Video shows 22 Afghan commandos executed by the Taliban

  • CNN

    Hi.. thanks for checking out the video! This is an updated version of a previously uploaded video.

    • Afghanistan Real Reaction
      Afghanistan Real Reaction

      Afghanistan 💗🫂 india 🇦🇫💗💗🫂🇮🇳💗 full support

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      Александар #Pray4Wali

      @grin chi no

    • ratno Aristiyan
      ratno Aristiyan

      Hoaxx videos

    • Kelly Wills
      Kelly Wills

      Perhaps you should mention a low estimate of civilians killed by US forces during a 20 year war, 46,700. Did I mention it is an illegal war? The Taliban are killing soldiers not bombing children in hospitals and schools.

  • unico hijo
    unico hijo

    good death for cowards


    Harsh total war criminals killing forces unarmed with hands in the air

  • Abdul karim Van-Herwaarde
    Abdul karim Van-Herwaarde

    I can guarantee that CNN would never mention children massacred by ANA bombardment or civlians executed by warlords

  • Dinesh Singh
    Dinesh Singh

    It was so close. It was so close. We were so close to wiping them out.

  • Badakshan TV
    Badakshan TV


  • Pacha Khan
    Pacha Khan


  • Pin Maro
    Pin Maro

    Talibans are freedom fighters they are fighting with international terrorists who killed millions of innocent kids n women in heroshima nagasaki Vietnam Africa Afghanistan Pakistan iran Iraq lebiya Yemen Syria palistain kashmir ext

  • Humarjanali Ali
    Humarjanali Ali

    Talibhan is the best mean Talibhan gireat men

  • James Piccone
    James Piccone

    They obviously didn't pay attention during training.

  • Pashtun& Janan HD
    Pashtun& Janan HD

    Hello To everyone Mather of the trororist is Pakistan. Inshallah we Afghans will ended this war with finish Pakistan. 🇦🇫

  • Xarako Comedy
    Xarako Comedy

    Is this a fake news. Made in Hollywood studio?

  • Sam Mann
    Sam Mann

    From where the Talibans are getting there weapons and who is funding them. Simply cut their source there will be peace.

  • k2 tv
    k2 tv

    And plz stop making fake videos afghan security who surrender to Taliban huge them we saw lot of video

  • k2 tv
    k2 tv

    Think what have you done how many Taliban afghan security killed now they are Revenging they will take back everything

  • Syed 2459
    Syed 2459

    Huhh fooking western media... Always showing fake newse xD

  • bormio555

    The Taliban are the Devil.

  • Muhammad Asghar Ali
    Muhammad Asghar Ali

    This is very very very " Old Video", misleading news.

  • Sajjad Khan
    Sajjad Khan

    American left the country! What they intend to do more by showing such videos. Never saw videos of heard war crimes by NATO ever. Nor videos of Israeli killings...

  • Samiullah Khan
    Samiullah Khan

    It is only propaganda and fake video against Taliban.Taliban never kill all those who surrender but even embrace them and ensure their safety.

  • Md. Mohosinul Islam Sabbir 1004
    Md. Mohosinul Islam Sabbir 1004

    Oh, USA came and lost the war, now making shits to invade 2nd time!! its their country, let them do what they want

  • abc abc
    abc abc

    How can the quality of the video be so poor in 2021? I wish we had an HD version of some of these awesome videos somewhere.

  • CIA Special Activities Division
    CIA Special Activities Division

    RIP soldiers we need to go back

  • Aryub

    They will get killed the same way soon. None of these terrorist rats will ever live longer.

  • touko


  • Sareb shah
    Sareb shah

    Fake news

  • sreekanth iyer
    sreekanth iyer

    This is the mind set of Peace religion called Islam

  • Kevini G
    Kevini G

    Remember what you do to your enemy it will comback and hunt you one sunny ☀️ day. sorry to say.

  • James Israel
    James Israel

    Show us bodies of Iraqi excited bu US troops. Don’t you have any Mr. CNN?

  • Shams Ali
    Shams Ali

    Taliban, you are mad killing Muslims. You actions are against Islam! You win the hearts and minds of Muslims to become their leaders but Taliban is determined to use brute force to gain control. This shows the extreme lack of knowledge of the peaceful religion of Islam.

  • islam

    commandos lol

  • MYK

    PPL who support other and kill there own PPL DEATH IS THERE OWN DEED

  • Devin Henderson
    Devin Henderson

    Kinda sad our troops pulled out, I wanted to see the cross dressing GAY and DIVERSE Military in action. LMAO This station is a joke Military is a joke you "people" are the biggest joke though.

  • kenter Shackle
    kenter Shackle

    They were ambushed, attackers speaks Non Native ? Corroboration attackers were local Taliban ?. Seems fishy, looks like the commandos were set up. Theres been attacks out of nowhere to NGOs , attacking specific tribal people in a group. They called for help, ANA didnt come but instead the local Taliban detachment came and chased this attackers out. None of the NGOs could discern who attacked them, spoke different dialect . So lets not make any conclusion here.

  • Steve Mangcha
    Steve Mangcha

    U.S train the Afghan Army very well, Its U.S and Afghan not clearing the Terrorist Taliban

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime

    go to war with not enough ammunation...these afgan soldiers have problem with their backup or whatsoever..they basically a sitting duck...i smell corruption or stupidity

  • Steve Mangcha
    Steve Mangcha

    This is why we need Our President Trump back Need to send more troops to clear all the Taliban.

    • Steve Mangcha
      Steve Mangcha

      @islam oh, Who killed those Afghan Army...

    • islam

      lol bro ur almighty army was laying eggs in afghnestan for the last 20 years u have no idea what u r talking about

  • Sunny in Milky Way
    Sunny in Milky Way

    With US fire power, they could have just obliterated the talibans long ago but sadly they had just abandoned this wreck country without any means of support. Just after few weeks and the talibans easily gained control. The long 20 years of war started by US went for nothing. They'd sacrifice lives, money and resources for nothing.

  • Wali Waziri
    Wali Waziri


  • Afghanistan Real Reaction
    Afghanistan Real Reaction

    Afghanistan 💗🫂 india 🇦🇫💗💗🫂🇮🇳💗 full support

  • Younas k Koroth
    Younas k Koroth

    🖕 Taliban

  • Cricket2021 Don
    Cricket2021 Don

    Few fighters from Pakistan defeated whole world strange

  • Md Redhwan
    Md Redhwan

    never surrender!

  • Zhong Xi Na
    Zhong Xi Na

    Glad to hear a local villager disagreeing with the talib, maybe they’ll take up arms against them.

  • Abid Khan
    Abid Khan

    I Wish one day Taliban will capture Whole America....and all western media will die on taliban attack..... Then peace and peace

  • Zahid Sadiq
    Zahid Sadiq

    What will you expect from those who you have killed for twenty years were those not humans. They didn't have children or wives or fiance. American killed 65000 afghans were they not humans. They had also families. Human rights were not present for those people. During war such thing occurs it was not a polo match. You kill than alright they kill their enemies than they are terrorists.

  • Abraham Wrigley
    Abraham Wrigley

    This video makes me feel bad.

  • Ammad Haider
    Ammad Haider

    US is responsible for it, may god curse the US elite for it

  • Saif Ali
    Saif Ali

    1 trillion dollars spent. Nothing achieved. Americans were mainly sitting there to monitor Pakistan and China

  • B W Mr Tham
    B W Mr Tham

    While this is America doing ....their left you to die. This is not new and not news America over night left empty the airbase without notice.

  • prodigiii712

    These are the same people cnn supports in Gaza Strip.

  • Kenny Fenny
    Kenny Fenny

    Poor guys. Probably ran out of ammo, food&water. Knowing when to stand your ground or retreat is the key to survival in that hell Scape of a country.

  • Sandeep Sarkar
    Sandeep Sarkar

    Religion of Peace ✌️

  • Inkognito 7274
    Inkognito 7274

    They should have fought to the death as special forces

  • KAshif AnwAr
    KAshif AnwAr

    this is the american game showing taliban brutal.

  • KAshif AnwAr
    KAshif AnwAr

    I am from afganistan and its totally fake vedio

  • Roguejin Da
    Roguejin Da

    Cruelty 😢

  • Suhaan Writes
    Suhaan Writes

    These army are traitors of their own kingdom

  • Vespasian Flavius
    Vespasian Flavius

    This is what you wanted.

  • suhail

    CNN propaganda and lies as is their job.

  • hamidious

    Regardless of how you feel about it. Those commandos are collaborators with an invading country, the US.

  • vinayak mailbox
    vinayak mailbox

    This is Islam...there is only one option execution..

  • Zohaib Javed
    Zohaib Javed

    Just drop a nuclear bomb on Afghanistan...

    • islam


  • Saleem Najar
    Saleem Najar

    America creates terror groups all around the world.. supply them Arms and disrupt world peace.

  • Saleem Najar
    Saleem Najar

    They killed thousands of Taliban kids.. you can't defeat Taliban.. they are fighting for cause.

  • Nocaliba Chardri
    Nocaliba Chardri


  • Masood Akhtar
    Masood Akhtar

    Plz also talk aboub US's execution of civilians in Afghanistan can i help you finding a source video?

    • Masood Akhtar
      Masood Akhtar

  • John Loyd De Luna
    John Loyd De Luna

    Fck the people..

  • Derek Morgan
    Derek Morgan

    War is war, but shooting unarmed soldiers it is simply just a cowardice thing to do

    • islam

      so what us army did to hitler ss soldirs affter ww2 i think that was a cowardice thing to do ,grow up bro its war

  • Umar Shah
    Umar Shah

    this was against the laws of war prescribed in Islam. the taliban should refrain from doing such brutality. However when US invaded Afghanistan, laws of war were frequently violated by US and her ANA allies also

    • islam

      munafqeen must be take out .they were trined soldier from us army

  • Be Honest
    Be Honest

    Thanks to president Joe Biden for this.

  • Zain Ullah
    Zain Ullah

    Fake news.

  • Aldo Kharmutee
    Aldo Kharmutee

    Why Afghans kill their own people's

  • Soban t479
    Soban t479

    There are several outifts in afghanistan...not just taliban....and those outifts actually work for who can give proof that these are taliban expect if they themselves claim this was them...always a lying propaganda this controlled evil media

  • sudipta chatterjee
    sudipta chatterjee

    Shame taliban

  • Minga Stefania
    Minga Stefania

    fucking talibans

  • Aqsa

    What is the difference between US military and Taliban? What US did in Iraq was worse.

    • Abay

      U.S success in changing/helping a country had faded since Vietnam. It last greatness was helping korea and the marshall Plan after world War 2.

  • شیر شمال
    شیر شمال

    In Afghanistan there are many tribes living which one of them is Pashtun unfortunately president Ashraf Ghani and taliban both belongs to this tribe so they don’t wants to eliminate each other or kill each other as a result others are dying and this is the main reason why taliban are not defeated to killed because they are relatives and maybe brothers with each other.

  • Dual Phoenix
    Dual Phoenix

    Get the good folks out drop the bomb glass factory. Be done with whole dam thing.

  • Wildan Adis
    Wildan Adis

    You destroy Afghanistan

  • Wildan Adis
    Wildan Adis

    Islam not terroris

  • Mueed Afridi
    Mueed Afridi

    Proper next level American propaganda bullshit right here to lie to everyone in the world again. Watch this: The taliban didn't even take their weapons that's the level of trust. They must have done something wrong for it. Maybe misfire on innocents.

  • Why Why so serious
    Why Why so serious

    you never surrender! how dare you

  • idrose zainudin
    idrose zainudin

    oohh,,the son of d general,, takziah

  • RIC's Corner
    RIC's Corner

    If u you are a real commando u fight untill last breadth...20 commandoes are enough to kill a battalion

    • islam

      but they are noobs bro a us army commandos once said any soldiers who is any good is not in army .means fighting pravtily for money even it going on in us army.that,s the reason talaban are good

  • jj 2812
    jj 2812

    You dont surrender to terrorist extremist. You fight till death

  • Liliek Prasetyo Widiyono
    Liliek Prasetyo Widiyono

    Hollywood in Afghanistan ?

  • Donzkie Anoc
    Donzkie Anoc

    No surrender Fight for the last breath

  • Muhammad Imran
    Muhammad Imran

    Every action has the reaction. Afghan and American soldiers did that brutality with Taliban and common afghan people and now taliban are taking revenge. Not so strange.

    • Muhammad Imran
      Muhammad Imran

      @Love Sahar U should say that Afghans who live abroad don’t support Taliban.

    • Love Sahar
      Love Sahar

      Wtf are u saying? Taliban aren’t Afghan people. Afghan people don’t support Taliban.

  • benjamin zuniga
    benjamin zuniga

    Same damn thing happened in Vietnam, we learned NOTHING... We're more concerned about being PC and diverse, stopping systemic racism then actually completing the fuckin mission... We failed these people

  • Indonesia Hebat
    Indonesia Hebat

    Stupid soldier fight until your last blood

  • Car&Bike sale
    Car&Bike sale

    Nuks are the Only solution. They need to see , experience real Fear like they never did. Only if it was possible to know where they hide in mountains to nuke the shit out of them.

    • islam

      hahahlol dude get u head right bro u will be nuking mountans and fucking up the world even more from climat chage talaban will still come back .

  • tricky tricky
    tricky tricky

    German storm troupers would have slaughtered the taliban in two weeks , how ? cloves off

  • hussain nazif
    hussain nazif

    This looks old video from 2001