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  • Tim Croft
    Tim Croft

    I don't, for the life of me, understand people that are giving nurses a hard time. They don't deserve this bullshit at all.

  • TUNDRA-7

    Wait. Trump supporters say that he never said anything about injecting disinfectant.

  • Miss Moxie Mae Smith
    Miss Moxie Mae Smith

    Texas is 💯 open. No mask mandate and no vaccine mandate! God bless Texas!

  • David McNamara
    David McNamara

    I have seen UFOs my whole life they are very real the last time I seen a ship it was picking up whitetail deer I think they infected our food sources now its a waiting game for most of humanity to die out just like they did the diansours it was no crater hitting it was the mother ship coming down watch you stupid clowns this is the new beginning

  • NCISfanatic21

    This is hilarious. CNN dodged the question Tucker Carlson asked about why vaccinated people can’t get back to their lives before Covid. Rather than giving a thoughtful answer and rebuke, CNN resorts whining like two year olds because someone asked asked a serious question. CNN and other lefties don’t like people asking questions, they just want people to shut up and obey. Typical lazy liberals!

  • Debbie Frampton
    Debbie Frampton

    I know two couples after they got covid-19 said they never want to go through that again one guy is permanently on oxygen he carries his oxygen tank with him. They all went and got the vaccine

  • Susan Cain
    Susan Cain

    A former Prime Minister here in Canada said it best, if you don't agree with the decisions I make don't vote for me in the next election That is what democracy gives us the right to do. What we have witnessed over the last 50-60 years is a political shift whereby leaders are no longer willing to stand by their convictions which should be made in the best interests of its citizens, to now pander and respond to the polls. It is no longer their job to make good choices but to hold onto power as the driving force behind their choices. As a result we end up with weak leadership who stand for nothing other than to get reelected.

  • Louis Vi
    Louis Vi

    Fauci is finished 😂

  • Roberto Goilo
    Roberto Goilo

    Have Americans ever tought that the 2016 was probably a froud? 🤔

  • J Evans
    J Evans

    Ahahahahahaha wow

  • Dicey Ending
    Dicey Ending

    Rand Paul excoriates Dr. Fauci. Everything about CNN is bassackwards. You are fake news!

  • WiperHunter

    No life being is traveling across interstellar space to play hide and seek with navy pilots; they’re Chinese drones.

  • Kathie Hacht
    Kathie Hacht

    Anderson Cooper is still the Joke he has always been. Now he is crying on air about someone calling him out. Rant on Anderson everyone knows your a fool. You should be sad Anderson your a lost cause in the news world. Move on, maybe you can get a job at a stripper club and be on your knees all the time, nobody is lying about that, right. Bye baby boy. Oh by the way Donald Jr. is a grown man so trying to call him a Jr. is a bit childish and once again fake news.

  • Kiernan Holland
    Kiernan Holland

    Also keep in mind Walmart HQ is there, may bezos win if those hicks die off from covid

  • Arumba

    And conservativ s are outlandishly racist as well.

  • Gordon Gravelle
    Gordon Gravelle

    UFOs are an invention of man and are as likely as these equally stupid concepts, ghosts, ESP, flat earth, 5G/6G hysteria, and well I'm sure you know where I'm going.

  • Heuristic Nepenthean
    Heuristic Nepenthean

    UFO's are a conspiracy theory. CNN is peddling this tripe?

  • dustyutubeify

    Ohhh, Arkansas. It is just sad. I moved to Arkansas from a blue state and I really didn't think it would really be that bad. This is before the pandemic and presidential election. Now I have found that it is worse in Arkansas than I ever could have predicted. With the shadow of Sarah Huckabee Sanders on the governor's doorstep, I just don't think I can stay here. And things will continue like this for as long as this divide keeps widening. It's Brain Drain on steroids. Anyone who gets and education and is wanting to further themselves typically gets the hell out of Arkansas. And you are left with these deniers and conspiracy theorists. Thank you to this nurse to shed light on this ass backwards situation.

  • Bridget Kielas-Fecyk
    Bridget Kielas-Fecyk

    A lot of people scream that I'm making s....t up and being dramatic when I outright say antivaxxers are brutal, violent thugs who are murderous in their attempts to stop people from getting vaccinated. So here are just a small handful of examples to prove I am not, infact, making it up at all. EarthRoamer XV LTS

  • lilypudd

    Huggs to all the nurses that have to put up with this stupidity.

  • TheSancho323

    I just rented a condo in Panama city. I hope they don't shut the beach sun. Ill be wearing my mask and I have my shots.

  • Kurt Womack
    Kurt Womack

    When one searches 'CNN town hall Joe Biden' this is the second hit. I love that the July 21 dumpster fire is not posted on You Tube. I know it's because the negative comments and 'dislikes' would show what a fraud this administration, and Commie News Network (Fake News) is.

  • William Simon
    William Simon

    Who are the illegal in your neighborhood The virus was going down until the Texas Mexico border opens up January 21,2021

  • Dino Paolella
    Dino Paolella

    You can think about whatever. You locked the auditorium to an awful situation so it doesn’t matter what you sayy to me

  • Sylvia Haik
    Sylvia Haik

    I am certain that should the Cyber Ninjas don't come out with the conclusions that Trump wants, they will not be paid.

  • Scott Bryant “Im Melting”
    Scott Bryant “Im Melting”

    Wow- If people believe these ridiculous run on nonsense statements that do not make sense then I feel sorry for you. He cant even make a coherent argument.

  • Keegan Penney
    Keegan Penney

    I've certainly seen some things that would make Neil degrass Tyson eat his heart out.

  • David Halley
    David Halley

    Sorry it took getting covid to convince her that the vaccine would have spared her and her family. Just astounding what all of this misinformation is doing to us.

  • Denis Guertin
    Denis Guertin

    Hey Ron with your balls you are going to sink your state ,just because your residents are a little older and believe every word you spit out beeeeeeeeee careful they may catch on to your lies .

  • Reggie T
    Reggie T

    Watch the trolls come out about this great reporting calling it fake news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what they learned from their messiah DT and i wouldn't doubt some may be Russian trolls!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thewirah1

    Florida is number 1 at the COVID Olympics. 1/5 of all the daily average number of cases in the US, and highest daily average number of deaths. DeSantis is such a failure.

  • kent schulz
    kent schulz

    Her kid is sick, but she hasn't taken him to the doctor?

  • Jim Bledsoe
    Jim Bledsoe

    United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Our government has been acting like children, playing politics rather than doing what’s best for the people. That is keeping us divided and unable to stand together holding them accountable. This is proof anarchy would never work, because the majority of the people are incapable of choosing for themselves. “Well Trump says….” All the while not acknowledging that Trump and most, if not all his cabinet got vaccinated!! But they’re too self centered and worried about re-election to admit it. If only covid targeted stupid…🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Kiernan Holland
    Kiernan Holland

    Losing Arkansas would cleanse the gene pool of stupidity..

  • Kurt Womack
    Kurt Womack

    When one searches 'CNN town hall Joe Biden' this is the top hit. I love that the July 21 dumpster fire is not posted on You Tube. I know it's because the negative comments and 'dislikes' would show what a fraud this administration, and Commie News Network (Fake News) is.

  • Greg Walloch
    Greg Walloch

    Hey! This Ellie Reed is a pretty damn good reporter!

  • C RICH
    C RICH

    CNN democrats are a bunch of 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡s

  • Lina Ochoa
    Lina Ochoa

    What a clown

  • ennie minee
    ennie minee

    If UFOs had the capability to do what they do, (high rate of speed paired with turns and stops that defy our understanding of what is possible) and they wanted to harm us we’d be their slaves already. Maybe we are already. these may be aliens and they’re lack of aggression suggest they may not be a threat. The fact that aliens/UFOs are becoming a target of fear mongers should alarms us all. Mathematically it’s very unlikely that we are the only beings in the universe. We should accept that there’s millions of planets within a Goldie locks zone of a other star in the universe and other lifeforms are almost a absolute certainty. We are not alone…now bow down before the lizardmen puny human.

  • Tom jm Dalton
    Tom jm Dalton

    it's the mosad

  • promeitheus

    What happened? They were recently just celebrating an end to covid restrictions. Weird

  • Pete Burns
    Pete Burns

    Accepted procedure in plan of attack in war as studied thru history communications must be taken out first and reporters eliminated quick.

  • Reggae hits
    Reggae hits

    Obama said every American should have health insurance Republican said no. Obama said we the government should set aside money for just in case we have a global pandemic Republican laugh at him saying he's stupid!! I'm not taking any vaccines without having health Insurance, can't tell how I'm going to react to the sudden vaccine with underlying conditions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone

    When someone says “Beyond material science”... You know they have now understanding of science, or even the basics, of the scientific method. What an ignorant joke, these people are….

  • Habsab

    TTP doesnt event exist no more , the tribal areas have been strongly militarised after the operation in 2014 -15 , the operation (zarb - e -azab) wiped out any non state actors from Pakistan , his location prolly be from the afghan side , TTP revival is far from reality , 2nd class journalism especially bringing Pakistan into the news


    Let them die

  • Gay Morrow
    Gay Morrow

    It was rigged.

  • Ravinder Kumar Gurain
    Ravinder Kumar Gurain

    The messy fear individually mend because pot perceptually examine on a demonic point. imperfect, mundane day

  • LearnToTakeAJoke

    " in all fairness" .. yes, because Trump always played fair🙄

  • I believe the propaganda
    I believe the propaganda

    CNN I believe and did my part Im triple vaccinated moderna left arm , Pfizer right arm and J&J on my thigh I'm superman.

  • Bull D
    Bull D

    That's rich considering Bush and Obama's ACTUAL WAR CRIMES!

  • doris affissio
    doris affissio

    My question is Why? There is a reason for his fighting to the death to stay in power. We don't know yet, but we will, maybe!

  • rl brown
    rl brown

    I read that he reoffended after getting some probation driving on a suspended license that oughta be one year flat time in the county jail that's what it's going to take to get his attention

  • Asecino *****
    Asecino *****

    Why they don’t talk about the protest all over the world against mandatory vaccination 💉 and Covid passports?

  • Kristine Ozan
    Kristine Ozan

    Still trying to figure out why people that are ‘vaccinated’ care about those who aren’t??? Isn’t that the point? Again, not one bit of this makes sense-not to mention the $9 million Fauci made last year as a government employee… it doesn’t take a genius to look at the facts and see what’s truly happening. Just the fact that media censors everything on 1 side should be reason enough to look into things further. If there was no other agenda no one would care about the other sides opinion.. No thank you. I’ll pass on the kooklaid. None of this should be mandated. My body my choice- door to door? My god, what are we allowing to take place!!??!

  • Bee Buzz
    Bee Buzz

    Mexico now produces Opium which is cheaper than afghan opium hence the action. Funny enough.

  • Joel Ramsay
    Joel Ramsay

    Until he files a defamation lawsuit and cnn lawyers call the show an opinion show lol.

  • Carey Frisch
    Carey Frisch

    The Trumpster enjoys scamming his own supporters!

  • Rich D
    Rich D

    Yes it will is

  • T Lantis
    T Lantis

    F(!$?"?? Imbecile

  • Frank Luongo
    Frank Luongo

    Dear CNN , do your people really believe the stuff they say? I guess stupid is as stupid does

  • Christopher Wilson
    Christopher Wilson

    What a Douche

  • shizz1e79

    We’re getting closer to finding election fraud!! Covid is getting worse!! We’re not falling for it!! Trump 2022!!

  • Mary Cerullo
    Mary Cerullo

    So, you know how people say that the “government” has the cure for cancer but they won’t release it because they make too much money or some such nonsense? If there ever was such a thing, I would not worry, because so few would take it anyway. Some people are insufferable! You know how the saying goes, that they’re no atheists in fox holes…

  • Justin Kenward
    Justin Kenward

    "I got one shot and I was severely less sick than most people. The vaccine doesn't work." F***ing dumb a**!


    Give the rich man a spoonful of credit going up in space might have done something to Jeff Bezos

  • Evans Kinyua
    Evans Kinyua

    Imagine a nation getting hold of this technology..... Maybe one of our adversaries...... Humans already looking at the destructive capabilities of such technology and conceiving a race to access it.... How will man get a cure for this virus that exhalts violence like a factory setting?

  • Stale Buns
    Stale Buns

    Lmao Afghan Taliban hates TTP's guts, once they take over Afghanistan, TTP has nowhere to run, seriously both have been fighting each other for a decade.

  • C J
    C J

    Give your body a headstart recognizing CoViD early by giving your body an inactive version of CoViD (via the vaccine) OR suffer the consequences by letting your body encounter the virus cold turkey. People who encounter too much virus before their immune system has time to respond stand a good chance of death, lost limbs, and/or lost lung capacity. Give your body an early defense. It doesn't hurt. It is proven effective. Get the vaccine.

  • 00tree

    "Cowboy up and go in there and get a shot and come out of there like a grown up" Fucking awesome dude right there. Ride on partner!

  • J U M A N J I X
    J U M A N J I X

    So who spread it we were all unvaccinated just months ago oh I’m sorry you forgot governor

  • JD

    She clearly hears all the questions being asked of her. So does that mean she is hearing impaired instead of being completely deaf? I don’t understand.

  • shizz1e79

    Funny how covid infections get worse the closer we get to proving election fraud.

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez