Tucker Carlson went on the record with reporter. Here's what she learned

  • Henry L
    Henry L

    This guy is brilliant i watched him a lot but his covid misinformation is DEADLY! goes to show how BLIND these fukers are hurting mankind just to stand by their party.. Tucker pls STFU ab vaccine. Ur killing our dream to be back to normal!!!! I dont watch him anymore now!!!!!!

  • David Stewart
    David Stewart

    Don’t give a name to his bafoonery.

  • George Rady
    George Rady

    The LEFT is sending out THUGS to confront Tucker when he is out in public.. and AMERICANS should start confronting THUGS and every Mefia Apparatchik that supports Maxine Waters... isnets.info/main/q5KUnIBplmarbbc/v-deo.html

  • Maybe OneDay101
    Maybe OneDay101

    Mr. stay puff, Brian sweaty-ass stelter

  • Nkem Nwoye
    Nkem Nwoye

    Fake News, greetings from Spain. 🇪🇸

  • E F
    E F

    Poor Helter Stelter is desperate

  • Austin Ussery
    Austin Ussery

    I figured that they were gonna show footage from the interview but okay

  • Babe Mer
    Babe Mer

    So the host of a FAKE NAME FOR A FAKE SHOW ON A FAKE NEWS CHANNEL decides that to get his ratings up that he has to attack the people from an HONEST NEWS CHANNEL. And brings in some left wing twit from time and a COMPLETE IDIOT from WaPo to attack a the host of a show on Fox by itself pull in more viewers in one hour than fake news cnn does ALL DAY LONG!!

  • Shaun Nolan
    Shaun Nolan

    More lies from. The leftist communist news network. Get off the air

  • sustainf

    It’s a sad day in America when Fox News has become the only network in the US that actually doing news. CNN and MSNBC are the mouthpieces for the Democratic Party. Asking real questions is now comparable to being un American and being pro Trump. The last newscaster actually I have heard questioning the endless wars abroad was Tucker Carlson. You know the “new left” isn’t to be taken seriously when the only thing they know how to do is name call. Their mantra: we need to patrol the news and internet to search out comments that don’t support our agenda, then they must be silenced. Sound like Democracy to me. Good going CNN!

  • ‘ Bert
    ‘ Bert

    OF COURSE Tucker got vaccinated, but for him to reveal that undercuts his whole anti-vaxx outrage schtick.

  • Brillig Slitheytove
    Brillig Slitheytove


  • Peter Mulligan
    Peter Mulligan

    Tuckerism = Eric Cartmanism

  • noone cares
    noone cares

    Hahahah CNN's such a joke, can only get views when talking about Tucker or Trump. Pathetic, just like it's fat balding host.

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace

    So I think all of yous are way beyond reproach. Not news. Kardashian like

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace

    Tucker is a goof

  • JP Schlecht
    JP Schlecht

    HIV 😂😂😂

  • ikas808

    As always, giving your opinion instead of showing the full interview. This why more people are moving more towards the right.

  • thomas tomei
    thomas tomei

    Ah Yes The insidious mantle of free speech

  • Alaska Jack
    Alaska Jack

    Is Obama half racist since he’s half white?

    • Alaska Jack
      Alaska Jack

      Let’s ask CNN they think they know everything.

  • Alaska Jack
    Alaska Jack

    Tucker makes more sense then anything on crappy CNN. You guys make up news and exaggerate to get ratings just like the time when you harassed Nick Sandmann.

  • Jordan Craig
    Jordan Craig

    Local news is the closest thing we have to real new. National news is fake. It has been exposed multiple times on video and voice recordings. Sadly, people watch it and think it is real, just like the real housewives (joking). Its just a soap opera, take it for what it is.

  • Jordan Craig
    Jordan Craig

    Everyone is bias, racist, and discriminatory. It really just comes down to how much people try to hide it. It is who we are as people, we like what we like.

  • Chris R
    Chris R

    Tucker is awesome

  • James Williams
    James Williams

    Tucker Carlson isn't a journalist and "no reasonable viewer would take him seriously" at least that's what FOX says, IN COURT RECORDS!

    • James Williams
      James Williams

      @Tamara Right, there should be a disclaimer before every show.

    • Tamara

      If the judge who ruled that was a good judge, he would have ordered Fox to run that statement as a banner for the entire duration of every Carlson's show.

  • しᗴᝪ ᒍᗩᏀᝪᗞᝪᑎᏀ ꪜ
    しᗴᝪ ᒍᗩᏀᝪᗞᝪᑎᏀ ꪜ

    keep smiling Brian.

  • noah newman
    noah newman

    CNN u guys are delusional..

  • Kris Arnold
    Kris Arnold

    U can call me when CNN starts reporting FACTS#!!!! INSTEAD OF THE BULLSHIT IT SPEWS DAILY!!!!

  • Jim Marsh
    Jim Marsh

    CNN doesn’t have anyone with the positive moral character of Tucker. In fact, he’s way out of their league.

    • Utsav Joshi
      Utsav Joshi

      CNN does not represented the truth and has not in many years. Back in the day it was a reputable source. Now it is merely a husk of its former self.

    • highlightsvideopro

      They act like Science and data have been entirely on 1 side of the debate and that facts only follow Democrats. How many times have the CDC been wrong regarding the information they present? The entire thing has been a dog and pony show.

  • Gigi Chez
    Gigi Chez

    Mongers+Money Hoarders=FOX NEWS

  • Bo Jo
    Bo Jo

    Fat Boys lying like always

  • Grandma J
    Grandma J

    Jealous of Tucker??? Tooooo funny . no class .. Ignorant..lier..causing death's lying about the vaccine. (Bet his family got it) .does he wear a wig?? Afraid of public confrontations. No courage. 😥. Jealous of Tucker. For what???😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • M L
    M L

    “Tuckerism”= #1 rated show. Stelters just jealous.

  • anton lavey
    anton lavey

    CNN is full of ****!

  • Biden has Dementia
    Biden has Dementia

    The NSA is spying on Tucker and these sleazballs don't care. I pray Tucker has really good security, this kind of propaganda is dangerous, it could very well get him killed.

  • Mia Vos
    Mia Vos

    Read about FOX News ratings here: www.forbes.com/sites/markjoyella/2021/06/29/cnn-drops-68-in-prime-as-fox-news-channel-crushes-competition-in-2q-cable-news-ratings/

  • Mia Vos
    Mia Vos

    Oh, now I know why CNN hates Tucker so much 😀😀😀 Tucker is top-rated and CNN doesn't come even close to Fox News ratings 😆😆😆 For the quarter, Fox News was way out in front in prime time, delivering a total audience of 2.176 million viewers. MSNBC was second with 1.463 million viewers, and CNN was third with 914,000 viewers-all according to ratings data compiled by Nielsen. In the key demo, Fox took first place in prime time with 347,000 viewers, followed by CNN (224,000 viewers) and MSNBC (198,000 ) www.forbes.com/sites/markjoyella/2021/06/29/cnn-drops-68-in-prime-as-fox-news-channel-crushes-competition-in-2q-cable-news-ratings/

  • Ronnie Rains
    Ronnie Rains

    Interesting segment on YT to not show the interview but instead give an opinion about his belief system. Seems a little hypocritical for 3 obviously Democratic reporters to slam Fox News and Tucker as a "broader conservative news apparatus" when the exact same thing could be said about these reporters and CNN being "a part of a broader more liberal apparatus" The sad thing is that as citizens who rely on accurate reporting we never know who is telling the truth. Both news outlets say the other is lying and causing Americans to not trust the government. Crazy times we're living in

  • McKinly Snyder
    McKinly Snyder

    I’m not the biggest fan of Tucker but Brian just got knocked by one of his guests the other day.

    • T. Dmytryshyn
      T. Dmytryshyn

      And Tucker will not even interview people who have actual facts on their side. Tucker Carlson was told the other day that he was the worst human being on the planet and all he could think of saying was my kid is with me. The guy said yeah your kid should know who you are! Now there is a truthful response. The Murdoch family and Tucker Carlson are a scourge on this planet and should be shut down forever.

  • Larzy Bernard
    Larzy Bernard


  • Tracy Ellis
    Tracy Ellis


  • Alabama Coastie
    Alabama Coastie

    CNN sucks Just here for the downvote.

  • Dewey Cheatum-Howe
    Dewey Cheatum-Howe


    • Dewey Cheatum-Howe
      Dewey Cheatum-Howe


    • Alabama Coastie
      Alabama Coastie

      Trump has been out of office for 6 months. Get over it already.

  • Calvin Lowe
    Calvin Lowe

    Truth from CNN Trump and Russia He put he put sanctions on Russia to stop the pipeline to Germany so Russia could not build their military because we spend billions to defend all of Europe from Russia, guess Biden removed the sanctions from Russia to pay back those millions they gave to Hunter and the big guy. Trump stopped illegal entry into the US border so to stop china virus infected people and criminals from entering the US, but Biden open the border up letting thousands of illegal infected people in then ship them to unknown location to continue the spread of the virus in an attempt to justify shutingdown the country again

  • Mesheck Theri
    Mesheck Theri

    I would take this seriously if Kim brunhuber or Rosemary Church were conducting this interview but stelter... noo after all the interview flops, hate by callers, Joe Rogan dis and bad book sales this is jealousy and spite 101 and you SUCK John Cena style you just plainly suck stelter.

  • Joseph L
    Joseph L

    Jealous there's no brianisim. Tucker is number one in ratings.

    • James Williams
      James Williams

      Yeah, and after all ratings are everything, or maybe the only thing, right?

  • tarcms

    Taco was telling the truth now we need to figure out why they unmasked him

  • Clinton Marler
    Clinton Marler

    Fake news network talking about Tucker about creating an alternate reality of truth is pure comedy. You have no credibility, CNN

  • Rick Hicks
    Rick Hicks

    Tuckerism: Telling the truth whether you like it or not.

  • Dean Braden
    Dean Braden

    You ppl need to put your brain chips back in.

  • kinglou480971

    This broad looks dizzy just sitting there . . . not much of a brain.

  • brownieboiii

    We love Tucker 💖


    Always turns it around and plays the victim sounds like CNN That's coming from a liberal CNN is trash

  • Tracy King
    Tracy King

    You clearly don’t get ANY ratings unless you talk about Tucker… because you spend ALOT of time on him…. He is the NEW President for you… liar liar pants on fire…. So sad for you all!

  • Jane 54
    Jane 54

    Trump is gone so now to try and up your horrible ratings you gonna aim Tucker. Lol 😂 comedy news network

  • Soothsayer 4417
    Soothsayer 4417

    Is this a comedy show ?

  • Matthew Bloom
    Matthew Bloom

    News outlets should keep twisting the news into a false reality like they already are so that smart people can determine the real status of our country

  • Matthew Bloom
    Matthew Bloom

    Oh yes healthy sandwiches is most important there Brian don't forget the breaking news that bidens favorite ice cream cookies and cream and that black people forgot how to use a computer.

  • M M
    M M

    Typical CNN. They got no news to report just a bias and opinions. They go after anything to divide people more. What are the rating differences between Tucker and Brian show I think it's like a lot. Brian just got his ass handed to him by a fellow liberal did anyone catch that interview it was priceless.

  • Jude Lamb
    Jude Lamb

    Someone looks like they smell like sweltering summer sausage.

  • Patrick McCarthy
    Patrick McCarthy

    Little Brian Stelter can’t hold a candle to Tucker!! We love Trump and we love Tucker!

  • HisPurple Badness
    HisPurple Badness

    CNN got fredoism, humptydumptyism, a lot is isms 🤡 on the Clown News Network

  • Malcolm Schafer
    Malcolm Schafer

    These guys are so mad trumps not saying some wild shit anymore....ie fake news

  • Malcolm Schafer
    Malcolm Schafer

    Hey is this like both impeachments of trump where there was no evidence it was oh an anonymous source told me he said this

  • lonestar fishing
    lonestar fishing

    Lmao CNN is such a joke how could people feed Into this bs

  • Malcolm Schafer
    Malcolm Schafer

    Like why is evrything so ambiguous with you cnn its like u guys just don't get it

  • Malcolm Schafer
    Malcolm Schafer

    Creating an alternative environment are you kidding me

  • Shawn Barnes
    Shawn Barnes

    And where is this interview? You say he’s a liar but don’t provide the interview? We all know you and your station aren’t real. You are not a real human and your station is just the leftist propaganda network now. You all should change it to LPN.

  • Shawn Barnes
    Shawn Barnes

    The station that said the Protests were fiery but mostly peaceful while people burned police stations and churches actually has the balls to say another station holds a monopoly on the truth? I’m pretty sure your left wing guest said that to you.

  • ReturntoNatureSkills

    Journalists are not supposed to shove their values in peoples faces, they are supposed to report news objectively

  • lugassy86

    This guy is such a loser Why don't you cover something interesting instead of hating on more successful and liked reporters. Ashamed To call this guy a fellow jew

  • William King
    William King

    Tucker is pretty crazy but compared with the neo con, war mongering filth at CNN, he is like a breath of fresh air.

  • Libelle Ellebil
    Libelle Ellebil

    And Joe Biden didn't win the election... It's becoming a well-known fact... Thank you CNN.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Libelle Ellebil
    Libelle Ellebil

    Y'all got issues....😂😂😂

  • dagoshop

    You 3 are a bunch of idiots ! Those damn shots are killing people and the fake news is hiding it !

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker

    How desperate do you have to be if you have to do entire segments… on tucker Carlson The guy, hate him or love him, is destroying the mainstream media and makes it look easy What a pathetic clown show CNN has become

  • sentinel 69
    sentinel 69

    If ever there was a time when one could tell a book by it’s cover, it has to be Tucker Carlson. From his slimy smirks to his twisted opinions filled with odium, he is indeed the sum of the parts. Carlson is morally destitute and he serves no positive end.. The very soul of the nation is now having to contend with the corruption of the Constitution being exploited by the likes of Mr Carlson and his pathetic cabal for their own gratification. Beware America, democracy is dying on the vine. !!

  • C Kohn
    C Kohn

    CNN has lied about the Russia hoax for years recent lies about Capitol police being beaten to death among others.

  • GrooberNedJardine

    If you wanted truth , Helter Stelter is the last person on earth you would go too .

  • Sonia Reynolds
    Sonia Reynolds

    CNN advice to others: ''everyone has to say the same thing''. Our response to CNN - ''f off.''

    • Nancy

      If they all told the truth, it would be the same. Duh!

  • Sonia Reynolds
    Sonia Reynolds

    Ya strugglin so much cnn, just goin after the popular guys over and over. Cos ya just so unpopular, ya so ''try hard'', so illegitimate.

  • Sonia Reynolds
    Sonia Reynolds

    Love Tucker, he does not give a rats arse about cnn and their lies. Go Tucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Warren Booysen
    Warren Booysen

    Jesus Brian …. Wolff really tore you a new one last week. Wtf are you even still on for ???

  • pete crespi
    pete crespi

    A bunch of speculation? Where are your facts about Tucker? The difference between cnn and tucker is that he would have had you on the show to debate any claims face to face. Rather than inviting someone who interviewed him pretending its for another show. Who was obviously biased after he embarrassed her with his questions. The same way he embarrassed you so much that you had to get someone else to interview him. See how this works? Im just spewing shit acting like its true facts when in reality Im just speculating

  • Leeliss Productions
    Leeliss Productions

    Fake you tube likes 👍🏻

  • David Sheriff
    David Sheriff

    Of course Tucker is vaccinated, just like Trump was vaccinated. They are not dumn people. Bashing Fauci and the vaccine is just for the cameras.

  • PA O
    PA O

    Does anyone actually believe anything these shysters say ? Little Brian is a total liar, loser, hack pos and NOT to be believed AT ALL EVER

  • NikStar210

    Is Charlotte really cute or I've had too much to drink?

  • noor light from within
    noor light from within

    No it’s called hipaa The Privacy Rule, a Federal law, gives you rights over your health information and sets rules and limits on who can look at and receive your health ... it’s knowbody business even to ask. It’s called freedom. That’s not your business. That’s why he answered that way.

  • jo fro
    jo fro

    Democrates used the dominion machines to cheat and win the election. They also staged the Capital insurection on January 6. Watch x22report.com for the truth. They have daily reports

  • J. Angel Cruz
    J. Angel Cruz

    I do not know who would want to do this, but the 1st step in addressing fake-news/misinformation/disinformation is to separate the formats. News and Information should be presented as such. Although I do not like the scrolling content across the bottom, nor the content going down either the left or right side of the screen, at least this format “registers” as news and information. Everything else, should NOT appear in anyway similar to the appearance of NEWS & INFORMATION. This means no crawling/scrolling content; no, mid hour or top of the hour brief from the “news and information” department; no footage that appears similar to “the reporter in front of the camera reporting” nor should OPINION ORIENTED CONTENT appear at all in any similar matter or fashion to what NEWS AND INFORMATION looks like. This means that CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ect., ect. must take serious steps to restructure the appearance of OPINION ORIENTED CONTENT, and/or shows that provide ANALYSIS, and INTERVIEWS. Networks need to separate the appearances of these two branches of their business model. A note about “local” journalism. Local journalism is all but dead, and covid is a strong example of how our country is less effective without it. It used to be that Jane Dough wrote in the MAIN STREET GAZETTE. Everyone (or a large majority) in a town/city/region knew “of” Jane Dough. So, when John Smith of New Smallsville dies from CovidXXL and Jane Dough reports it, the “community” of New Smallsvile likely respond better to Jane’s words and analysis. Ms Dough’s [written] journalism might even spur more people of the Metropolitan Gotham region to tune in to their television news channel. There Jim Smith and Joan Smyth can layer onto the topic in a more nuanced way. Either way, the people are becoming informed. They are becoming informed because they have an established relationship with Jane Doughs writing in the Main Street Gazette, they have an established relationship with Jim and Joan at K-NEWS 12. And this leads to a better (an ideal) spread or dissemination of important news. But that is not the case. Most local news as it appears on television is pure fluff. It is 80% fluff, followed by 10% weather and 10% professional sports. As for print journalism, it died at least ten or fifteen years ago. So, areas around the country turn to cable television, social media, and the internet. Three places, whose business model is to make profit [more than] inform. Cable television news channels have melded their “opinion oriented content” with their “news and information.” This “synergy” causes much confusion with viewers who might be tuning in to be informed, and since Anderson Cooper 360 looks like cnn news, they stay for what could only be best described as opinion oriented content. I’m not just picking on Mr. Cooper because its 10x worse on all of the quazi-conservative news outlets. Over there “opinion oriented content” is diabolically morphed into an evil plague of “personality driven entertainment” where the news levels drop, and the personality infused opinion oriented content is spiked up to lethal levels. Social media doesn’t care because their segment of the economy is not “news and information” its social interaction(s) meant for monetizing. In the following term, where, if at all can a consumer see that news and information is being produced? “SOCIAL MEDIA FOR MONETIZING. Print journalism is dead. The internet is the last frontier, it is the wild-west of content. Reagan is still president over there. Or maybe Clinton is still in charge? At any rate, on the internet, you can be what you want to be, report what you want to report, and call yourself a news and information outlet, if that is your desire. In the end, what remains is the main solution that I mentioned earlier: SEPARATE THE NETWORKS OPINION ORIENTED CONTENT from its NEWS AND INFORMATION. Make a noticeable change, talk about it, spread the word. Present news in one way, and opinions in another [distinct] way. Also, it would not be a bad idea to bring back print journalism. And to the producers of local news and information, reduce the fluff, the “city pride” and the like. Focus more on NEWS and INFORMATION. To local news producers, I would consider taking out sports and placing it as its own stand-alone program, the same for “good news/city pride.” There is a need for good news and city/regional pride and “community interest” reportage and this need, like sports should be featured in its own stand-alone program. This would guarantee that a viewer sitting down and tuning in WILL RECEIVE NEWS AND INFORMATION. Sadly, the most overlooked element to all of this is “commerce.” Local channels do not produce their news as a service of the broadcaster, for the community. Local channels produce their news to sell advertisements. And no doubt, the research and stats have determined that ‘people want to hear only the fluff, the weather, and sports.” So that is what they will continue to produce. In my earlier example of Jane Dough’s reporting, as it translates to current local news: “SENSATIONALISM.” This of course leads to its challenges as well: INTEGRITY.

  • zoemed

    Does this fella (EVER) do a show that has no Fox lede or content?

  • stella maris
    stella maris

    ☘️ *Fucker Carlson* could be POTUS one day. 🤔 Crazier things have happened, you know..🙄 😱

  • Brett Gibney
    Brett Gibney

    Humpty Dumpty. What a joke!

  • L-C RANCH Just thinking!
    L-C RANCH Just thinking!

    Tucker on his own show has defended the vaccine and has said that he has had his shot. She needs to do her research!!

    • Alexandra Rincones
      Alexandra Rincones

      Love you to put up a clip of that. So if Tucker is vaccinated why is he being such a dick about answering her vaccination question?

  • Diana Jilwah
    Diana Jilwah

    Tucker should be fired by Fox News...he is the biggest a........hole on tv



  • CJ R
    CJ R

    Tucker makes Brian look like the misfit he is.

    • Nancy

      Tucker makes almost anyone look intelligent by comparison.

  • PhucBoy

    One nation under god

  • Manuel Velez
    Manuel Velez