New book shows top US generals planned ways to stop Trump in case of coup

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    Olalekan Akinfenwa

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  • CamoLive

    CNN needs to keep talking about the former guy to keep people biased

  • matthew hunt
    matthew hunt

    How many military personnel have taken the vaccine

  • Allen Pindel
    Allen Pindel

    What is the people want a coup?What happens when the people are fed up from the government overstepping their boundaries to the people get to decide what happens in the government what decisions they make our government would like to make us think we do but we do not. The people no longer have the power to change what the government does not want to change. This general has literally said that he would kill Americans Americans were fed up with the government so what exactly is this general doing well someone call this Gestapo

  • Randall Wood
    Randall Wood

    The coup already took place November election 2020 they won and took over our democracy forever changing our lifestyle in America forcing us to pay higher prices on everything across the soon heavy burden of taxes will be upon us …… mainstream media are all brown shirts…. Be strong Americans we must pushback to rid evil from this country that won the election….

  • atomicmozart

    Milley the clown 🤡🤡🤡

  • bob scratch
    bob scratch

    ok general, what are your thoughts on the gov colluding with big tech to silence opposing views, "misinformation" for example. free speech is protected by the 1st Amendment.

  • John M
    John M

    fake election fake president go to hell general


    Damn it I was so waiting for a legitimate , constitutional coup

  • George Rady
    George Rady

    “Please tell me where the general said ‘ALL and ONLY White people are racist” I’m sorry - when you ascribe characteristics to a person based solely on skin pigmentation - that is is DEFINITION of “racism” and when the Soviet Democrat Party’s “Intelligencia” assert that there is “white privileged” that is... racist. Lumping; Italians, Irish, Slavs, Germans, French, Brits, Scots into a vat and insist they are ALL THE EXACTLY SAME for political expediency to play the “race card” is RACIST POLITICS no less than when the Democratic Party considered people all over Africa - for many different tribes - as “black” do they could be used for slave labor that was no less racist than considering them - incapable of getting an ID to vote - and institutionalizing this Critical Racist ideology as mandatory curriculum IS as racist an “education” idea as “civilizing” American Indian tribes in government run school... just instead of “ALL and ONLY white man good” the Socialist engineers are preaching “ALL and ONLY white man BAD” or, as Orwell summed it up (once the pigs consolidated power) “two legs good but FOUR LEGS BETTER” in attempt to wipe out the actual History of the Democrat Party as the Party of Slavery, Segregation, Jim Crow and the KKK with their senile president, himself, with direct ties to the Democrat KKK ancestry. The general (who will get a quarter of a million tax payers dollars every year if retirement) is saying is he wants to “know more about Critical Racist Theory” by MANDATING IT IN MILITARY ACADEMIES!?! That’s not “curiosity” that is ADVOCACY and its pretty revealing that General Shilly doesn’t acknowledge that Critical Race Theory is a - racist - twist on Marxist “Critical Theory” that the KGB successfully implanted in our schools and universities decades ago and he’s just another apparatchik in the Soviet take over of the Democrat Party:

  • Bilal C
    Bilal C

    General Milley is the best!! Btw doesn’t he look like he could play a sitcom dad from the 90s or early 2000s?

  • Fagg Aliciouss
    Fagg Aliciouss

    We had a coup of our government our government was taking over when Biden took office with all of his fake mail in ballots at the last minute of the 2020 election do United States should be bombed out of existence the entire planet has turned into nothing but evil government controlling naïve dumb down ignorant slaves

  • Jeremy Wingate
    Jeremy Wingate

    Nice the military a political view on the us that is wrong in every single way possible. God save us from these unethical people that hates this country.

  • Ashem Savage
    Ashem Savage

    Ohhh I hear the Train coming around the bend Trump Trump Trump MAGA MAGA MAGA 🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Malign M
      Malign M

      Headed towards a pile of dynamite.

  • Stuck Case
    Stuck Case

    The military should never have anything to do with US citizens--it’s what differs us from third world status-you peddling this garbage is exactly why your network is tanking--people go to forums for info rather than your vomit

  • Iso Bar
    Iso Bar


  • MoonGlow

    FREE Bidens prisoners from Jan 6th. Unconstitutional Imprisonment by dictator JOE

  • IXth

    You would think those generals would be much more concerned about a President in severe cognitive decline who also had shady business dealings for years with ex-Soviet and proxy-Russian states ,as well as China who as everyone knows (and if they didn't, they should) feel it's their destiny to rule the Earth.

  • Addendum kebic
    Addendum kebic

    The 'coup d'etat' had already occurred on Nov. 3rd. 2020.

    • Fagg Aliciouss
      Fagg Aliciouss

      @Addendum kebic people like you will never understand until it’s too late and you’ll be sitting around with your thumb up your keister WTF happened I could explain the tragedies that the Biden administration is doing to completely undermine our system and if you would rather have people cheat openly and destroy over 200 years of democracy then you’ll get what you deserve when it is destroyed which it is well on its way

    • Addendum kebic
      Addendum kebic

      @Fagg Aliciouss @ the whole Trump's presidency was one long 'slow motion coup'! VEGAS MASCACRE was the start followed by Russia Gate and couple of impeachment combined with constant violence throughout the country. So when the elections were held Democrats cheated openly and no one dared to do anything about it.

    • Fagg Aliciouss
      Fagg Aliciouss

      @Addendum kebic no doubt that was a heinous crime but that’s not a coup, that’s not the government being taken over, coup is exactly what happened without using one gun on the 2020 election by fake mail in ballots to a number that put Biden in the White House that is a coup d’état and brilliantly done. Another one is how the Kennedys were removed from everything. In today technically advanced Society a assassination of a president would put us in to a Civil War and they don’t want that they don’t need to do that yet there will come a time when all chaos in all ways will be upon us

    • Addendum kebic
      Addendum kebic

      @Fagg Aliciouss @ Actually 'the coup' started soon after Trump took office with the "VEGAS MASSCACRE" when retired gov. employee Stephan Paddock sprayed machinegun fire over the country music concert goers killing and wounding hundreds.

    • Fagg Aliciouss
      Fagg Aliciouss

      Do you noticed that no one gave you a thumbs up except me, our country is in a coup d’état and they don’t even know it those mail in ballots at the last minute to overturn the election I should say the legitimate votes in the election put the wrong person in the White House

  • The Real Cat of 2020
    The Real Cat of 2020

    Lucky for them, Trump is such a moron that he failed, despite the coup being handed to him on a silver platter.

  • Warseabee03

    Coup? Oh, you mean the one that cnn and the dem party attempted for over three years with the Russia hoax? Really no one ever thought trump would even try it and you idiot and your misinformation need to be stopped. Yet here we are seeing a big government looking into your social media, phone text messages, medial records, taking capital police nation wide “ guess they are the new nazi party”. Funny Biden and the shit left are the real threats to this great republic!

  • ORD 4R
    ORD 4R

    revisionist history

  • mark gasque
    mark gasque

    What a load of BS.

  • Daren Smith
    Daren Smith

    German-America , I saw this coming years ago! You don't have to be a graduate of West Point to see how FASCISTS were going to try to pull a coup! You just have to know history. The Nazis burned the Reichstag and blamed the Jews and Socialists! Trump and his supporters attacked the US Capitol and blamed BLM and Antifa! Who isn't against FASCISTS?????? My Great- Uncle ,a Staff Sgt. in the US Army died in a beach fighting against FASCISTS! He and many other soldiers who drought against Hitler must be rolling in their graves right now!!!! One thing Adolf Hitler did say was " What good fortune for those in power that people do not THINK"! Trump Supporters obviously did not THINK!!!!!!

    • Daren Smith
      Daren Smith


  • Shirley Reese
    Shirley Reese

    Jordan and all the other congresspersons and Senators that voted to overturn the election should be ousted from congress, PERIOD. They are traitors. They committed Treason, period. Off with their heads, the king would have said.

  • Cathleen O'Connor
    Cathleen O'Connor

    #cnntapesprojectveritas #exposecnn

  • Xa Veere
    Xa Veere

    You are SAVED by BELIEVING in JESUS CHRIST who DIED for ALL sin to SAVE ALL who BELIEVE in HIM. PROMISED ETERNAL LIFE by BELIEVING in HIM. He DID ascend to Heaven on the third day. HE IS at the right hand of God. He is preparing a place for ALL who BELIEVE. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all. Know the truth. Know who IS your Savior. Know that he suffered for ALL. To SAVE ALL. This life is clearly temporary and when you know why then it will confirm the truth even more! SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH. FEAR GOD. NOT MAN. PREACH THE GOSPEL. ITS WHAT JESUS DID! All Glory to God. Look at the world! WATCH 💌

  • Drew McKinney
    Drew McKinney

    As upsetting and disappointing as it is to watch a self-serving old man gaslight the nation and deflect blame, I have other things to do. I have an Underground Railroad history project to publish, lotta pressure since they're my great grandparents. Enjoy the soap opera, everyone. Classic example of the haves and have-nots.

  • Bajasurfer

    Putin has recently admitted that he helped Trump win election in 2016. Trump on national TV requested the aid of Russia to get Hillary's emails. Trump lied about his dealings in Russia regarding the Trump Tower in Moscow. Trump's "private" meeting with Putin in Helsinki straight up freaked out our Intell Services and many on Capitol Hill. God only knows what Putin has on Trump, but suffice to say, Putin found a willing dupe to help aid in the war against Democracy. Trump's adoration of Putin is too disturbing for words. The friend of my my enemy. Milley is a straight shooter who has dedicated his entire life to serving our country. WHO in their right mind would take Trump's side over Milley? About 30m Americans....and that is some sad, sad, schette. You people have been CONNED by Adolf Trumpler.

  • Drew McKinney
    Drew McKinney

    The spin is just so appalling. The rioters were his actual troops, serving under him in the same zones. They're extremists because they never received real leadership in the military. People aren't born evil, that's madness. These guys, after being paper pushers in high ranks, are all too happy to blame them(as inherently evil which isn't a thing in psychology) instead of taking responsibility. People are emotional though, they live in worlds of good and bad, magic and mysticism. When you're the boss, it's easy to prey on stupidity.

  • Stephen Frazier
    Stephen Frazier

    What a bunch of crap

  • Jim Douglas
    Jim Douglas

    CNN Chinese News Network

  • Jim Douglas
    Jim Douglas

    Another China puppet

  • Tailor Made
    Tailor Made

    The coup is joe Biden and Big Tec , they've overthrown the United States government

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty

      @Tailor Made Yes I do and I don’t give two shits if a nobody on You Tube doesn’t believe me. See how that works!

    • Tailor Made
      Tailor Made

      @slynnc kitty sure ya do

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty

      @Tailor Made So wrong….The only pills I take are vitamins and occasionally Aleve.

    • Tailor Made
      Tailor Made

      @slynnc kittylook at what those meds did to you , you are hooked to those pills , don't get me started on big pharma.

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty

      Forgot to take your meds again?

  • MikeyS

    what I on took from this, we all know the FBI and the CIA had operatives on the ground stirring things up on Jan 6th. A policeman died of a pre-existing condition. Some policemen were actually removing the barriers and waving the protestors in. Do you not find that strange? A woman protester was shot and killed in cold blood by one of PENCES security detail, instead of shooting unarmed citizens should that person not been with Pence doing his job? Now we have a General profiteering from a very tragic day that we don't know the true happenings of and telling wild stories with everyone he quotes denying his version of events. The real thing that stood out was this General would have committed genocide on people exacting their 1st and 2nd amendment rights. Who is the real Hitler here? Commie News Network, with an audience less than Nichleodeon flogging unsubstantiated garbage as usual. They are like the propaganda arm of the extreme left or State-run TV like China. Don't cry when they do come for your guns and install tyranny, you voted for it.

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty

      Ignore the Russian troll.

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama

    Trump could have arrested them Easy.

  • Herbert Anderson
    Herbert Anderson

    BS they watched this insurrection and did nothing, the rimg did not occur.

  • rchouser123

    You are fake news. Just watched the ad long enough to comment. Not watching your trash.

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty

      I get it, you prefer to watch the trash on Faux News. 😂

  • batman robin
    batman robin


    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty

      The place to watch the “big lie”.

  • Drew McKinney
    Drew McKinney

    This is Nathan Bedford Forrest playbook. Run the Klan, or in this case plow the protestors in Lafayette Square, then advocate for racial harmony later on in an attempt to rewrite history and gaslight the nation. It shouldn't soften this much or work this well, it only makes sense if people have the memory banks of a goldfish. It's surprising to me but not in regard to workmanship or quality of spin, rather people's willingness to go with it. This only works if everyone is really dumb.

  • Gangster 404
    Gangster 404

    If this came from a WP "reporter" and the communist news network cnn I would believe every word of it... And this is the same 4 star that stated before congress with a straight face he wanted to know what white rage is... China, Iran, Russia are laughing at us

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty

      They’re laughing at the state of chaos tRump turned the country into, but hey, it’s exactly what they want. You’re far too gullible.

  • Iam-doG Iam-miH
    Iam-doG Iam-miH

    There fleeing to daddy . Bye bye majority

    • Iam-doG Iam-miH
      Iam-doG Iam-miH

      It's racist Karen to correct anyone

    • Iam-doG Iam-miH
      Iam-doG Iam-miH

      Yes there

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty


  • Tom Zart
    Tom Zart

    TRUMP & ADVERSITY - 2021 !! There's no better teacher in life Like the troubles which come our way. Adversity strengthens our minds As we pray what to do and say. Constant success shows but one side Of the world we find ourselves in. Adversity teaches us all That people love, hate, lie and sin. Adversity and hardships bring us closer together When trust is the source of our every need. As we count on love and heed its will We overcome foulness, temptation and greed. Show me a liar and you have found a thief Whose character is controlled by hell. They love what's wrong and hate what's right And they're lucky they're not all in jail. THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR HEART ! By Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share! Google = George Bush Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet ISnets Google = Love War And More

  • David

    So you’re saying a top general was conspiring to overthrow the duly elected president of the United States, well that officer needs to be kicked out of his job immediately

    • slynnc kitty
      slynnc kitty

      “Duly elected” is a matter of opinion.

  • Dave Mendez
    Dave Mendez

    Trump has had the backing he does because he has preached hatred and division since day one which is exactly how his supporters are. They have inherited hate and racism from their ancestors all the way back before the civil war.

  • John Petrai
    John Petrai

    Mr.cooper do you know what they do to pedophiles in jail? You will learn your lesson in a big bubba way.

  • Garrett Ludlow
    Garrett Ludlow

    Cnn is so fakee

  • JoAnn Lebowitz
    JoAnn Lebowitz

    It is so scary

  • Valerie Schreijer
    Valerie Schreijer

    Biden is not really the President

    • Valerie Schreijer
      Valerie Schreijer

      Oh wait, he is the President of a corporation that was declared bankrupt in 2018. Do your research through DuckDuckGo. It doesn’t censor anyone like google and ISnets do 😊

  • Albert Escovedo
    Albert Escovedo

    This guy is SICK!!

  • Albert Escovedo
    Albert Escovedo

    How can people not see what this guy has always been up to ?

  • Albert Escovedo
    Albert Escovedo

    I always knew this guy, the so call President was exactly up to these tricks.

  • Rhonda M
    Rhonda M

    Why is this deranged man still walking around a free man? Much less considering running for President again! I think his rhetoric about running again is just a grift, he couldn’t stand it if he lost again therefore I doubt it’s true.

  • paulo Valentim
    paulo Valentim

    CNN is an organization without any credibility. In FACT all the shit media plays that same... No reliability and the people who's talking these 'news' are subject to future consequences... You people are talking about the MAJORITY of the American people... Are you people saying that the MILITARY of the US are going against their own people because there is a fight against (already proved by Maricopa Audity)) fraud in the elections?

  • Paweł Zieliński
    Paweł Zieliński

    Greetings from Poland to USA:

  • Joshua Webb
    Joshua Webb

    I’m more surprised so many people didn’t see these chickens coming home to roost for a while. 45 was saying things and getting people riled up with hatred and bigotry. Good luck trying to make that stick with the general population.

  • Maureen Abeli
    Maureen Abeli


  • kathy harris
    kathy harris

    Unbelievable these people haven't been strung up.... thought we had zero tolerance to treason. Taxpayers tired of incarcerating poor people for weed for decades while nazi fly their flags for free.

  • Thunderbolt 2
    Thunderbolt 2

    Milley, The Woke General 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Don't you usually need the military on your side if planning a "coup"? If this guy was in charge, what was the threat? I call FAKE NEWS from this officer.

  • George Henderson
    George Henderson

    Milley is a disgrace to the uniform, promoting the racist and Marxist CRT within the ranks of the military. Oh my...

  • Rick Petersen
    Rick Petersen

    Hahaha you mean the fadulent election

  • acool6401

    General Mark Milley is a true “American Patriot” and “American hero” in the deepest sentiment of those terms. Any conscientious American can only have the utmost admiration and respect for his integrity, demeanor, resolve and sense of priorities when faced with a complete disgrace and disgusting individual like Donald Trump.

    • E W
      E W

      Do you know chinese? You may want to learn.

  • Aaron Friel
    Aaron Friel

    Communist news

  • Allcingeye MAGA
    Allcingeye MAGA

    Milley is a traitor.

  • Jemai

    Salute and Respect to the generals for their integrity, loyalty to the constitution and true love of their country and fellowmen. 👏🏻

  • Rutiger

    That's what happens when the dumbest loser in the country is handed the reins. We the people have rely upon smarter folks to take up the slack. The adults in the white hose brought us through 4 years of chaos and stupidity by mouse brain tRump.

  • Rob H
    Rob H

    Lol! This is comical! Both sides must think the American people are stupid!



  • Ben AR-15
    Ben AR-15

    With audits going on , looks like Trump might have actually won guys. I know that’s not what you want to hear cause you guys are soft people.

  • Wayer Mane
    Wayer Mane

    Would have dropped them myself if they tried a coup

  • Mark Lentine
    Mark Lentine


  • Inquisitor Maplesden
    Inquisitor Maplesden

    fake news

  • Ali from Home
    Ali from Home

    At this time July 19th 2021 at 12:37 PM PDT, the likes and dislikes are 16k likes and 8k dislikes. What does that tell you?

  • Qynisha Lewis
    Qynisha Lewis

    Lies smh the sheep's are awaking Trump 2021 😘😘 fake news .

  • Junior-Corrado Soprano
    Junior-Corrado Soprano

    A coup lol. U guys are practicing 1984 orson Welles tactics. You were right then you went sideways just making up stuff now for likes clickbait. Bill cosby on the street btw I'm worried about that

  • William Llyod
    William Llyod

    Trump always wanted power

  • mac scrambles
    mac scrambles

    Not only should I'd be required to vote how about an iq test to prove you have a clue.

  • Len Olsen
    Len Olsen

    If any of you think huwhite supremacy is the number one problem in America. PLEASE look at “AK NATION NEWS” this brother breaks the narrative with FACTS!!!!!!! More people need to see the real problem!!!!!!

  • Len Olsen
    Len Olsen


  • Len Olsen
    Len Olsen

    If any of you think huwhite supremacy is the number one problem in America. PLEASE look at “AK NATION NEWS” this brother breaks the narrative with FACTS!!!!!!! More people need to see the real problem!!!!!!

  • Len Olsen
    Len Olsen

    If any of you think huwhite supremacy is the number one problem in America. PLEASE look at “AK NATION NEWS” this brother breaks the narrative with FACTS!!!!!!! More people need to see the real problem!!!!!!

  • Robert Teixeira
    Robert Teixeira

    There we go again CNN dividing America with lies. We black Americans are not falling for it anymore. ENOUGH.

  • Charles Salvaggio
    Charles Salvaggio


  • Joyce Myrus
    Joyce Myrus

    I’m encouraged to know this. They were guarding against trump.

    • Johan Trenier
      Johan Trenier

      @DreadXplayZS yes , sounds reasonable, what did President Trump do to you? Nice double negative, always adds so much value.

    • DreadXplayZS

      Nobody did nothing to trump or his Nazis because it only affected Jews a d people of color,so much for "ALL LIVES MATTERS" 🗑️🗑️🗑️

    • Joyce Myrus
      Joyce Myrus

      @Johan Trenier Biden and his crew . Perhaps.

    • Johan Trenier
      Johan Trenier

      Total BS

    • Johan Trenier
      Johan Trenier

      Who are guarding against now?

  • larry wiggin
    larry wiggin

    He’s suppose to be non political, this Clown should fired, he sounds just like the Marxist that he is and this is where we are heading as a country, Washington wants complete power over the populace, that is their goal, the press is a co conspirator, they are America’s version of Tass and Pravda the Russian puppet news agencies!

    • jmw545

      Your statement is ironic given how Trump's right hand man, former General Michael Flynn, cozied up to Pravda's replacement, Russia Today. But you are probably just a Russian Troll anyway, so nevermind.

  • Jim Mill
    Jim Mill

    CNN is so pathetic we got podcast that are doing better than have better ratings than CNN you guys are so far left it's pathetic

  • Jim Mill
    Jim Mill

    What's funny is is you guys think that Biden is more capable laugh out loud

    • g0679

      Watch more Hannity. He graduated high school. Nothing else, though.

  • FuK Stick
    FuK Stick

    Ya talking about the direct play book from Rockefeller foundation covid lockstep agenda of 2010? Ya are some treasonous traitors along with that oath breaker general! Even generals can be hanged for treason! The American populace are the biggest standing military on this planet!

  • Success

    CNN still talking about trump hahaha where’s ur Biden, need more views? Hahahhaa

  • Ralf Herweg
    Ralf Herweg

    Coming from the country where Nazis established their terror regime with the consent of the majority of the people I am quite thankful that Gen. Milley recognized the historical prarallel. But I am irritated why he did not take action on Jan., 6th.

    • Ben AR-15
      Ben AR-15

      Why didn’t any of them take action? I think they wanted this to happen so they could have something else to throw Trump under the bus over.

  • Nuclear Cat Baby
    Nuclear Cat Baby

    Don't be fooled. Milley is the guy who talked Trump into bombing Iran. Trump apparently promoted him to his current position because he really connected with him... I can see why, they're both fascists. Where was Milley on January 6th? Wasn't he too busy worrying about the military being infiltrated by Nazis? Surely he would have seen the Capitol riot coming a mile away? Unless he arranged for it to happen on purpose... Oh it was a Reichstag Fire moment all right...

  • 0sum gamezzz
    0sum gamezzz

    None of these notions were discussed by Trump to my knowledge. If Milley was discussing with other Generals ways to prevent this and it was never actually a thing, so to speak, and Trump had found out about Milley's conspiratorial language, he should have been brought up on charges.

  • Jessica Barber
    Jessica Barber

    Want truth about the 6th. Steve wilcos.

  • Jessica Barber
    Jessica Barber

    How come quanon doesn't go after jim Jordan? He let kids get molested and looked the other way. All for the almighty dollar.

  • Peggy Smyth
    Peggy Smyth

    Trump is a mental mess.

  • Jessica Barber
    Jessica Barber

    My God Trump tried to takeover the Pentagon with the flynns. Those fuckers should be in military prison.. Selling American secrets to Turkey.

  • Mark Beres
    Mark Beres

    Trump should have been in cuffs, Jan. 6 the His public speech encouraging his rabble, to stop the verification of the election, seen by the world, fits the definition of inspiration and by doing so with Ted Cruz and others makes it a conspiracy,ND a treasonis act. He committed treason twice before, by bribing the Ukraine for help winning the election and let Russia interfere as well I a not surprised in the least he would consider a coup. Thank God he is way to dim to organize one

  • gottabighit1

    Hmm ... If the top US Military leaders feared Trump might attempt a coup after the election... why were some Democrats opening doors for the dude with the Buffalo Head costume (and other harmless people like him) at the Capitol Building on January 6th? ... LOL Why wasn’t the military called to guard the Capitol Building? Oh? They were? Oh, by Trump himself? The National Fucking Guard was KEPT away from DC because the DEMOCRATS would not allow them there. The FUCKING Mayor of DC kept them out. CNN, you’ve got the world upside down.

    • gottabighit1

      @Nuclear Cat Baby That’s some pretty deep thought, NCB!

    • Nuclear Cat Baby
      Nuclear Cat Baby

      He didn't trust the military to not participate in the coup apparently because he was convinced that they were infiltrated by Nazis. I think that's just a cover and that he had intended on allowing the riot to happen so that he could use it as a Reichstag Fire moment to push through a Patriot Act 2.0 against domestic terrorists.

  • Laurie Cantin
    Laurie Cantin

    Why don't you read Mark Levine's book too, you one way fake news Liars

  • Laurie Cantin
    Laurie Cantin