DeSantis PAC selling 'don't Fauci my Florida' merch. Hear Fauci's reaction

  • Liz Guz
    Liz Guz

    You are Not gonna change those people's minds. They are closed-minded citizens and led by a monster called d. trump and his evil followers. There's no remedy for that kind of trump virus being spread already.

  • Galeon Jomar
    Galeon Jomar

    Jail the suker of fauchy!🤣😅😂👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿😂🤣😅👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿

  • Visionary Luminary
    Visionary Luminary

    Now we know we need to clean up FDA as well, thanks for the lead.

  • Sunday Dishman
    Sunday Dishman

    You cannot be a liberal if you are against freedom. You cannot be a liberal if you are against free speech. If you are crushing freedoms you are not a liberal.

  • Susan Hamlin
    Susan Hamlin

    Desaintes is worse than Trump. Oddly enough so is Rand Paul.

  • Kiki

    Fauci needs to be arrested for treason. And let’s impeach the worse president in USA history. Right behind Our first gay president Obama.

  • Jim River
    Jim River

    It did not take him long to go from selling shirts to begging his residents to get the vaccine.

  • Rodney Clements
    Rodney Clements

    looks good on ya fauci now maybe you will resign and join a circus with the rest of the clowns.

  • D Canada
    D Canada

    Thanks To Fauci and the CCP we got this pandemic

  • Sarah Roberts
    Sarah Roberts

    I need one of those t-shirts. Don’t Fauci my Florida!

  • Tammy Dykes
    Tammy Dykes

    CNN still protecting CCP as usual !!!! And the man behind the origins of COVID

  • Paul Spence
    Paul Spence

    Well at least the GOP can use the merchandise as shrouds for their families.

    • Vincent H.
      Vincent H.

      99% survival rate you brainwashed fear mongering cultist. Hope you shelter in place forever, numbnuts

  • Maverick Watch Reviews
    Maverick Watch Reviews

    Best governor ever!!!!!!!!

  • cvffgt881

    The best weapon we have, right now, against the left are the videos coming out of Cuba. Spread them on social media. Join the Cuban Americans in their marches in support of freedom. Make the left look really bad in the eyes of the world.

  • R T
    R T

    Fraudci needs to be jailed for crimes against humanity. He's the modern day Josef Mengele.

  • aquatrax123

    CNN tells lies all day long and then wants us to believe that the vaccine is safe. Sorry CNN, you lost our trust years ago.

  • Tyler Mackey
    Tyler Mackey

    You know what stat/subject virtually NO ONE talks or asks about. People who had Covid whether they should vax. They dont touch on the fact that 98.5% of Covid deaths (in U.S.) are 65 years of age or older. These didnt thwart me from getting vaccine but obviously the media is scared it would??

  • Tyler Mackey
    Tyler Mackey

    Thats an odd position to take. CDC stats (as of July 19th) actually show states like New York is only a % point higher than Florida in regard to vaccinated population. Also, some "republican" states are even higher in vaccinated than states like California and Arizona. Aside from that the broadcast is unnecessarily making a medical issue into a political issue and promoting divisiveness IMO

  • M. C.
    M. C.

    Dr. Falsey

  • terryfan3

    The fauci wuhan virus T-shirt

  • Mark E
    Mark E

    Don’t fauci America anymore throw him in prison

  • Tuesday April
    Tuesday April

    CNN is low IQ toxic hypocrisy.

  • capn billys
    capn billys

    Saltycracker gets more views😆 you suck CNN. RON for president 🇺🇲

  • Monica Otis
    Monica Otis

    Fauci the Fraud. Liar extraordinaire. The screen itself says new deaths are down 11%.

  • Ilona Morland
    Ilona Morland

    Trust you? Fauci your delusional, who the heck is going to believe you? You used public money to fund the making of a virus that killed this same public!!!!

  • Teewhy D
    Teewhy D

    What are you upset? The squad have been selling f Trump t shirts,impeach the m and all that,I don't see you wailing ? CNN and hypocrisy

  • Assumption is the mother of all F Up's!
    Assumption is the mother of all F Up's!

  • Rychy St. Vincent
    Rychy St. Vincent

    TRUMPERS who have lost loved ones should gather news clippings of what their leaders and news outlets and social media platforms have said and allowed to be pushed against Covid and the Covid vaccine then file a class action charge for compensation now that they are all doing an about face.

  • Davy Jones
    Davy Jones

    Fauci created covid

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan

    Fauci Needs To Go!

  • Just Matt
    Just Matt

    2 of the biggest frauds in America. Fauci and Acosta. One pretending to be a Doctor. One pretending to be a reporter

  • macforme

    " Let's talk about Covid oranges...." I see what you did there, Jim Acosta! Not even a hint of a smirk!

  • c c
    c c

    Lawless genocide Immigration aggression Murder Biological virus Weapons are scattered nation China! China, which is massacred in Uighur and Tibet and spreads slaughtered biological virus weapons all over the world, is not only the United States and Britain, but nations all over the world must never forgive China and eliminate China! definitely!

  • The Conservative Fem
    The Conservative Fem

    Over a year of animals were slaughtered in the name of science and now we find out there is no animal found and they will keep killing as long as MSM tried to prove Trump wrong.

  • Jason Hinson
    Jason Hinson

    Since you people are known and proven liars, it makes it hard to believe you. In fact, it would make it stupid to believe you. There was no Russian collusion for instance. Trump didn’t say half the “racist” crap you all claimed. General Flynn is a great man and you all assisted in taking him out. You’ve been lying about me and other conservatives for the past 5 years. You all know that the election was rigged. Your hiding audit info and facts yet you think we should trust you on this vaccine? Maybe someone out there listens to you and believes you but I doubt it and certainly do t know any.

  • Jason Hinson
    Jason Hinson

    I’m getting the shirt and not the shot. Not getting the shot for 2 reasons. 1. I don’t think it’s proven safe or effective. 2. Liberals want me to badly. And a bonus reason………I don’t trust the cdc or the WHO.

  • The Conservative Fem
    The Conservative Fem

    Imagine how many animals Chima has killed while CNN has denied for months. The number is 100s of thousands have been killed. Murdering animals for politics.

  • brent johnson
    brent johnson

    CNN and Anthony Fauci is exactly where I get my news. What’s a vaccinologist sir if you don’t mind me asking? Another question who is they?

  • charger SD
    charger SD

    Lies lies lies lies CNN

  • T SteinyRN
    T SteinyRN

    DeSantis: "Don't Fauci My Florida" Dr. Fauci: thinking 🤔 "I haven't come up w/ a vaccine that cures STUPID, we'll work on that and put DeSantis into the Phase 1 trial"

  • Michael Schaefer
    Michael Schaefer

    When did doctors become 100% hack?

  • Frothy Beaver
    Frothy Beaver

    Not hesitant at all. We just made the executive decision not to get the jab.

  • Delgado Perry
    Delgado Perry

    You can't blame the unvaccinated, they have never been the problem!!... They catching the disease like vaccinated people... With that said... Do the vaccine really works... Because some unvaccinated ppl catching covid and having mild to no symptoms in the Hebrew community

  • Delgado Perry
    Delgado Perry

    It's okay to say thank you!!

  • Colleen Brice
    Colleen Brice

    The evil Dr Death 😡

  • Shane Kasper
    Shane Kasper

    I live how Faucci says they 'feel'...that sounds very scienceey

  • Linda Burton
    Linda Burton

    Fauci should sue for a cut using his name.

  • Shane Kasper
    Shane Kasper

    Where can we buy those?

  • ruelpile

    DeSantis is really only culling his own voter base by letting the virus run rampant in Florida. I don't get it.


    The vaccine is still on experimental stage. Why the fuse about it. Accosta, pls leave Santos alone. He has always been Right while you & Fauci lies!!!


    Fauci should be jailed for mass murder not giving airtime on fake news CNN! Patriots are watching!

  • Ty Cobb
    Ty Cobb

    I’m not saying it’s a lab leak, but I keep and open mind and it’s possible, but I’m not saying it’s a lab leak….Definitely possible tho…

  • Chadwick The Great
    Chadwick The Great

    Fauci the liar.

  • Not Thatname
    Not Thatname

    Im vaccinated but Fauci spreads disinformation about Ivermectin. Just saying.

  • Xaht

    Fauchi has lied multiple times on tv, he still believes the virus came from bats. Im a democrat and i don't believe anything fauchi says, he lost all credibility long ago. Give him back to trump.

    • Shane Kasper
      Shane Kasper

      @Xaht oh...well that isn't going to age well I'm afraid. And here is my take. I don't know enough to make an informed decision. But I do know that they came out of the gate way to fast with the whole "did not come from a lab" routine.

    • Xaht

      @Shane Kasper He does, he just said it like two weeks ago

    • Shane Kasper
      Shane Kasper

      I don't think he believes it came from bats.

  • Xa Veere
    Xa Veere

    You are SAVED by BELIEVING in JESUS CHRIST who DIED for ALL sin to SAVE ALL who BELIEVE in HIM. PROMISED ETERNAL LIFE by BELIEVING in HIM. He DID ascend to Heaven on the third day. HE IS at the right hand of God. He is preparing a place for ALL who BELIEVE. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for all. Know the truth. Know who IS your Savior. Know that he suffered for ALL. To SAVE ALL. This life is clearly temporary and when you know why then it will confirm the truth even more! SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH. FEAR GOD. NOT MAN. PREACH THE GOSPEL. ITS WHAT JESUS DID! All Glory to God. Look at the world! WATCH 💌

  • M3TAL C
    M3TAL C

    Wait the shot still isn't fda approved yet?

  • Lee Eagan
    Lee Eagan

    Deathsantis...why are you killing your constituents? You should be pushing for vaccines not making a mockery of it! Make florida great again! PLEASE!

  • DOCCF Church
    DOCCF Church


  • Yolanda Sosa
    Yolanda Sosa

    Fauci we don't want you here in Florida everybody knows that you're a liar fake news

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller

    Wonder if he'd pass a lie detector test.... 🤔

  • Greg Potts
    Greg Potts

    My Republican friends use the same logic to counter any logic. They say the same words to try to convince me by useing my words trying to convince them

  • Idk y I’m here
    Idk y I’m here

    People be like “it’s my right to get Covid and infect others”

    • Tuesday April
      Tuesday April

      @Yuki Dunn they are going to divide the jabbed against the un-jabbed. They are going to scapegoat us until the can force us to be jabbed. This is not about "protecting" people.

    • Yuki Dunn
      Yuki Dunn

      If you want to get vaccinated then you can get vaccinated and protect yourself. What do you expect people to do? Vaccine’s not even FDA approved yet. You want people to just stay home if they don’t want to take an unapproved vaccine? What are you getting at? I’m vaccinated but I can see why people don’t want to get vaxxed.

    • Shane Kasper
      Shane Kasper

      No we won't infect y'all that have taken the 100% safe vaccine.

  • Vee Storm
    Vee Storm

    Love Fauci, he is the expert go away Rand Paul you are wrong!

  • Hue Q.
    Hue Q.

    Communist fowcheechee is in Deep State of Puppetry

  • Elle Law
    Elle Law

    Desantis is killing ppl with his anti-vaccine messages just to get votes 🗳 from MAGAs. That being said, Fauci just needs to retire. He is a terrible communicator for the public. He just doesn’t get through to people on how critical it is to get vaccinated to stop the COVID spread and halt dangerous variants like Delta. In Florida, COVID cases up 42% as vaccinations dwindle with Desantis anti-Vaccine campaign. But Desantis got his vaccination on the QT, but dissuades others just for political gain.

  • Sim Star
    Sim Star

    Vaccines save lives. All science supports them. We politicize everything now. But remember that people were saying they don't trust the vaccine if Trump was promoting it and most of media didn't call it out. It wasn't anywhere near at this level of disinformation then though.

  • Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams

    GAIN OF FAUCI $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Albert Goller
    Albert Goller

    I do not think at all that the US is a God-blessed country. But listing to Dr. Fauci you have very very good people on a worldwide standard. He is very very good but not good for 71 Million idiots.

    • Sim Star
      Sim Star

      @Hand Banana is Therapist naturally!

    • Hand Banana is Therapist
      Hand Banana is Therapist

      @Sim Star ...until the car is hit by a meteor and bursts into flames! "was he wearing a seat belt and a mask and vaxed?" NO! COVID!

    • Sim Star
      Sim Star

      @Hand Banana is Therapist people who don't wear seat belts will also be fine and healthy, until......

    • Hand Banana is Therapist
      Hand Banana is Therapist

      @Sim Star But not everyone wears them and are just fine... as poor of an analogy as that was.

    • Sim Star
      Sim Star

      @Hand Banana is Therapist young people are not safe from Delta. Your chance of being in an accident is much lower than 1% when you get into a car. Yet we have government mandates for seat belts.

  • gianni paladini
    gianni paladini

    New from Tgcom24 of 19 JULY 2021 “Coronavirus escaped from the laboratory. US and China agree on exit strategy "Beijing will admit the mistake. The agreement also includes the condemnation of the Chinese scientists who covered up the case " Given that the possible agreement would be a dirty and ignoble way to protect the Chinese government, which knew from the beginning the "escape" of the virus from the Wuhan laboratory, I publish again my following comment of May 1st 2021, for which someone called me a conspiracy theorist in delirium: "The Chinese laboratory in Wuhan was built with the help of France and the United States, which, together with the EU, have contributed to the laboratory's “dual use” and “gain of function” research. It also is known that soldiers were permanently present inside the laboratory, a circumstance that well explains the secret purposes underlying the related experiments, as I have already documented in another post. In 2019, and precisely from 18 to 27 October, the VII edition of the "Military World Games" was held in Wuhan, with the participation of athletes from many countries, including Italy. Some witnesses reported that, for the duration of the event, the athletes were taken the temperature every time they entered the stadium, and that numerous employees, equipped with insulating suits and helmets with protective screens, cleaned thoroughly every day, even more. times a day, the spectator seats and passageways inside the stadium before the start of the matches and after their conclusion. What explanation can be given to this conduct, never encountered in the past during international competitions in China? This suggests that an "accident" occurred in the Wuhan laboratory some time before the military games, presumably in early October 2019, a circumstance confirmed by the fact that the laboratory was closed in October, but without the games were canceled. The presence of the bat virus in that town's fish market was a pure diversion. The purpose of the Chinese government was obvious. In fact, if the thesis that the Wuhan fish market had been identified as the origin of the pandemic outbreak had passed, any suspicions about the possible “escape” from the laboratory of a chimeric virus would have been removed. If it is true, as many experts say, that the first case of human infection of SARS-CoV-2 occurred in the Chinese province of Hubei (Wuhan) between November and December 2019, the reconstruction of the facts appears entirely plausible. To tell the truth, the United States also claimed in time that the virus came from the Wuhan laboratory following an accident, specifying that they also knew its origin, but to date, as far as I know, they have never wanted to disclose the date on which the escape would have occurred, nor did they provide evidence, until now, to support these claims, limiting themselves to throwing a general discredit on the Chinese government. Not believing the state secret, I wondered what could be the reason for this reluctance to provide evidence. There is a possible motivation, which could be considered as a sort of cover in favor of some important and influential subjects and, even if partial, of the US government itself. I have already mentioned that on October 18, 2019, at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, some very wealthy "philanthropists", especially Americans, had carried out a simulation of a new viral pandemic, hoping in their final document that the World Health Organization would promptly adapt the contracts already in place with pharmaceutical companies for the production of experimental vaccines. I believe that these people did not organize the viral simulation randomly, nor that this particular simulation was part of a consolidated periodic practice, as some believe, but that the "simulators" already knew about the serious "accident" that took place in that very same period at the Wuhan laboratory and that this favored some of their power strategies, especially of a financial nature. Some time ago, I tried in every way to publish an official document that hinted at some of their purposes, but ....... ... In recalling that, for the purposes of the most appropriate treatments, preventive or not, it is of fundamental importance to know whether a virus is of natural or chimeric origin, I hope that all this may one day be the subject of investigation not only by the criminal judiciary of the individual states, but also by the International Criminal Court. If it were definitively ascertained that the escape of a chimeric virus from a laboratory, with the complicity of health bodies, whether they are aware of it or not, caused the death of millions of people, not only the crime of massacre, but also a long and frightening series of crimes against humanity would be conceivable " There can be no agreement on this!

  • Viva


  • Marie Amaru
    Marie Amaru

    You know it seems perfect to me...watching usa from where we are out here in the real world ..these nut bars that don’t want vaccine..fine. Don’t hv one, get delta variant and....bye...perfect natural selection.

    • Hand Banana is Therapist
      Hand Banana is Therapist

      40% of covid cases hospitalized in the UK are fully vaccinated. What is the percentage out there in the "real sh**y world"?

  • Tom Thelen
    Tom Thelen

    Isn’t vaccinations a personal choice or will they become a forced treatment for all Americans? Have these vaccines been approved by the FDA?

  • TheBloominRage

    Fauci is a FRAUD. Look back and follow his narrative. Better yet, use your mind and ask questions. Don't trust the media. Find the truth for yourself. That's what they are fearful of.

  • Duncan Kow
    Duncan Kow

    CNN guy seems very disappointed when Dr Fauci didn't go along with the lab leak theory. Maybe CNN can try someone else later

  • Neil mcgrath
    Neil mcgrath

    He's a damn liar. Why ask him?

  • Brandon Lujan
    Brandon Lujan

    I’m tired of talking about non-vaccinated people like if they wanna risk dying, then good riddance right?

    • Elle Law
      Elle Law

      Problem is they spread COVID to others just like the MAGA anti-Mask brigade. USA 🇺🇸 has highest COVID cases & Deaths in the world because MAGAs dissed health, safety, & their fellow Americans for politics.

  • cc U
    cc U

    Please pass the following message to the ladies or gentlemen who might deal with global affairs. Thank you! US should explain to Taiwanese whats happened between NIH and MVC in Taiwan. MVC does not conduct phase three trial yet get EUA in Taiwan. Taiwan gov prepares to inject MVC vaccine to Taiwanese up to 10-20M doses. IT is one third of total. That means if the MVC vaccine could not work well, the herd immunity will NEVER be achieved in Taiwan. Because of this MVC vaccine, the DPP gov rejected to buy more vaccine outside Taiwan including Moderna. It is a matter of stability of Pacific Rim and FOIPS.

  • Kristina Nelson
    Kristina Nelson

    If Fauci wouldn’t have changed his narrative multiple times, maybe people would trust the vaccine.

    • Elle Law
      Elle Law

      Fauci lost credibility and should just retire. We need a better communicator. It may not help the MAGAs that believe conspiracy theories & don’t care about others, but independents that are hesitant may get the vaccine if the message comes from a stronger more convincing advocate.

  • Duane Thomas
    Duane Thomas

    Maybe he and Obama shouldn’t of gave China money to Dick around with COVID. They all are responsible for COVID as they unleashed it onto the world.

  • Ben Carson
    Ben Carson

    Fauci lied 🤥

  • Abram Salinas
    Abram Salinas

    Gitmo for both!!!!

  • Abram Salinas
    Abram Salinas

    FRAUD Faustus ! FRAUD biden !

  • Trent Bonebrake
    Trent Bonebrake

    Where can you get the shirts

  • Poverty Spec
    Poverty Spec

    Go Florida! Democrats are cancer.

    • SteadGotTheTime

      Brainwashed Republicon

  • Albert Moreno
    Albert Moreno


  • The Punisher
    The Punisher

    This comentator is a punk. PERIOD.

  • The Punisher
    The Punisher

    Joe Biden thinks he's entitled to your support. He's Wrong. Joe Biden does not deserve your support, then our now. He is getting his orders from the radical left. Pelosi, cryen chuck Shumer, The squad, which are socialist and some comunistst left, have all lost their minds. Joe Biden takes the black voters for granted, and still calls them names behind their back, But they are waking up to the Democrat's tricks. Hispanics, like me, have caught on to their bullshit, way before this Marxist crap. So goodbye Dems, soon we will all wake up, and then its over at last, who are you going to put back in chains then...

  • TK 2112
    TK 2112


  • QuinnMendel

    Florida doesn't need to worry about being Faucied… They have already been thoroughly DeSantised up the wazoo.

    • QuinnMendel

      @aus .0 Comparing yourself to other American states is setting the bar low. How does Florida compare to Taiwan, or South Korea, or Singapore, or Australia? Are you done patting yourself on the back yet?

    • aus .0
      aus .0

      @QuinnMendel you also give into fear don't bring that around here

    • aus .0
      aus .0

      @QuinnMendel florida has had fewer deaths than California and New York which have been shutdown for over a year buddy

    • QuinnMendel

      @aus .0 Excellent. I guess it was all worth it. Glad to hear that all those people did not die in vain. It is important to have priorities and stick to them.

    • aus .0
      aus .0

      And we're doing better than every state economically

  • Chris Gio
    Chris Gio

    CNN since you are such a truthful News Network how come you're not reporting on this................................

  • Frances Bernard
    Frances Bernard

    i wonder what prompted that only a publicity stunt T-shirt ad appearing as a backdrop for the above video.

  • Green Weather
    Green Weather

    lets hope all these republican fools die with the delta variant

  • Bergin 21
    Bergin 21

    Desantis is right !! Fuaci knew the pandemic started in wuhan from the beginning but covered it up. Fuaci is such a liar.

  • Shaughna Black
    Shaughna Black

    All you robotics need to stop adding your comments. Some of us are real and actually breathe the fresh air of this planet. Obviously, a robot does not need to breathe in fresh air, so wear your mask then. You don't even need a so-called vaccination, do you?

  • Shaughna Black
    Shaughna Black

    Robots are here......You can't even get any real news.

  • Hand Banana is Therapist
    Hand Banana is Therapist

    Did anyone else see fauxchi get super emotional and irate at Dr Sen Rand Paul? Paul caught fraudchi in a lie and fauxchi flipped out!

  • Christopher Bachman
    Christopher Bachman

    Classy? Not.

  • Will L
    Will L

    I love seeing the Libs get mad at this. PRESIDENT DESANTIS 2024

  • Fern B
    Fern B

    Let’s just close off Florida for 2 months and let them keep there Covid there

    • Hand Banana is Therapist
      Hand Banana is Therapist

      Did anyone else see fauxchi get super emotional and irate at Dr Sen Rand Paul? Paul caught fraudchi in a lie and fauxchi flipped out!

    • Hand Banana is Therapist
      Hand Banana is Therapist

      It is in DC! The runaway libs from texas are spreading it everywhere! 5 of them at last count have it! vpkamalharris refuses to get tested!