See Jeff Bezos go to space and back

  • 801D012

    I'll have to admit, the production values have come a long way since Flash Gordon.

  • JD

    Why don’t you guys do some real journalism and discuss labor issues? We never hear about the coal miner strike in Alabama, the deplorable working conditions at Amazon, and the billions of dollars lost in wage theft when employers fail to pay workers the full wages to which they are legally entitled.

  • Nenad Perisic
    Nenad Perisic

    I hope he will stay there

  • Rod Tnuc
    Rod Tnuc


  • J Vegas
    J Vegas

    Dicks in spaaaaaace !!!!!!!


    warden rahman killed meghan from garfield high school in seattle, call all the jails in america to find out what's going on! her body is in the leon county jail in tallahassee or somewhere in a military base!

  • Yoyo Ma
    Yoyo Ma

    Snake of satan

  • Don Vauntari
    Don Vauntari

    New Prime delivery option on personal massage wand.

  • john doe
    john doe

    ROFL... in his brain. #CGI

  • Flusha Art
    Flusha Art

    So Bezo's cock shaped rocket finally penetrated flat earth.

  • Not-so Silent RED
    Not-so Silent RED


  • ET_2_0_1_0_2_5_ Tazrean Rifty
    ET_2_0_1_0_2_5_ Tazrean Rifty

    I think it was unfair by FAA to set a ruling that they are not Astronauts only Space tourists after they made the journey.

  • 441A444

    If only Laika returned in his place.

  • Chadosaurus Rex
    Chadosaurus Rex

    I like how thr shape of this rocket looks just like his head.

  • Goathead Butter
    Goathead Butter

    Acosta I would appreciate if you never use my statements....I only speak the truth... and to have a competitive liar like you use my phrases is an abomination upon mankind...

  • Goathead Butter
    Goathead Butter

    Ok.... let's say you can only get 50% vaccinated... that is a pretty good situation for longevity of our species... separate the fools from the truth is the best way...

  • Goathead Butter
    Goathead Butter

    You acosta and all of your conspirators are about to go down with all of the lies and people you get your info from.... good luck with your next job as cleaning trash you created upon the highways and in the cities....give up now.... we do not forget your lies cnn.

  • Goathead Butter
    Goathead Butter

    You news people accept peaceful protesters burning down buildings... but we don't support the truth....

  • Goathead Butter
    Goathead Butter

    Wouldn't Mars make the perfect place for criminals to build their world?????? Well you better think again.... WE SHOULD NOT DESTROY ANOTHER PLANET TO TRY TO SAVE OUR OWN..... WE DO NOT KNOW IF WE ARE DISTURBING ANOTHER ECOSYSTEM OR WHAT????? STAY OFF OF MARS!!!!! WE SHOULD ONLY OBSERVE.....

  • Goathead Butter
    Goathead Butter

    Bezos Musk whoever's the fuck you are .... you will wake up something that you did not want.... it is all because of your are trying to push us in this wrong direction....I am nothing I am not the one... I can only show you into the direction you should go...

  • Goathead Butter
    Goathead Butter

    Stay off of all of the planets....we are trespassing..... we should only observe these planets.... we will bring harm to ourselves.......

  • Goathead Butter
    Goathead Butter

    I say you have all of this money ..... fix our planet do not destroy what we do not understand......

  • Magnus The Red
    Magnus The Red

    Well that was a waste of money and resources

  • Anthony Campbell
    Anthony Campbell

    Is it me ? or does it look like a penis and balls 🤣

  • hugo lima
    hugo lima

    Why i only see comments from jealous people out there? Jeez, is there a probleme if someone have or, had a dream to go to space like these guys and they could afford it? For Bezos this cost nothing! Nothing on his fortune.

  • Jarno de Vries
    Jarno de Vries

    He went up to 66 miles, Branson to 56. For a few minutes. That's it, after 2 decades of development? I prefer not emitting the shitloads of co2 that it takes to not really get to space and use the money to buy toilets for the Amazon employees.

  • sureiguess1


  • Olalekan Akinfenwa
    Olalekan Akinfenwa

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  • Danny Baldwin
    Danny Baldwin

    🇺🇸 America there goes your tax dollars into space 🇺🇸🤫😁🚀🛶🚀

  • JW Circus Over Here
    JW Circus Over Here

    *Was he trying to get space pregnant in that giant phallic symbol?*

  • Joshua Goose
    Joshua Goose

    It’s honestly a demonstration of how capitalism is broken! If Jeff Bezos was paying his fair share in taxes like everybody else he wouldn’t be able afford to go to space. Secondly He has the money to pay lobbyist to give them an advantage tax code which he currently does pay lobbyist! Third We need to adapt our capitalism to the current technology that’s deployed in our economic system which was not designed for the current technology! To many jobs are being lost to AI and Robots ( universal basic income will be needed) 4th We need a break up companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, into smaller private companies to create competition! We Live in a socialist capitalist state not a pure Capitalist of the state! “Karl Marx once wrote that Capitalism would undo it self by its inherent greed factor” Final thought! In the game monopoly, at the end, only one person wins and everybody else loses! This is exactly where we’re headed right now!

  • Vita Petrus
    Vita Petrus


  • jimmyjohnn19

    droe parachutes go where?

  • jimmyjohnn19

    selling the product

  • Ana Tolj Makeup
    Ana Tolj Makeup

    You better gave that money people in need, where this world goes...

  • sagar

    This is soothing though

  • Paul Njau
    Paul Njau

    They could have done better cgi.

  • Alexander Machon
    Alexander Machon

    Such a shame he came back to earth

  • Hassan Shohag
    Hassan Shohag

    It’s a giant di….do 😆

  • Aj 21
    Aj 21

    Jeff's adventure gives new meaning to the expression " to the moon and back " 😂😂 Be like.. I'mma love you to the moon and back.. 😂😂

  • 99%

    Ngl it looks like a ding dong. Lol

  • Daniel Eriksen
    Daniel Eriksen

    Billionaires can have big toys and play a lot. Helps to build one's ego getting all that publicity. (Bezos owns the Washington Post so free coverage at will)



  • J Steingruber
    J Steingruber

    Pigs in space!!

  • Kush 26
    Kush 26

    nahhhh, i like Space X Elon the god

  • democrats are terrorists
    democrats are terrorists

    Shoot that shit down

  • Sasa Europe
    Sasa Europe

    Why at the beginning looks like a bad graphics,old game ?and in some scenes before end also?

  • Sweet Caroline
    Sweet Caroline

    Jeff Bezos goes to space in a personal massager

  • Geoffrey Thuku
    Geoffrey Thuku

    Americans have gone to the Space, Moon, Mars, n even beyond. But u know what, we Africans will b the first to go to the sun. N bcoz we are not foolish, we will go at night; so that we don't burn out.

  • Nunya Biz
    Nunya Biz

    Jeff’s next project is to clone a mini Jeff and fly his dick rocket to the moon so he can shoot lasers at Amazon employees for working to slow

  • Charles Phillips
    Charles Phillips

    1 min into flight: 575 mph, 2 min into the flight: about 1,800 mph (more than Mach 2).

  • S MK
    S MK

    Looks like Dildo flying to space 😆

  • Bill Do Sam
    Bill Do Sam

    Burning Dildo! Wow

  • Alex

    Why does he have to come back?

  • Jesse French
    Jesse French

    humans have been shooting each other into space since 1961. This is nothing new, at its core. This only shows how personal wealth has grown so much that a single person can fund their way into space. People will say "but the technological advancements blah blah". In a global pandemic there's much more good that could have been done with that money. Instead he took his pandemic earnings and blew it into space. Think of the economic and technological advancements if he'd used that money to provide vaccines for an entire country.

  • hrcutz

    Jeff might want to pay some taxes .


    He just went really high for 2 minutes 🤦‍♂️

  • Sam West
    Sam West

    Mama says space is like a box of chocolate

  • Sam West
    Sam West

    2 billion dollars later.................................

  • André Madruga Paulo
    André Madruga Paulo

    is that it ?

  • ElderBishopPastorReverendDoctorEvangelistOssie Lee
    ElderBishopPastorReverendDoctorEvangelistOssie Lee

    They didn't even fucking go anywhere! Wtf I thought he was going to actually stay up there


    Massive disappointment that it never blew up

  • john satterlee
    john satterlee

  • Evo Lu
    Evo Lu

    What’s with the overly excited woman doing some of the commentary? Must be getting paid well Looks like Bozo made it back. More’s the pity.

  • Stephen Kutos
    Stephen Kutos

    I wish they had left him out there. He degrades America's space program.

  • Bacon

    I was just imagining that capsule explode

  • Hister Shellac
    Hister Shellac

    no thanks

  • Onelove

    My 2 day prime shipping is late mr Jeff BOZO

  • Lar-Cisle G
    Lar-Cisle G

    I didn’t so much enjoy watching him return.

    • Lar-Cisle G
      Lar-Cisle G

      Idk maybe it was cool.

  • Ahmed Faraj
    Ahmed Faraj

    At an angle the moon looked like it was its balls

  • Ahmed Faraj
    Ahmed Faraj

    I guess he just wanted to see if the earth was flat

  • LibertyJustice

    Did I just watch Space Balls?

  • Kevin McQuade
    Kevin McQuade

    “We don’t need the video inside..” yes, yes we do.

  • LibertyJustice

    Dr Evil in real life

  • Rick Brashear
    Rick Brashear

    Horrible footage on the landing of the booster!!! Looked fake-ish

  • tune

    One stupid step for man one giant pollution for mankind

  • Luis Bento
    Luis Bento

    Some astronaut wanna be, big shit!

  • Restless dj
    Restless dj

    Moon nation game 🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀

  • Bruce Cook
    Bruce Cook

    Im very happy for them, what an amazing accomplishment :-D

    • Bruce Cook
      Bruce Cook

      @orange70383 what's your point?

    • orange70383

      How ignorant are you.

  • John Browne
    John Browne

    What a waste of money!

  • spinorman

    Humans have put thousands of satellites in orbit. We have many space telescopes exploring the beginning of the universe. We have explored up close the planets of the solar system and landed on a few. At this moment we have a helicopter hovering over the Mars landscape. We have sent two space crafts to deep space beyond the solar system. But somehow a multi-billionaire using this technology to personally float for a few minutes is historic? Something high altitude planes could do for you decades ago. Today I am embarrassed for our species.

  • Jeffrey Harvey
    Jeffrey Harvey

    Hey Anderson, do you think you could do just a little research on what you are reporting on so you don’t have to ask such stupid questions or make uninformed comments like”what is that!” When the sonic boom happens or not knowing what a drogue chute is compared to the main chutes. Off course this video comes from CNN. maybe that explains it.

  • Herb Superb
    Herb Superb

    Bezos (or other private sector concerns) will do what government tries to do twice as fast, and go 5X as far, on 10% of the expense as The State will. That's the power of the private sector, and the profit incentive. Look at the origins of powered flight. Government spent millions on 'commissions' to investigate the potential of powered flight, failed repeatedly, then after spending grotesque amounts of money decided that powered flight was impossible. Shortly after, two entrepreneurial bicycle tinkerers from Ohio, named Wright, who barely finished high school built a machine with their own money, that did what The State deemed impossible, and ushered in a new era of human progress. Put NO faith in government folks. They suck at everything. Always have. Always will. Private sector entrepreneurs have done more to improve people's lives, all over the world, than ANY government ever has, or ever will. Government's job is to LET THAT HAPPEN, not to interfere in it.

  • sandeep kumar
    sandeep kumar

    Meanwhile Musk prepares for Mars 😏

  • James Dean
    James Dean

    Boy that was anticlimactic

  • James Dean
    James Dean

    That's it ?

  • Guy in Colorado, Greetings!
    Guy in Colorado, Greetings!

    Someone said, "and tragically the spaceship returned safely to earth". And a nation goes into deep depression. What a f------ waste of resources. Shameful, really.

    • Pratik

      I think it's shameful that you just sit there bitching on the internet instead of doing something to help people yourself

  • Rudy Leotardo
    Rudy Leotardo

    One more moment and reason trump be more miserable and unhappy old man! I’m ok with that

  • Paul Alexander
    Paul Alexander

    I've been to the Washington Monument, caliphate in Egypt, Vatican in Rome. Hmmmmmm..never been to space..

  • C Mill
    C Mill

    He ruined it with the van Jones award. Van jones is nowhere close to civil! Haha! Tom Brady would have been a much better choice!

  • Larry McCauley
    Larry McCauley

    "See Jeff Bezos pay his taxes" would be far more preferable.

    • Charles Phillips
      Charles Phillips

      When humans begin to migrate into space, you know who will be left behind: The people who pay taxes.


    My dad got to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. I got to watch the guy who ruined book stores fly to space in a giant dildo.

  • Al Khadr
    Al Khadr

    Meanwhile Amazon employee have to wear diapers and work in sweatshop conditions...great

  • C One
    C One

    Who cares. Rich already did that.

  • Mojo Joji
    Mojo Joji

    Dick jokes aside this one was hard to watch

  • David Squibular
    David Squibular

    Wow. Just like the end of an Austin Powers movie: " I dunno looks like a giant..." "Dick ! " "Yeah ? " "Take a look out of starboard...." "Oh my God, it looks like a huge...." "Pecker !!" "Ooh...where ? " "Wait that's not a woodpecker, it looks like someone's..." "PRIVATES!!!! We have reports of an unidentified flying object, it has a long smooth shaft, complete with...." "Two balls !!! .....What is that ? That looks just like an enormous...." "Wang!! Pay attention !!" "I was distracted by that enormous flying....." "Willie...." "Yeah?" "What's that ?" "Ahh..looks like a giant...." "Johnson!!" "Yessir" "Get on the horn to British Intelligence and let them know about this...." And so on. Sorry couldn't help myself...

  • Kaseba Lifweka
    Kaseba Lifweka

    You really can do anything you want when you are rich rich hey.

  • Demarcus Faulkner
    Demarcus Faulkner

    Another billionaire in space

  • Robbie Blue
    Robbie Blue

    Who really gives a shit? Good 4 him

  • fiat 100-90 mwangi
    fiat 100-90 mwangi

    For a moment I thought the capsule did a hard landing