John Bolton argues for continued US military presence in Afghanistan

  • Anastasia Romanov
    Anastasia Romanov

    Have you believed the gospel? The gospel is that Jesus died on the cross for your sins was buried and rose again the third day

  • Anastasia Romanov
    Anastasia Romanov

    Go home war monger.

  • Antonio Ribeiro
    Antonio Ribeiro

    send the mustache to the front.

  • Yasir Muhammad
    Yasir Muhammad

    I am worry about his mustache ,,, its look funny when he talks

  • CP M
    CP M

    Fox needs to learn from this. These two don't agree at all, but they also don't talk over each other or start hurling petty childish personal attacks.

  • International Stereo
    International Stereo

    Oh, Khloe Kardashian now has a show on CNN!

  • Frank Mendez
    Frank Mendez

    If Bolton feels a need to stay in Afghanistan, then he can move his family over there...

  • dick castle
    dick castle

    War criminal should be in jail and probably executed for his crimes

  • Harris S
    Harris S

    This guy lost his mind long time ago.

  • Ace

    What a shill. Bolton is a cancer to american foreign policy

    • Harris S
      Harris S

      You're 100% Correct

  • True Terror
    True Terror

    For John Bolton there is no such thing as ending a war. All he wants is permanent war all over the world.

  • Rohit911

    He is right , USA lost patience and leftists succeed to convince people with Taliban narratives.

  • Free Muslim
    Free Muslim

    united states gvmt are terrorist he is one o fthem he destroyed some many countries may ALLAH destroys his life

  • the doctor airsoft
    the doctor airsoft

    Screw you Bolton you war hog

  • Poop Mcgoop
    Poop Mcgoop

    This is the most pointless interview I have ever scene

  • Diego Alvarado
    Diego Alvarado


  • Heelix Ranier
    Heelix Ranier

    NO. They had 20 years to figure it out. Bush's War on Terrorism just made terrorism worse. Seriously. How about a little "America First". For once, I hate to say this, but I think Biden and Trump were on the same page about the US leaving Afghanistan and I agree as well. We have our own problems to work on here at home. They had 20 years to figure this out. Not to mention where is it the US"s place to tell other countries how to run their countries? And so even here at home in the US, we've seen that even our own "Democracy" doesn't even work.

  • Mcnight Smith
    Mcnight Smith

    Fuck no it is time we get out

  • Mcnight Smith
    Mcnight Smith

    Well oh well they had 20 years to oust the Taliban now it is time to sink or swim... not our fight anymore

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S

    Make it a requirement that our leaders' children must serve in our wars. You will see the wars end quick.

    • Heelix Ranier
      Heelix Ranier

      Or how about make it a requirement that those who wish to become president must have served in the military first. Then maybe they'll understand what war is really like.

  • Henok Bereket
    Henok Bereket

    The taliban didn’t bomb new york

  • tony montana
    tony montana

    Bolton loves war but never fought In one. Lead the charge little pee man.

  • Kabul Khan
    Kabul Khan

    Talibans learn their mistake, And they Will Coming Back Very Smart and Strong, They Will Be A role model for other Islamic country.s . We all be witnessing Control of Talibans Behind Afghanistan borders soon .

  • Net 7
    Net 7

    Bolton is right again.

  • Hit -
    Hit -

    Warmonger alert!

  • Aajab Bin Magosh
    Aajab Bin Magosh

    Pentagon should send Bolton to Frontline and fight instead of him talking too much on TV's

  • L Taku
    L Taku

    4:50 She should have asked, "Who failed to provide all the arguments? Because that's neglect."

  • Xa Veere
    Xa Veere

    You are SAVED by BELIEVING in JESUS CHRIST who DIED for ALL sin to SAVE ALL who BELIEVE in HIM. PROMISED ETERNAL LIFE by BELIEVING in HIM. He DID ascend to Heaven on the third day. HE IS at the right hand of God. He is preparing a place for ALL who BELIEVE. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all. Know the truth. Know who IS your Savior. Know that he suffered for ALL. To SAVE ALL. This life is clearly temporary and when you know why then it will confirm the truth even more! SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH. FEAR GOD. NOT MAN. PREACH THE GOSPEL. ITS WHAT JESUS DID! All Glory to God. Look at the world! WATCH 💌

  • AK

    US have everything, I don't think they need any thing else. It's a hate with Islam that appeared thru its brutality in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Pakistan etc.

  • Manto Konyak
    Manto Konyak

    He's got a succinct & poignant ppints... sad to say John Bolton is kind of traitor who betrays his Boss....

  • keeping up
    keeping up

  • Country of sounds
    Country of sounds

    "I talked with Afghan women they are scared" Seriously! Some Afghan origin live in US and they scared because theya re scared you bomb the other women and children in Afghanistan.

  • Paul Avish
    Paul Avish

    What US did there in 20 years was overall constructive. Ask the Afghan women; they'll tell you why they're taking up arms against the Taliban now, although they stand no chance. Just for trailers, the Taliban fighters have demanded a list of 15+ girls and widows for their soldiers fighting the 'holy war'. Get the drift.

  • GreatRed

    Well he's not wrong.

    • Connor S
      Connor S

      so 20 more years spending trillions of dollars for a pointless war, right?

  • Gotta Go
    Gotta Go

    Another warmonger

  • Jon Darkly
    Jon Darkly

    Neocons neoconning

  • Tim Lee
    Tim Lee

    It's real purpose was to stabilise oil supply influence middle East. And to block silk road trade and weaken Chinese influence.

  • Wong Kar What
    Wong Kar What

    I can't believe I actually saw some hard-hitting journalism and pushback on CNN. I'm always blown away when I see this on Fox, MSNBC or CNN.

  • Ajay raina
    Ajay raina

    You should have let him speak , rather than cutting him every time. If he is fake it would have come out ( looking at few comments below)….Anyway, a very wrong move, especially for democracy to flourish in the region.

  • Denisovan DNA
    Denisovan DNA

    I disagree with bolton on so many things but i respect him on this one i salute him this time . God bless stars and stripes. John Bolton is extremely eloquent too.

    • Connor S
      Connor S

      he’s a war monger. you support imperialism.

  • Simar Kaur
    Simar Kaur

    World doesn't realize that as soon as USA left Afghanistan, Russian and Chinese allied forces will take control of Afghan grounds and specially Afghan gov.

    • Connor S
      Connor S

      cool. not our business. we aren’t the world police.

  • Cameron White
    Cameron White

    Obama killed more middle eastern people than Bush and Trump combined. No surprise CNN acts like those 8 years didn’t happen.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    If it means more $$$ for the MIC (and more dean American soldiers), then he's all for it, this darling of satanic CNN...

  • Thomas Thoyib
    Thomas Thoyib

    We're glad you went with your sorrow, we after mastering and we were going to come back to much more terrible than September 27

  • Phillip Norris
    Phillip Norris

    Looking at this from another angle, can someone explain why Saudi Arabia, and the other "moderate" Islamic/Gulf countries haven't stepped up to save the government from being overrun by the Taliban? Haven't we been sending them millions for decades to bolster their militaries?

  • Ali Jutt
    Ali Jutt

    You Kill Sadaam Bush But We are Pakistanis You Never Win a War in Afghanistan Taliban 💪💪💪

  • George Henderson
    George Henderson

    Who gives a rat's behind what this warmonger has to say? After 20 years, the dude STILL wants us to stay in Afghanistan. Trump would have had all the troops out by last month. Biden's keeping them there until Sept. 11 for political purposes.

    • Net 7
      Net 7

      STFU Isolationist.

  • Armina Sangma
    Armina Sangma

    The world should eliminate Taliban al-Qaeda terrorist virus from Afghanistan land and from Pakistan

  • Praaz

    Bolton wants to be in the Minority report sequel. Preempt all crime. Next up, need to install military in Syria, Libya, Egypt. Next up, need to install military in every cartel held area in Mexico. Next up, need to install military in Iran. Next up, North Korea. Have military everywhere to prevent an attack on the homeland. Money printing machine is running 24/7. "We can afford it"

  • Oliver Marijuana Jones
    Oliver Marijuana Jones

    Well...if Trump seriously said that he hoped that COVID would kill John Bolton, then I guess we DO agree on something

  • James Frough
    James Frough

    Its a mistake are you kidding me, Americans run away from afghanistan and gave everything to pakistan and Taliban, you call it a mistake. Since you guys invaded Afghanistan, you guys destroyed afghan forces and their weapons, you guys took afghanistan fighter jets, tanks and the best weapons they had and gave it pakistan and Taliban why?? was that a mistake too??? Please we are all innocent human beings we all know it that your lying! I was born in kabul afghanistan and I remember since I was a child, all the war is because of politicians like, you guys created these monsters terrorists to fight against Russia and afghan government. Afghanistan got ruined because of you all but this time you guys failed 100%, you guys were thinking that if you leave Afghanistan then immediately the several war will start and Taliban takeover afghanistan again but it didn't work that way. Afghan people know everything they won't let that happens again, instead afghan people and afghan government will ruin these terrorists and save afghanistan and innocent afghan people. In 22 years that Americans stayed in afghanistan almost 100000 afghan soilders got killed killed by Taliban terrorists and more then millions innocent afghan women children and men, innocent Americans women lost thier sons, husbands and their kids became orphans all because people like you and you interestes.

  • adayinforever

    She actually did a really good job here. Excellent job for a CNN host.

    • Gyan Tv
      Gyan Tv

      @adayinforever gay looking boy 😂

    • Gyan Tv
      Gyan Tv

      @adayinforever 😂😂fool this is my youtube channel logo why i put my own face as my channel logo 😂

    • adayinforever

      @Gyan Tv that pic is from over 4 years ago. I care even less what you think about it than I care about updating my profile pic. Funny how you talk shit but don't have the balls to put your own face out there.

  • Tai Halpern
    Tai Halpern

    John Bolton has always loved to cheer on more endless war from the sidelines but when it was his time to serve in Vietnam he got a deferment. Flint Michigan still doesn’t have clean water yet John thinks the best way to spend 2 trillion dollars is another 20 years in Afghanistan.

  • Tai Halpern
    Tai Halpern

    The one thing Biden voters and Trump voters actually agree on is that we need to get out of Afghanistan, at this point it’s the people vs John Bolton

  • geo prez
    geo prez

    Bolton is a piece of caca. Remember Iraq?

  • Jokester30

    the government’s “War on al-Qeada” lost its credibility when we funded and armed fascistic jihadists mercenaries to attack Assad in Syria. The Iraq war and Afghanistan were and are Nation building projects, no matter how Ned Flanders tries to spin it.

  • Eddie BM
    Eddie BM

    Ok Bolton, enlist and go fight for America. Accountability is not your favorite word

  • Darth Quantum
    Darth Quantum

    Bolton is just a neocon who never met a war he didn't love. He's a warmonger and you shouldn't be giving him airtime.

  • Tyler oji Asante
    Tyler oji Asante

    If George Bush cares so much about women and girls why was he so close to the Saudi regime which didn't even let women drive at the time?

  • indus reaction
    indus reaction

    Trump did well

  • Davis Waldron
    Davis Waldron

    All my homies hate John Bolton

  • winston ledford
    winston ledford

    taiban shot 6 afghanistan leasders

  • winston ledford
    winston ledford

    Biden not doing a job well be wars and wars with trump no wars

  • Jeff Dunstan
    Jeff Dunstan

    FAIRY TALE FOR SOCIALIST that call themselves DEMACRATES !!!!

    • Chrispy_noza

      Russian bot alert

  • Matt Murdock
    Matt Murdock

    Shocking, those invested in the military-industrial complex don't want it to end. There are men who make the guns, the bullets, and the bandages who will never want peace.

  • ItsWhiteFang

    Let's just hope they don't do another 9/11

  • rkb rkb
    rkb rkb

    talking sense.

    • Connor S
      Connor S


  • Hard Rocker
    Hard Rocker

    Back to warmongering that why they have him on the news so much

  • Roberto Davila
    Roberto Davila

    Bolton is a hypocrite for someone who pushed for war. CNN salty puppet.

  • Michael44
    Michael44 ROASTED POTATO: CNN's Brian Stelter gets humiliated by guest on his own show. CNN's beleaguered host Brian Stelter was surprised on Sunday on his own show, when author Michael Wolff attacked him for being "one of the reasons people can't stand the media."

  • Surinder Kumar
    Surinder Kumar

    America should ask for help by other countries NATO Uno

  • kes4175

    Where was Bolton when the nation needed him to testify about the truth on trump's administration?

  • Tenta X
    Tenta X

    Asking this 🐖 ofc he wants more blood

  • The Jimmy Dore Show
    The Jimmy Dore Show

    We have seen that when commodities are in the relation of exchange, their exchange-value manifests itself as something totally independent of their use-value. But if we abstract from their use-value, there remains their value, as has just been defined. The common factor in the exchange relation, or in the exchange-value of the commodity, is therefore its value.

  • Superpower Broadcasting
    Superpower Broadcasting

    John Bolton is based and hawkpilled! Wish he was president! A real strong leader.

  • Demonsalan

    Omg shut up you warhawk

  • Nuke Engineer
    Nuke Engineer

    Sweetie Brianna, what Bolton is saying is more nuanced, maybe difficult for you to understand.

    • Nuke Engineer
      Nuke Engineer

      @Connor S I would characterize that as protecting our interest in that region of the world and prevent China from spreading its tentacles. Also, with a hostile Iran in that region we need to protect our economic interests in the middle east. Cost of being a superpower.

    • Connor S
      Connor S

      seems like you just want 20 more years of occupation. it’s not nuanced at all.

  • vivek kumar
    vivek kumar

    Xi- n - n

  • Comic comic
    Comic comic

    unbelievable i just got a transfer hack of 19,000 thousand dollars from Netmaskweb,

  • Matt Russillo
    Matt Russillo

    Bush is no less an idiot just because Trump happened!

  • CescoCDN

    So he never answered why Bush stayed quiet when Trump issued the order hone.

  • The Real Scranton Scrapper
    The Real Scranton Scrapper

    Fake George Bush🤣🤣🤦🤦 wake up CNN VIEWERS... these people are making fools out of you all

  • Mr. frisky
    Mr. frisky

    Weirdly enough, I agree with him. He's not advocating for war, he's advocating for policing & surveilling which is harder to do from the u.s.

    • Connor S
      Connor S

      we aren’t the world police. simple.

  • Nam Do
    Nam Do

    Warhawks and the media push for war for profit

  • Jason J
    Jason J

    What a lying neocon piece of garbage! His banl account grows the longer we fight these unnecessary wars. And to CNN, what a soft line of questioning

  • Sharla Oliver
    Sharla Oliver


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    Andrew Turk

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      Germany E

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      Alexander Lucas

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    • Michael Logan
      Michael Logan

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  • Rafael C
    Rafael C

    He should go fight then

  • alhesiad

    Very smart and experienced man. A realist.

    • Connor S
      Connor S


  • Hunter Bigguns
    Hunter Bigguns

    cnn liars

  • Damirius Mason
    Damirius Mason

    2:02 "it is widely shared" lmao no its not.

  • H m
    H m

    Only someone like Bolton can think that 60000 Talibs will take over 220 million Pakistanis.

  • H m
    H m

    How many Afghans were among hijackers? ZERO. How many Saudis? More than 50%.

  • MrJameslascko

    This guy has no credibility. We wouldn't like any foreign military force occupying our country... why would you think anyone else would? Terrorism is a tactic used by those that are completely outnumbered and facing overwhelming odds. Get out of other people's countries and quit fighting a perpetual war. "Speak softly and carry a big stick!" was good advice IMO. All of this is just "War for Profit". Weapons were once manufactured for use in Wars, but currently Wars are manufactured to use up the weapons. It's a never ending downward spiral making a few people rich to the detriment of all...


    Bolton is a war hawk nut job. He should be commited to a loony bin not propagandizing on cnn. He's such a lying walking contradiction. Only a fool would take this man seriously.


    #China_Funding_Media_CNN #Xi_N_N *CHINES funding Media* #CNN

  • Entao Lu
    Entao Lu

    %%@¥~@#¥@#~¥ American virus/American flu Coronavirus originated in the United States. Two virus leaks occurred at the U.S. Virus Laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland, U.S. in 2019.On October 18, 2019, the 7th Military World Games was held in Wuhan china. American soldiers brought the coronavirus to Wuhan. the United States virus infected the world.Americans are trying to hide the truth The flu comes from the U.S., Covid-19 come from the United States.

  • Kai Phoenix
    Kai Phoenix

    Fake CNN news.

  • sar50anga

    if USA outposts of Military Bases do not matter anymore as in Japan (Okinawa)Seoul (Korea) and SaudiArabiaDahran ) etc etc. since the modern innovations of Space Age Bombing Capabilities.then why have bases all over the world. Can USA Military bomb a city /country out of existance from its Space Weapons ? or is COVID enf

  • Jim Miller
    Jim Miller

    Bolton is the right fit for CNN war mongers

2,1 m.