Ivanka spent hours trying to persuade Trump to call off rioters, new book claims

  • y g
    y g

    Anyone associate with trump is bad news! 'birds of feather stick together".

  • John LaRosa
    John LaRosa

    #FakeNews - CNN sucks

  • Pat McGroin
    Pat McGroin

    Stone was surrounded by Pride Boys. This was Trumps doing.

  • Horrible Program
    Horrible Program

    No offence but this wasnt an "insurrection". As an M.Eng I'd use drones with payloads and c4... wtf ppl would at least gun down ppl... like 2 ppl had guns lmfaoo... i literally have more firearm than the entire "insurrection" that day in my safe... wtf this fake af y'all fake

  • Eugene WAN KAN
    Eugene WAN KAN

    At the same time , Kimberly was dancing while watching TV; I doubt Ivanka was desperate convincing her father!

  • William Simon
    William Simon

    Who shot Ashli BABBITT??????

  • Nancy Quon
    Nancy Quon

    So, the question is: Would the military have defended the country against a Trump coup?

  • Michael Stuermer
    Michael Stuermer

    None of those fkers are sorry about anything other than that they put their power at risk. Even now only the plebes have been held accountable, all of those aholes who instigated this fiasco have not paid any real price let alone suffered legal action or lost their influence and power. Don't you dare give people like Ivanka any credit for stepping back from the precipice due to cowardice and fear of the ramifications.


    BS Ivanka Trump's performance is right there with the USA most infamous non president. She profited heavily just like the rest of the family. The only difference is she got scared first when her crackpot husband continued to rant on she realized it might cause trouble for her. She wasn't concerned for anyone's safety when the 'patriots' as she called them stormed the capital, just how it would make her look in the media. Too little, too late.

  • Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein
    Shoahshana Goldberg-Shekelstein

    As usual CNN fake news with their fake "anonymous sources".

  • Aloidi Pogo
    Aloidi Pogo

    This book is written by someone. Don’t buy into what this book says

  • thomasbh

    just to remind everyone, during this riot, there was poop everwhere because apparently someone took a dump in the lobby

  • Daniela Rodaro
    Daniela Rodaro

    Te debo algo? O es al revés?

  • Cheryl J
    Cheryl J

    We’ve always known. Trump behaves like a spoiled child.

  • Thomas Paul
    Thomas Paul

    The nastiest American president ever is the traitor who wanted to sell us to Russia

  • Star Sojourner
    Star Sojourner

    I love low taxes and america First.. but man, I absolutely CANT be blind to this and to racism

  • Al Mota Reports..
    Al Mota Reports..

    Is a coup attempt treason?

  • Crown Uk
    Crown Uk

    And Trump called for extra security on January 6th but it was denied

  • Crown Uk
    Crown Uk


  • Crown Uk
    Crown Uk

    Cnn paid John Sullivan $35000 to lead the charge into the Capitol January 6th.

  • Allen Pindel
    Allen Pindel

    Why don’t we get to the explosive revelations when CNN only talks about Trump because they don’t report news they only report what they’re paid to report. A reporter is the only job in the world were you can not do your job and still keep your job and make money

  • Univision

    CNN is fake news…

  • Ray Patricelli
    Ray Patricelli

    CNN do u ever get tired of spreading bullship i hope your building catches fire while u all are still in it.u have nothing in common with the average American's and neither does your hard headed listener's

  • Trent Nanney
    Trent Nanney

    You guys are some leaches and it’s my entertainment for today 😂

  • Rick Poulin
    Rick Poulin

    It doesn't matter if this is true or not whether Ivanka tried to intervene, his supporters believe he loves America. The truth is he is a Conman and gloated watching everything on cable television in the safety of the Oval Office when he told, in fact, (it's on video) his supporters "And we're gonna march right down to the Capitol, and I'll be right there with you". He told his followers he'd be right there with them and what did the Pretender in Chief do? He went to the safety of the Oval Office watching everything unfold on cable. Fast forward the clock, every supporter charged at the Capitol riot told authorities "I did it because this is what the President told me to do". What a joke he is, and people today still believe he loves America. He loves himself, like he proved everyday between 2016 and 2020 and still, to this day, continues his Big Lie with no proof whatsoever. Why are these facts so hard for supporters to figure out? Even Mike Pence was threatened with his life on that day, remember the chants "Kill Mike Pence", and what did the Pretender in Chief do about that? Absolutely nothing. ConMan extraordinaire!

  • decusq

    Wow, Mike Pence was so terrified of Trump's influence he was afraid of his own security detail. That speaks volumes.

  • first last
    first last

    Are there any stories on cnn that aren't about trump? The worlds kinda messed up, an all you care about is trump. 🤷‍♂️

  • Flo De
    Flo De

    I'm still surprised CNN is still broadcasting after their malicious lies . But I guess their viewers are pretty dumb.

  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday

    Nice fake news bro

  • Kristine

    It is making me sick… 😓

  • null null
    null null

    These are all actors, I don't care what any of them have to say, left or right, both have the same agenda they just pander to a different audience

  • Bo Jo
    Bo Jo

    These people know this video is a damn lie

  • Fizer Man
    Fizer Man

    TRUMP IS THE BEST! From the UK

  • Ed Forest
    Ed Forest

    For Trump and his MONSTROUS ego and narcissism the fact that his minions marched upon his direction was like a shot of powerful drugs right into his arm. I don’t think he has the ability to discern good press from bad press on him anymore…both feed the monstrous narcissistic hunger within him.

  • Rebecca Parker
    Rebecca Parker

    I smell bullshit, I don't think Ivanka did anything 😆

  • Michael Liles
    Michael Liles

    Ivanka didn’t make head way with her dad? How many times?

  • Jennifer Parker
    Jennifer Parker


  • DM WM
    DM WM

    how was it possible that the US were so close to becoming a dictatorship run by a psychopath? Do you need more policies to prevent such a situation from happening again? Looks like many people in the US would love to be led by a tyrant.

  • Clint

    What a disgusting set of creatures the trumps are

  • hv ac
    hv ac

    Ivanka stood next to Trump in the tent smiling while watching the rioters storming that Capitol while music was blaring and others dancing around celebrating .

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan

    True Lies CNN!

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan

    Totally Fake News!

  • galley o
    galley o

    CNN has pushed a narrative for decades that is hate speech. They have called this country racist and have influenced division between the races. 70 years ago there was racial discrimination, but today there is no better country that a black person would be better off in. This country has come a long way and should be recognized for it and praised.

  • Ken Ann
    Ken Ann

    There were no rioters jan 6 at the capital there was only one murderer that took the life of a 2 time tour of duty white female veteran for protesting the Democrat trampling of the constitution she served under

  • Benjamin Kline
    Benjamin Kline

    Not a fan of ivanka and her long nose husband love Donny tho

  • Rachal Falls
    Rachal Falls

    Wow. You guys must be so bored. You guys can't figure out anything else to talk about? Maybe the genocide going on in china or how about hunter Biden possibly having child pornography on that laptop? Or maybe inflation? Maybe talk about fauci's role in the pandemic? But ya know...none of these things seem to be of importance. Anyone who thinks this is a reliable news platform is beyond being way out of touch with reality. CNN is a joke and I do sympathize with the ACTUAL JOURNALISTS that have been made a mockery of because of their incompetent CNN coworkers. Such a shame.

  • James P
    James P

    CNN is comedy! 🤣

  • James P
    James P

    Trump won!

  • Ray Davies
    Ray Davies

    Way past time to turn up the gas on the big Orange.

  • global.001

    I extremely doubt Ivanka tried to do anything, this title is just a white wash on Ivanka. Shame on you CNN.

  • Tater Girl
    Tater Girl

    More lies

  • Edith Carter
    Edith Carter

    Trump is a mad man

  • Krista Taylor
    Krista Taylor

    Her bun wont be that tight in a couple of months. Its going to be flopping all over the place 🤷🏼‍♀️😆

  • zamev

    He thought "oh crap?" How did they know the exact words this evil imbecile was thinking?

  • Sue Graue
    Sue Graue

    it will be a good day for America when we no longer have to hear about the T family. it will make America great again.

  • Lotus Auer
    Lotus Auer

    Sure she did. Not like his followers would actually have thought twice if the trump family broke from donny being crazy and called against his supporters actions. Not like they also have money and media presence to get that word out. Nah, let's just try and convince daddy to be nice, then tell reporters about it when shit looks real bad.

  • D'Angelo BroadieYHWH
    D'Angelo BroadieYHWH

    @Stop talking about Trump he is a representative from the Kingdom Of The Most High. Talk about the homosexual agenda. The USA is supposed to be 1 Nation under Hashem/10,5,6,5. (YHWH). The US loves to meddle in others business when our own HOUSE is corrupt. Sweep around your own front door before trying to sweep around others. What does demos mean in Latin? From Latin daemon (“demon”), from Ancient Greek δαίμων (daímōn, “god, goddess, divine power”)...

  • Ellia Hode Eshye
    Ellia Hode Eshye

    World is full of assholes who are criminals. The Donald has his faults but he is not the crud satan

  • Space Intelligence
    Space Intelligence

    Because Trump is a FOOL while claiming to be there for America when he was really trying tojut DESTROY the Government of the U.S.A

  • Great White
    Great White

    CNN make believe will they ever stop.

  • Trump 2024 regardless of what y’all say.

  • Brandon Beamon
    Brandon Beamon

    Maybe fake news CNN should give him good press since they’re ALWAYS WRONG

  • Maria Moore
    Maria Moore

    Oh please. She was ...and still is... just as complicit.

  • Lies. Trying to rehab her record is vile.

  • Granny Reynolds
    Granny Reynolds


  • William Stall
    William Stall

    Biden whispers, "C'mon man! It's the aliens colluding with the man on the moon! And... and, and the neighbors!"

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    The world is so much better since Biden became President but Cnn is so focused on Trump This is one deranged network Unsubscribe

  • XxCl0udy_Spr1ngSxX


  • Sean Rathbun
    Sean Rathbun

    The next civil war will not be the North against the South, the blacks against the whites, it will be Republicans against the Democrats, maybe then we can get back to some peaceful times.

  • Sean Rathbun
    Sean Rathbun

    Do you really expect anybody to believe what the media says nowadays



  • Miss Barilla De Fenton
    Miss Barilla De Fenton


  • Michelle Iler
    Michelle Iler

    She has her husband's money.....so they will let her slide grrrrrrrr.

  • Michelle Iler
    Michelle Iler


  • joe smith
    joe smith

    CNN is CooCoo

  • Lioness Roar
    Lioness Roar

    Those are Hitler's Words, "Only I Can Fix This."

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee

    Let's not forget about how the Democrats never tried to persuade rioters, looters, and arsonists to stop

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C

    Cnn lies and more lies. Your ratings prove that.

  • Tom White
    Tom White

    Trump has to do time

  • funkman0811

    There is NO Conscious reason that TRUMP remains free. He should be LOCKED up in Prison awaiting his trial for TREASON and Sedition to our Nation. And if found Guilty (which he most certainly is) BE HUNG for it, That also includes those who Pandered to Trump Voicing his Big Lie and supporting this insurrection like Jim Jordan. We must Show our Democracy is not WEAK but STRONG. And we will RESOLVE this with our laws even if it calls for the DEATH PENALTY and using DEADLY Physical Force if needed.

  • Scott R
    Scott R

    At the same time Lord Eric, and Orange Junior were egging their bloated daddy to keep on keeping on his coup attempt.

  • Rodger Bane
    Rodger Bane

    Its not like tRump ever tried to hide his intent. And BE CLEAR. The dynamics of the situation demand that for tRump to do what he wants and to get away with it, he'd have to shed OCEANS of blood. The guy is so hated people danced in the streets around the entire world when he lost and for him to illegitimately hold power would require unspeakable levels of violent repression. The likely outcome would have been civil war. I find it slightly funny, tRump supporters know how angry they are, but I think they are blissfully unaware of how angry everyone else is at tRump and co. I simply not willing to accept a dictatorship from one of the most loathsome individuals to ever live.

  • Geoffrey Rosado CERTIFIED BOSS
    Geoffrey Rosado CERTIFIED BOSS

    These CNN anchors are just making io everything they can

  • David Vogles
    David Vogles

    Projection much? this is exactly what happened to Trump. Wake up people CNN are projecting


    People that need to pay for "love" are usually clients of a prostitute.

  • jtslaptop

    Five people were not KILLED! One unarmed female veteran was KILLED by an irresponsible Capital Police Officer, who fired the only shot that day. That is how dangerous it was that day - no other shots were fired, and the officer firing the fatal shot didn’t even empty his gun, as they are trained to do in dangerous situations. Four Capital Police Officers DIED of natural causes.

  • Andy Tran
    Andy Tran



    Calling bob the builder now?

  • Rodney Clements
    Rodney Clements

    just in the rumor is that don lemon payed for the rioters taxi to get to the white house. true story

  • American Flower
    American Flower

    Event 201 funded Shi Zhenlig for SARS-CORONAVIRUS2 experiment!

  • Markus Hayden Sutherland
    Markus Hayden Sutherland

    "Ivanka, you need to come back down here and give your father another lap dance before he kills us all!"

  • Eric Loebach
    Eric Loebach

    This "book" may just be looking for virgin buyers, and when you buy it. She only talks about herself, doesn't even mention daddy dearest...

  • Dixie Hernandez
    Dixie Hernandez

    The whole grand picture of the events are shocking and disturbed and extreme! Thank God President Biden is now in Office. Many of us shudder to think! Our Allies are relieved as well.

  • Christina Slaughter
    Christina Slaughter

    The whole family are professional con artists they know EXACTLY what they’re doing and play victim at end!!and Donald trump committed treason against his own country why isn’t he arrested?!!!

  • MirroredWinds

    Ivanka knew this was going to happen, she doesn't deserve any leniency as she helped extensively to further the treasonous goals of her father and she should go to prison with him. That said she still could have a chance at some kind of minimal redemption by breaking with him and helping us make sure that monster doesn't get another chance at destroying our entire society. We all knew on Jan 6 while we watched that play out live that this was what he wanted. Dictatorship over America and tyranny on our minority populations.

  • Meg Wysatta
    Meg Wysatta

    Too little too late

  • tom maines
    tom maines

    The whole program is based on gossip and b*******

  • Blue Bull69
    Blue Bull69

    More CNN BS.

  • spider BlackWidow
    spider BlackWidow

    If that is true what ivanka says in her book or claims I saw a video where she was smiling and clapping with a group of people with her father watching the riders go to it

  • Alfredo Perez Velazques
    Alfredo Perez Velazques

    LMAO. Fake news CNN aka Clinton news network, are still butt hurt because President Trump exposed them as Fake News & just a bunch of radical liberal mouth pieces.