Bernstein: Top US general compared Trump to 'Hitlerian fascism'

  • Kaan Cantenor
    Kaan Cantenor

    Deep State is real in the United States!!

  • Mark Demoto
    Mark Demoto

    So some dumb CNN reporter read a book. This guy makes a claim that Donald Trump said something and it's in print so it must be true. Really.................what ever happened to substantiated statements? Good grief!!! Have you brought you view ship up yet? Fake news and people clawing to keep their ratings up. Down 75% and falling. Go bankrupt already!!!,

  • Dimic Dragan
    Dimic Dragan

    Well that explains a bit why nazis are re emerging across the globe... all those neonazi organisations have support and get command from the main nazi org from usa. Usa has become nazi super spreader... when they are removed from usa, the other orgs will die... head of the snake needs to be removed...

    JAKE SAMUAL Do you think the Supreme court will?

  • Tony Giannetto
    Tony Giannetto

    Boy the way Glenn Miller played Songs that made the hitparade Guys like us we had it made, those were the days And you knew who you were then Mr. we got a man better than Herbert Hoover this time

    • Cynthia Copland
      Cynthia Copland

      Too bad that 45 didn’t keep it All in the Family. Thanks for the reference

  • john satterlee
    john satterlee

  • Maksim Ghyvoronsky
    Maksim Ghyvoronsky

    I certainly did Nazi this coming!

  • XM3 053
    XM3 053

    CNN doesn't realize that Trump is no longer the President. Why don't they focus their attention to the train wreck of a President we have now?

  • Miguel Cabrera
    Miguel Cabrera



    What's ironic is that Fascism does not support private property rights and a free market society. It's a catch phrase used by people who should know better, and useful idiots that don't know better. Shame on you CNN.

  • la mulata linda Martinez
    la mulata linda Martinez

    402 years of the LIE of wt supemacy is finally crashing and burning. This sick addiction to wt-ness is destroying your country. These people will burn it all down if they can't have their fix of privilege

  • Naz Thomas
    Naz Thomas

    White republicans can’t you see that trump and company is using white racists to enrich themselves by telling you what you want to hear

  • Naz Thomas
    Naz Thomas

    Shame on all these pro trump networks the Lord Jesus Christ will judge you for lying to the people in Jesus name amen

  • Naz Thomas
    Naz Thomas

    White republicans your party is no longer a Republican Party this is a authoritarian party now. Please wake up

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama

    Trump said years ago. The generals cant win. He is proven right

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama

    Milley, the guy who lost yet another war? A disgrace to the US.

  • Cedar Hill Workshop
    Cedar Hill Workshop

    We should all be afraid that people like Mark Milley are at the highest levels of the military. Fortunately the Joint Chiefs have no command authority. They are politicians

  • Allen Church
    Allen Church

    Mitch McConnell and the Republican party is at much to blame As Trump

  • Wieger Wieger
    Wieger Wieger

    General Milley probably never guessed he would get involved in meme warfare.

  • Craig W.
    Craig W.

    Roll trump

  • Norvel Curtis
    Norvel Curtis

    "Trump's Derangement Syndrome" is a condition for which we all need a vaccination.

  • J W
    J W

    These guys in the upper ranks of the military are just politicians and most if not all of the troops have little to no respect for them.. True leaders would not be speaking this is obvious there is nothing left but, a man wearing a representation of what he used to this case, he is a bought and paid for voice box for the leftist party..

    • Wieger Wieger
      Wieger Wieger

      Your idea of right and left looks a lot like a magnet without a south.

  • Alan Jay
    Alan Jay

    Mark Milley is all on board with the coming Communist Democrat party dictatorship.

  • Tricky Dicky Ball
    Tricky Dicky Ball

    Milley, a woke(weak) pretender coward.


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  • Jettabusy Jackson
    Jettabusy Jackson


  • Stevie V
    Stevie V

    ...but he's still allowed to run again after everything that's coming out including jan 6th? The grifts, the final days, the threats, the lies, the courts, the violence he still provokes and more. I get he's still the leader of that party but this is insane that he can still run again.

  • acool6401

    General Mark Milley is a true “American Patriot” and “American hero” in the deepest sentiment of those terms. Any conscientious American can only have the utmost admiration and respect for his integrity, demeanor, resolve and sense of priorities when faced with a complete disgrace and disgusting individual like Donald Trump.

  • Culinary Punks
    Culinary Punks

    Texas democrats contract covid while on plane without masks. Where are you CNN?

  • Mark Mitchezee
    Mark Mitchezee

    Hilarious ! CNN simply can't stop Lying. Priceless ! How bout them Laughable ratings ?

  • Steeler 1954
    Steeler 1954

    What, Trump... character? Cow...eggs?

  • Criss Princess
    Criss Princess

    Wow 😯

  • Miguel Capristo
    Miguel Capristo

    !! Why are we hearing. More and more often about this p.s., can't you stay away from this,,.. ?? Please no more, ok, we have a president we don't need to hear about a nagging asshole every so often

  • J K
    J K

    It’s no wonder that Trump hasn’t been arrested yet. He’s the Teflon Don; nothing sticks to this guy, kinda makes you think that if he were to be charged by The Senate if he would have to actually face the American people and do time for his crimes, only time will tell. Perhaps nothing will happen but history never forgets. There’s always the facts to consider here and while a very small display during the January 6th 2021 Attack on our nation’s capital building and the lives lost, this could’ve been lots worse. The big lie is still gaining traction and his people will blindly follow his orders as they did that day.

    • Joe

      That's true but, I'm finding less and less people are following him. His following is collapsing just like his businesses. Heck even the banks are distancing away from him. Its just a matter of time.

  • Junior-Corrado Soprano
    Junior-Corrado Soprano

    Hitler was a socialist. That's why he is Hitler. Thank you karl marx

  • lily boone
    lily boone

    Watch what has happened to Turkey the last eight or so years, trumpet is that future for us. Terrifying.

  • Byron

    Biden is Hitler hes working with big tech to silence and ban opposing views can anyone give me an example of trump working with Facebook to ban or silence people who disagree with him? The republican party is the party for the people and for the constitution the new democrat party is a radical anti White even though half of them are white, bigoted and fascist party

  • Joe P
    Joe P

    Quit talking about trump everyday, and arrest his ass. That's all we want to hear from you.

  • Drunken Octopus
    Drunken Octopus

    And yet Portland AntiFascists trashed the Democrat Party offices in Portland, the day of Biden’s inauguration. 🤔

  • cvffgt881

    Compare the police brutality of one man, George Floyd, with the repression of millions , 50% black, in Cuba. BLM proved is not about race, but about using blacks to bring communism to America. They support the police brutality against blacks in Cuba. I guess their lives don"t matter.

  • Festus Nord McCrapweasel
    Festus Nord McCrapweasel

    Aldo Raine had the right idea.

  • Paul

    Bernstein is a shell of his former Watergate self! For 3 years, he and buddy Woodward swallowed all the lies fom the Democrat party on the Russia hoax! 50 years ago they would have torn the cover off those lies like the did Watergate!

  • Michael44
    Michael44 ROASTED POTATO: CNN's Brian Stelter gets humiliated by guest on his own show. CNN's beleaguered host Brian Stelter was surprised on Sunday on his own show, when author Michael Wolff attacked him for being "one of the reasons people can't stand the media."



  • Ryan Singer
    Ryan Singer

    Its interesting how ignorant these people with big shot reputations really are. "Fascism" is not just a name you call people you disagree with, its a real word with a real meaning. Fascism is from the ancient Latin "Fascismo" which is a bundle of sticks used for corporal punishment in ancient Rome. It was an Italian idea used by Benito Mussolini to create a movement of individual submission to the state. It is a type of Socialism that defines the "collective" as all persons of a particular national identity as the collective that is put in charge of the "means of production" as Socialism prescribes. Fascism is Italian idea from World War II, it is very specific political philosophy and very Italian, it was invented by Italians for Italians and it is from the 1930s. National Socialism called Nazism, is different version of Socialism where the "collective" is defined by racial identity, not national identity like Fascism. Fascism is not National Socialism and National Socialism is not Fascism. Although, both Fascism and National Socialism evolved over time, their founding principles remain unchanged. There is no modern equivalent existing in the world in 2021 to National Socialism, nor Fascism. These are 1930's ideas. To say " a Fascist like Hitler" is an embarrassingly ignorant thing to say. Hitler was not a Fascist.

  • Joe Causey
    Joe Causey

    Who pays U dead beats to say this

  • Shicka Caper
    Shicka Caper

    Meanwhile communism is rampant throughout the world.. and more importantly Trump has been out of office for months!! You're all stuck the past. The Nazi party died half a century ago. You're living in a movie

  • Parslow Pongbert
    Parslow Pongbert

    I don’t think Milley can be trusted either. As trump appointed him, he likely was approved by Putin. It’s more important to Putin that Milley keeps his job even at trumps expense, given that trump is out and Milley is still in.

  • BossHawg

    Milley is lying was with every breath.

  • Dustin Mitchell
    Dustin Mitchell

    Last I checked .. Hitler was pro censorship (just like the left). And last I checked .. trump is fighting AGAINST censorship. Just one of the many things I've noticed that proves that the left is more like Nazi Germany than Trump or his followers are.

  • Cookie Blue
    Cookie Blue

    USING Trump TO compare Hitler is the biggest insult to Hitler ever

  • SmoothLegend

    Can we just have the Winter Soldier snipe em and be done with it? That’d be nice.

  • Christian Tyler
    Christian Tyler

    If trump was anything like hitler there wouldn’t be a cnn or a left

  • Leah Gary
    Leah Gary

    Far right wing extremist conservative Republicans have officially lost their mother f*ck*n minds. 😐 Trump is evidence of that.

  • Trigger Happy
    Trigger Happy

    Every Commie needs their “fascists!” You guys are scared to death about Trump’s return! LMAO Liars!

  • Angel 123
    Angel 123

    When trump says one race is better than another then ill agree with general swamp rat.

  • David Reitsma Jr
    David Reitsma Jr


  • Jay-Zeel Terbilinsky
    Jay-Zeel Terbilinsky

    Cnn hasn't had extraordinary reporting since desert storm Just trump deragement

  • Joseph P
    Joseph P

    I wonder if any of these people actually believe the bullshit they are saying. Criminal president. Name 1 law he broke. I can name SEVERAL that biden has broken including the Border wall that he just abandanded.

    • Joseph P
      Joseph P

      @Bert Hubnip i really hope you learn the real truth man you and so many democrats are being wrongfully lied to by your own party. i genuinely feel bad because you wont listen to other ideas because the left has taught you that other ideas are evil and racist.

    • Joseph P
      Joseph P

      @Bert Hubnip im going to take a guess and say your one of thoes ANTI border people since your worried about the legalities of our national securety. Which by the way the president does not need to request funds for national security reasons. So go ahead find a law that Trump broke ill wait. and if you are wrong you have to promise that you will stop watching CNN and just listen to what FOX news has to say. if you refuse to be open minded then that just shows you have textbook conviction bias.

    • Joseph P
      Joseph P

      @Bert Hubnip no but it doesn't surprise me that you think that's true if you're watching CNN.

    • Bert Hubnip
      Bert Hubnip

      Wasn’t the border wall illegally funded by funneling military funds after congress refused to fund it?

  • poouvieng kongsima
    poouvieng kongsima

    its funny how delusional they sound always compare someone to hitler or something racist when it don't fit their narrative.. PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP TO THE LIES AND COVER UP!! CNN FAKE NEWS!

  • poouvieng kongsima
    poouvieng kongsima

    Whats is dangerous is Biden and the nuclear button. 🤣

  • The Lastminmom!
    The Lastminmom!

    Private citizen runs for president and actually wins. And you guys have called him a traitor ever since. He’s not a career politician, like Biden. Why would someone who’s never been in politics before, run for President? Why would anyone do that? It’s a stressful job. But he took it on. You think it’s because he’s a criminal? That’s why he ran? Please. Why wouldn’t he just keep being a rich criminal, then??? I know. He wanted to MAGA.

    • Bert Hubnip
      Bert Hubnip

      Lmao HUH You’re confused on why an egomaniac would want to be president? He lowered his own taxes by a significant amount and doubled the membership fee at Mar-A-Lago to $200,000 the very DAY he was inaugurated. He wanted attention and money.

  • Beau

    Trump 2024

  • Survival Gal
    Survival Gal

    "Trumpism" IS fascism!

  • Dino Guallpa
    Dino Guallpa

    Donald Trump broke y’all’s back, all you (CNN) do is sing his name in the shower. SMDH.

  • cmscms123456

    Gen Milley has committed TREASON... he wears a uniform to look official, but he's really just another 'stolen valor' COWARD!

  • The Freeze -  Criminal Fetus video's
    The Freeze - Criminal Fetus video's

    here's a video tribute to the Noble Trump family -

  • Bobby As
    Bobby As

    Thank God we have some decent intelligent leaders in our military. Having served myself I always believed that no matter what they would protect us from an out of control maniac like Trump.

  • Entao Lu
    Entao Lu

    --)+--)+&*)&& American virus/American flu Coronavirus originated in the United States. Two virus leaks occurred at the U.S. Virus Laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland, U.S. in 2019.On October 18, 2019, the 7th Military World Games was held in Wuhan china. American soldiers brought the coronavirus to Wuhan. the United States virus infected the world.Americans are trying to hide the truth The flu comes from the U.S., Covid-19 come from the United States.

  • Ankathreen Hoffman
    Ankathreen Hoffman

    He trashes everyone! Why is he not in JAIL.

  • Knowledge Free
    Knowledge Free

    HOW???? ARE YOU PEOPLE REALLY THAT DUMB??? When government (elected officials) allowed Trump to leave the White House after the insurrection and then allow Trump to continue his danger speech and activities after leaving shows that all these officials are guilty by association.

  • John O
    John O

    Vote the whole republican nutshow out asap!!

  • Ab Zed
    Ab Zed

    Must Watch!!!!! *"USA Government Sabotage Manual"* they don't want you to know about, WATCH before ISnets remove it:

  • Cindy Miller
    Cindy Miller

    Personality inventory should be a prerequisite for service in Congress. We have obviously failed!

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams

    He couldn't have said it better!

  • George Ross
    George Ross

    Jim Jordan is a small man

  • George Ross
    George Ross

    Join the Republican party, no voting, no education, no medical, no living wage

  • George Ross
    George Ross

    Republicans are bad people

  • George Ross
    George Ross

    KKRK, Ku Klux Republican Klan

  • kyle Jameus
    kyle Jameus

    Trump's best people QAnon, conspiracy theories believers, Proud boys, White supremacy, Trump's Republican cult not leaders Hate ,divide, conquer ,coverups 😤 and lies is not America 🇺🇸......... Dictator wannabes Free,brave, powerful, trusted serve and protect is America 🇺🇸....... Leader's 👏

  • Buff Nasir
    Buff Nasir

    What is the rules for treason of our country because I know Trump has broke all of them why isn't he an his cult not arrested an banned from our country for the safety of all Americans of all colors smh

  • Rob Hsomething
    Rob Hsomething

    This is why Trump kept complaining about “antifa” - anti-facists.

  • Cindy Hidalgo
    Cindy Hidalgo

    That is what scares you and angers you! That those Republicans still go with this and pump it up! Stirring and stirring all kinds of hatred pulling every rotten evil aspect out of mankind in this country. Now starting in other countries! Is this what America is now?

  • MediaFaust

    Even Karl Marx himself said "I am not a so called Marxist". And he wrote the book.

  • simon ward
    simon ward

    Biden will go down in history as worst clown fool corrup fruadlent prisdent

  • simon ward
    simon ward

    USA burns because demmo crap and far left and CNN Twitter Facebook blm.

  • simon ward
    simon ward

    Dictorship by demmo crap and CNN twritter Facebook all lies lies lies lies

  • simon ward
    simon ward

    General Milly is willly the only coo was from demmo crap Russia gate. Rig election cover up hunter biden corriup and espsteine peddo island Hillery emails this deep state and swamp these CNN clown and fool a r reporting on truth of them self every word they speak about them the truth

  • simon ward
    simon ward

    All lies and bullshit from crazy left and peddo crap demmo

  • Tomy Tharian
    Tomy Tharian

    How is that there were no wars initiated by US under Trump, while withing 100+ plus days of Biden rule the world is exploding ?!! Peaceful coup by Trump.. General ?

  • Kevon Mason
    Kevon Mason

    Arizona Preliminary Senate hearing held 17th July reported the following sample of fraud. 3,981 voters registered after the deadline. 11,326 voters who were not on the voter roles as of November 7th, but mysteriously appeared on the voter rolls between 7th November and 4th December.18,000 voted on election day and were then removed shortly after the election. 74,243 mail-in ballots were cast with no evidence of ever having being sent out by Maricopa County. If Maricopa County did not send these out, who did? Preliminary subtotal of fraudulent votes so far is 107,550 and more to come. The Democrats have been subpoenaed to hand over passwords for the Dominion Voting machines, but still refuse to. Now if there is nothing to hide, why are the Democrats refusing to hand over the passwords etc. The court will eventually deal with these crooked Democrats hopefully. It is evident to me that Democrats are fighting voting integrity because they will never be able to cheat their way into government again.

  • Judith Norfleet
    Judith Norfleet

    Well put. Some people were hiding behind possible destruction of Democracy.

  • Kevin Ander
    Kevin Ander

    Sure a lot of communist democrat losers here.

  • Kevin Ander
    Kevin Ander

    General Milley is a liar, traitor, and does not protect the constitution, he protects the communist left and has supported their illegal and unconstitutional take over of the United States!

  • Gray Wolf
    Gray Wolf

    This general is a coward unforthy!

  • Will Storm
    Will Storm

    There are however too many guns all across the USA and a lot of them have worshipped at trumps feet. A coup calls out to gun crazies, just look at the 6th as a practice run.

  • yankee mike2000
    yankee mike2000

    Trump's intelligence has been demonstrated over and over by his inability to speak at a level over 6th grade and his absolute inability to write anything by himself. CAN HE READ? He cannot even be compared to Hitler's evil. Trump was, is, and will be far dumber. Very dangerous, but so stupid!!! Had to take an intelligence test to rave about his results. Unbelievable. Now, any GOP member, aren't you concerned about your own intelligence if you are still following this clown?

  • Clown Chaos Time
    Clown Chaos Time

    Party over country....the Republican mantra

  • Connie Echols
    Connie Echols

    Thank u 2all AMERICANS who leave A FACTS BASED N real life N TRUTHS from the past 4years... repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeatedly regurgitation regurgitation regurgitation regurgitation regurgitation regurgitation regurgitation hate the others repeat. 2feed the algorithm only helps THE MASSIVE social platforms 2become even more super UBER DUMMM ass rich while the REST SUFFER on all levels PIC ANY1 u may personally care4...imagine IF 1could only comment on matters at hand&ways 2overcome them by working 2gether...this feeds ALGORITHMS on data on how 2keep us AGAINST ourselves...Now add the world ADDING N2 this country mix!!! We all need 2boycott every1&thing that's NOT TRYING AN SHOWING results of fixing wtf needs 2b done...remember evil&hate only moves if we all allow it,these PLATFORMS R fully aware these FACTS AN MOVE,word them as such not 2have 2face any responsibility when it's time 2play the price...yet the SMALL EVERYDAY human get boild alive....COMMON SENSE &stop FEEDING trillairs....WHATS AFTER THAT ??

  • Brian Gray
    Brian Gray

    Carl Bernstein the great investigative reporter along with the other bullsh#tter Bob Woodward talking about Trump while the Biden crime family is starring them in the face this leads me to believe that Watergate investigation was a lie by a couple of swamp grifters