!! Dr. falsely liar liar pants on fire

  • Robyn Santon
    Robyn Santon

    He admitted to gain of function in that video


    warden rahman killed meghan from garfield high school in seattle, call all the jails in america to find out what's going on! her body is in the leon county jail in tallahassee or somewhere in a military base!

  • Cade Clark
    Cade Clark

    He absolutely did not lol, Rand made Fauci look like a complete fool.

  • Julian S
    Julian S


2,1 m.